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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Clownin' (Why I'd be on campus dressed up like Bozo if Jameis were my son)

"I just can't help myself bruh!"
Benjamin Franklin once said, “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” Bill Cosby put the Jell-O Pudding Pop down and said, “A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.” Then the Duke himself, John Wayne, kicked his boots off when he said, “Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid.”

Well if that’s the case playboy, how tough is it for Jameis Winston? This dun can’t get out of his own way bruh! How stupid can you be? This cat was seen on campus Tuesday in the student union standin’ on top of a table shoutin’ an obscene sexual phrase that some idiot made up that has gone viral on the internet. Y’all know what it is so I’m not even goin’ there. If you don’t know just ask your freakin’ kids because I’m sure they know what it is.

So now Florida State has suspended this dun for the first half of their ACC opener against No.22 Clemson this Saturday and because of it they could legitimately be in a dog fight game one of the ACC.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! I bet Jimbo Fisher just wants to pull his freakin’ small intestine out of his butt and just strangle this cat with it. He’s the reignin’ Heisman Trophy winner standin’ on a table yellin’ some foolishness about sex on a campus where he just got out of trouble for havin’ sex. Y’all remember when he was caught up in the allegations of sexual foolishness this time last year? The prosecutor’s office was tryin’ to figure out if they were gonna charge him with a crime or not.

Now the allegations were unfounded and farfetched after readin’ the entire 88 page report but still, his name was in it. That means that some duns around campus and the country are still lookin’ at him sideways on GP. So how can you be stupid enough to forget about all of that and you’re the most famous person on campus?

The reason that he was caught and reported is because of his fame and social media. Every cat on campus started tweetin’ about it. If it had been Lil’ Knock-Knock or Squirrel or somebody nobody would have cared but it’s Jameis freakin’ Winston! 

If I was his daddy I would have shown up on campus within hours with a full clown suit on complete with the fake flower shootin’ water at boyz, the clown shoes and a banana peel. If you wanna clown let’s clown playboy. I’m walkin’ to every single class with this fool shootin’ water, blowin’ the horn, and trippin’ boyz with the banana peel.

Since he wants to be seen I’m gonna make sure everybody on campus sees his ignorant actin’ butt. And that’s the edited version. You already know Big Momma would be on her way too. She’d pull up with the music blastin’ with her butt hangin’ out of the window with no underwear on. You wanna clown? I’ll show you a clown playa!

What kills me is when a boy does something stupid like Paul George and Roddy White’s tweets or Ray Rice’s domestic abuse and now this cat’s foolishness and they get up and say, "that’s not me." If it’s not you then who is it bruh? I mean who got up and put your body on by accident? It looked like you, it talked like you, it smelled like you! Who was it? If you’d think for once you wouldn’t have to apologize for doin dumb stuff. And that’s the edited version!

All Jameis needs are some parents that are willin’ to act a fool every time he feels the need to act one. Then we wouldn’t have this foolishness out of him. I gave ole boy a pass on the crab legs because I’m smart enough to know that that was a hook up that went south.

Anybody that was halfway popular as a kid knew that he didn’t walk in and straight up steal the crab legs. He had a boy that worked in the crab legs department that told him to come through and get some joints. Yes, technically it’s stealin’ but in the mind of a kid they don’t put it together. How many times have you had a boy or girl workin’ at McDonald’s that put way more food in the bag than you ordered? How many times did the chick at the check-out in the clothing store give you the discount or sale price when there wasn’t a discount or sale price? Ok, you’re Jameis Winston!

If I were Jimbo Fisher at this point I would assign one of the trainers to move in with this dun and become his shadow. Everywhere Famous goes the trainer goes. I mean everywhere bruh. If that dun goes to the freakin’ toilet he better be sittin’ on his lap. The only time the trainer can’t be with him is he’s on the field in the huddle callin’ plays. Think about it playa, I’ve got the defendin’ national champions about to take the field with the reignin’ Heisman Trophy winner out here and he’s got the propensity to act a fool at the drop of a hat? Not gonna happen anymore playboy. Not on my watch.

The crazy thing is all he’s doin’ is losin’ money every time he pulls out the clown suit. He’s slidin’ down the draft board whether he realizes it or not. All he’s got to do is go to class and play ball bruh! That’s it! Stay out of the news for eight more months and you’ll be a millionaire. Stop it!!!!!

If he’s actin’ a fool with no money what the heck (edited version) is he gonna do with money? I’ve always said that money is like alcohol bruh. It doesn’t change you it just brings out what’s already inside of you and that’s a problem. Stop me when I start lyin’!

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