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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ole Eddie Cain (The REAL reason the Dallas Cowboys cut Michael Sam)

"Well...I guess the hustle is over huh bruh?"
Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.” Chet Atkins, the famous guitarist, gave it to us like this, “Once you become predictable, no one’s interested anymore.” Then Alfred A. Montapert, the famous author, got inside of a boy’s skull with, “Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”

Well playa…ole dull Jerry Jones has the "predictable in his actions" part down solid. Now he may not have the others in his DNA but predictable he’s got. On Tuesday the Dallas Cowboys cut Michael Sam from their practice squad and signed linebacker Troy Davis.

Now let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Ole money makin’ Jerry Jones had a plan in effect when he signed ole boy in the first place. That plan was to hold on to him until he needed to sell jerseys. Everybody and their cousin’s momma knew that Jerry only signed him because he could keep the Cowboys relevant once they became, well…the Cowboys this year.

Before the season started nobody counted on them to be any good. As a matter of fact, they were expected to be terrible. So when the Rams let the first openly gay player ever drafted into the National Football League go, Jerry the money sniffer swooped him up and put him on the practice squad.

Understand this playa, Michael Sam was already a proven financial commodity. Before he had even made the Rams’ team they had sold out of season tickets because the world had labeled him “The Chosen One” even before he had proven that he could play at this level. His jersey became the No.1 sellin’ jersey in the league at one point durin’ the summer and the dun didn’t technically have a number. Why? Because he hadn’t made the team yet. So once they were crazy enough to cut him Jerry swooped down like an eagle. Oh yeah bruh, St. Louis was nuts to cut him because they were relevant at the time but they made a football decision not a social issue decision and let him go.

After Jerry picked him up all of the real G’s out here just sat in the cut waitin’ on them to activate Sam once Tony Romo started throwin’ picks all over the league and they became the dull Cowboys that we’ve grown to expect for them to be.

However, they were only terrible in Week 1 and “How Bout Dem Cowboys” have been rollin’ ever since! They look like the best team in the league right now and that’s good enough for Jerry to sell Cowboys gear without havin’ to resort to activatin’ an undersized extremely slow defensive lineman that they didn’t need in the first place to keep the brand relevant.

Instead of sellin’ Michael Sam gear he can sell DeMarco Murray joints, a cat that is actually a superstar because he’s good. Not some cat that used his sexuality to bully the league into draftin’ him in the first place. Now that “The Michael Sam Show” has officially been cancelled like I told you boyz that it would be, not because he was gay but because he was undersized, slow and the Rams didn’t need a defensive lineman when they drafted him. They had one of the best defensive front 4’s in the league so there was no way he was goin’ to make that team from jump. Who was he gonna outplay to make the team bruh?  

They just saw an opportunity to become relevant and to do something that had never been done before and that was to draft an openly gay player. They had absolutely nothin’ to lose by usin’ a seventh round pick because there were no guarantees either way. Seventh round picks barely make the team anyway so if and when they decided to cut him boyz couldn’t say they did him dirty.

I lost respect for Sam because he hustled the league durin’ the interview process by announcin’ that he was gay in the first place. Who does that bruh? Who walks into a job interview and tells a boy that they’re gay without bein’ asked? And it’s freakin’ illegal to ask someone that anyway. Your employer doesn’t care what your sexuality is bruh. All they want to know is can you do the job that you’re interviewin’ for?

If someone did that on a real job interview they would be escorted out of the buildin’. Prove to folks that you can do the job first playa because who you sleep with is irrelevant.

I lost respect for him when he purposely threw it out there and then at the NFL combine he tried to get upset with the 400 media members that overwhelmed him with questions about it. Then he says, “I want to be known as Michael Sam the football player! Not Michael Sam the gay football player!” Whatttt? You were the one that brought it up bruh! At that point I knew that he was hustlin’ boyz to get drafted not on his ability to play the game but because of his sexuality.

Check this out playa, folks like Robin Roberts, Elton John, Ellen Degeneres, Raven Symone and Suzie Orman didn’t become superstars because they were gay. They became superstars because they were extremely talented people that just happened to be gay. Michael Sam tried to get into the league BECAUSE he was gay and that was the hustle playboy.

So Jerry held on to him like a side piece until he was sure his main chick would commit to bein’ there. When Romo came out of the gate Week 1 and threw three dull picks against San Fran boyz figured that it was gonna be another dull year and sellin’ Sam jerseys would keep a boy relevant until they could start winnin’ again. Now that they’ve won 6 straight and everything is great in the world of Dallas Cowboys' marketin’ and merchandisin’ who needs Michael Sam? So they dropped him off like Ole Eddy Cain! So he actually got out hustled by the ultimate hustler. Stop me when I start lyin’ bruh!

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