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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Turnt Up (How Steph Curry's selfhishness shows when his daughter takes over)

"And it ain't nothin' y'all can do about it bruh!"
Terence Winter, the famous television writer and producer, once said, “Any distraction tends to get in the way of being an effective gangster.” Derek Jeter gave it to us like this, “I think when things linger, that’s when they become a distraction. I don’t want any distractions.” Then the lil’ funny man himself, Kevin Hart, spit a gem that boyz already know but act like they don’t when he said, “At the end of the day, women are a distraction. Whether you realize it or not.”

Well playas…undisciplined little girls at NBA post-game press conferences are distractions too. Once again, the reignin’ MVP brought his daughter to the post-game presser and she literally showed out on Wednesday night, again. Earlier in the series he brought her to the joint and she acted a fool like kids that like to show out will tend to do. I’ve got two kids playboy, so I already know the drill.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! I know that Steph and many other players don’t look at meetin’ with the media as bein’ important but as media a member this is my freakin’ job. I’ve got no problem with a boy bringin’ his kid to the presser but you’ve got to tell your kid to sit down and be quiet while you finish workin’. It’s no different than a boy bringin’ his kid to the office for a half day and the dun starts runnin’ around the joint pullin’ stuff off of folks desks etc. And that’s the edited version!

Whether you realize it or not bruh everybody in the freakin’ room is workin’ and they’ve got deadlines to meet and people at their cribs to feed. So they aren’t amused by your kid tellin’ you to be quiet and poppin’ out from under the table or pullin’ the curtain back. She’s old enough to follow directions so give her some. That’s if you’re goin’ to bring her up there with you. Otherwise, leave her with her mother.

Duns have been bringin’ their kids to press conferences for years and it’s not a problem because they know how to act. Why? Because beforehand their dad gives them the “what for.” The instructions on how to behave when we get in this joint or else. In my Big Momma voice, “If you embarrass me in here Ima embarrass you! Now try me if you think I’m playin’!”

What kills me is that fans go crazy for some of these ball players and they could care less about them or the media. And that’s cool because I could give a rip about them either. I’m just doin’ my job playa. The fact that Steph would bring his kid to the presser twice in a week’s time knowin’ she’s gonna act a fool says a lot about who he is and how he has no control over how she acts. Especially, at 2 or 3 years old!!! 

And please don't give the "He's a black man tryin' to show the world that he's an active father" line. If he were an active father he'd have better control of his kid in front of company. All he would have needed was that "look" that active fathers and mothers give to a boy that chills a kid right on out without havin' to say a word. The fact that she was cool takin' liberties in front of him tells me that he's just her friend and playmate not her father. Even though he is her father. You'll catch that one later on today. 

Everybody that has kids knows their kids. You know what your kid is gonna do before they even do it bruh! He knows that she’s a sucker for the cameras. He knows that as soon as she sees the reporters and camera crews she gonna turn up. So why bring her up there? Because he could care less about what anybody else says or thinks. You already know what a boy is thinkin’ when they do it. In his mind he’s like, “Screw these folks! I can do whatever I want to do and my kid can to. Screw ‘um I’m the MVP!” And that’s the edited version!

He’s a great basketball player but what does it say about who he is as a person? It says that I don’t care about anybody but me and mine. Don’t act like you’re the end all because guess what pimpin’, boyz would be hollerin’ at somebody else if Golden State hadn’t won the Western Conference. We don’t give two dead flies smashed who win the freakin’ games as long as somebody wins. Whoever wins the joint we’re coverin’ it. And that’s the edited version.

It’s called havin’ respect for boyz doin’ their jobs bruh! I didn’t let my kid run out on the floor while he was in mid-jumper pullin’ one of those three-boyz up. I didn’t let my kid run off in their huddle durin’ a timeout! I didn’t let my kid knock over all of the Gatorade on the bench. So if I didn’t do that, let me do my job after the game playa and respect my hustle too. 

Boy look at the media as a waste of their time but it's because of the media that they make the millions of dollars boyz are gettin' now. It's called a 24 hour news cycle pimpin' that reaches the masses. So before you diss me and my colleagues (who can be dull) go ask duns like Bill Russell how much bread he was makin' in the '60's winnin' all those chamionships without the media. Ask duns like Dr. J and Moses how much bread they made when the NBA Finals were on tape delay in the '70's. I'm just sayin'! Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus:
1) Spit: verb – to say
2) Crib: noun – house, residence
3) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, girl, etc.
4) Bruh: noun – short for brother

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