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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Road Trip (Why Broadway Joe, Bird, Rex Chapman & Johnny Football even dissed Donald Sterling

"What? These duns are trippin' bruh!"
When I was at the car show on Monday I overheard these cats arguin’ over doin’ the right thing. Oprah Winfrey was sittin’ on a mean set of24’s when she said, “Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.” Victor Hugo pulled up in the whip turning the music down when he said, “Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.” Then John D. Rockefeller was straight parkin’ lot pimpin’when he said, “Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.”

Well playboy…on the Monday a judge did the right thing by rulin' against Donald Sterling in his attempt to block the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas sided with ole boy’s wife, Shelly Sterling, as she burst into tears when the rulin’ was announced.

What they didn’t tell you is that Donald Sterling burst into tears too. I know that dun was fired up because now he’s got nothin’ to do. He figured he’d hold this joint up in court for the next two or three years and it would be like goin’ to work for him bruh. Ole boy was like, “Yeah dawg, these boyz are tellin’ folks that I’ve got Alzheimer’s and that I can’t make sound decisions. I got they “A’s.” Ima jam this thing up and make everybody pay for messin’ with me and my bread.”

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Fortunately, for the rest of the world the judge didn’t let Sterling run his game because he’s been an expert at doin’ it. Now that duns got to find something else to do. Maybe he’ll join the black church he visited after he straight jumped out of the birthday cake and let the world know that he was the Grand Wizard. Maybe he’ll move over to Compton and open a barbeque joint on Crenshaw or sell incense on the corner with the brothas from the Nation. Maybe he’ll sponsor the annual Crips and Bloods Thanksgiving DayShootout/Basketball Tournament/Carjacking Extravaganza because he’s gotta find something to do to make up with the brothas. Somebody should talk him into payin' for poor kids to go to college. Naw....he definitely won't do that not bein' the all out racist he is. That's askin' way too much bruh.  

Maybe he’ll ask Magic to let him work at one of his movie theatres takin’ the tickets and servin’ red pop to all the kids that come through. Since he messed up so bad with the brothas he’s gonna go on a road trip to holla at other white boyz that have always gotten tall respect from the brothahood that have ghetto passes for life. He flew out to NYC to Broadway Joe’s crib and that dun answered the door butt naked with a full length mink coat on drunk as a skunk just as confused as he was. Then he drove out to Indiana and was seen bangin’ on Larry Bird’s door but “The Legend” wasn’t havin’ it bruh. Then he shot down to Kentucky to Rex Chapman’s crib and Rex was like, “Who? Donald who? Naw dawg, I can’t help you with that, you messed up bad with the homies bruh. You’re on your own with this one.”

Then he shot up to Detroit to holla at Bill Lambeer and Lam met him at the gas station down the street and beat the brakes off of him. As a last resort he drove over the Cleveland to holla at Johnny Football and all Johnny could give him was the money sign and an Instagram photo of him and Money Mayweather.

Why does the brothahood have so much love for Broadway Joe, Bird, Rex and Johnny? Because they played the game with the same attitude and swagger that a dun from the projects played it with. Also what the mainstream media doesn't understand they don't like. It's not just black and white out here bruh. It's about havin' a kindred spirit and these duns are one of the brothas by spirit. So go on and do yo thang Johnny Football because the brothahood has your back!

Don’t trip Donny, you can’t ever hang out with the brothas again but you still got a shot with LaQuisha and LaTrina playboy. As long as you still got some bread they’ll entertain you’re confused butt. As a matter of fact, the more confused you are the more they’ll hang out with you. Why? Because they’ll take everything you’ve got and give it to their real dudes at the crib. They already know that you don’t want anything but some time and attention.  So they'll give you that all day long and you’ll go to their neighborhood one day and see boyz runnin’ around outside like “Comin’ to America” with all your stuff on. And that’s the edited version.

On some real talk, Donald Sterling deserves all of the humiliation that’scomin’ his way playboy and I’m just kickin’ the party off and stop me when Istart lyin’!

 Holla At Ya Boy!
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