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Why LeBron would lose all street cred if he even thought about Cleveland! “Sucka Move”

"What you thinkin' dawg?"

John C. Maxwell once said, “A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.” Byron Dorgan broke it down like this, “Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things.” Then Allen Alda shut the building down with, “Be as smart as you can, but remember that it is always better to be wise than to be smart.”

Well…LeBron James understood what ole boy was sayin’ about bein’ smart when he decided to opt out of his current contract with the Miami Heat. He had the option of stayin’ in the current joint and makin’ $20 million next season and he had two years left at $42 million remainin’.

Before all of the haters go crazy ole boy is usin’ the leverage that the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) has given him bruh. By optin’ out he puts the Miami Heat on blast to make the right moves roster wise in order for him to want to stay or it puts him in a situation to move around if need be.

It’s called doin’ business in the 21st century playboy. Athletes today aren’t your father’s athletes bruh and it has nothin’ to do with heart. It’s about doin’ business and becomin’ a business entity. The dynamics of free agency have evolved over the years so it’s gonna be rare that you’ll see a boy play for the same organization throughout his entire career now unless he goes to a dream situation like Kobe did in ’96. And even the Mamba was screamin’ trade me before they swooped Pau Gasol up from Memphis.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! The Heat are a hot mess right now in terms of contracts and in order for them to reload boyz gotta make some decisions. That includes D. Wade and Bosh too. Here’s the problem though. Both D. Wade and Bosh are due the same type of bread that LeBron was due to make on his deal. Bosh could possibly get it on the open market but D. Wade better “Kizzy” (Stay Put) because his knees are a dumpster fire and boyz aren’t gonna give him 20 million nothin’ to play nothin’! However, in order for the Heat to keep all of them he’s gotta do somethin’. Well… that’s a problem!

On some real talk, I wouldn’t opt out if I were him because he’ll be leavin’ $42 million on the table and LeBron knows that, that’s why he opted out.

Now for all of the duns out there hopin’ and wishin’ that ole boy is lookin’ to go back to Cleveland stop it. Let me say this, LeBron is a different type of dude so he might even be considerin’ goin’ to the crib if you will because he wants boyz to like him. However, if he thinks about it for more than two and half minutes he’s a sucka. If he goes back to Cleveland it would be the sucka move of all sucka moves bruh.

His ghetto pass and G code would be revoked from all REAL cats in every hood in America. To even consider goin’ back to play for a dun that blasted him the way Dan Gilbert did in 2010 with the letter is ridiculous. Now I’m not sayin’ ole boy is gonna go back but if he does like some of these clown media type cats are romanticizin’ he’d be a sucka for it.

All of these cats are hollerin’ that it would be a great story to end his career where he started etc. A great story to who? To some clown that didn’t grow up in the hood that doesn’t understand the Hood Code of Conduct. Rule 6 Article 5 Section 2 specifically states, Gank me once shame on you, gank me twice shame on me.” Then somebody stole it and took it to the suburbs and said, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” because they couldn’t fully explain to a boy what gank meant.

LeBron owes absolutely nothin’ to the city of Cleveland or its fans. As a matter of fact, they still owe him bread. When he was in high school they moved his games to the local college and doubled the ticket prices and didn’t break him off. Then he signed with the Cavs when the franchise was worth $250 million and by the time he left it was worth $450 million. He chauffeured $150 million annually into the local economy over the seven years that he played there. However, Cleveland has been a dumpster fire for all sports since the beginnin’ of time and LeBron made it relevant for at least seven years. When he left they didn’t even say thank you! They acted like that dun owed them somethin’! He’d be a sucka to even consider playin’ for them again.

Boyz blasted Floyd Mayweather for not fightin’ Manny Pacquiao when they both were bangin’ sayin’ that ole boy was soft and scared etc. Then tryin’ to compare him to what Muhammed Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard etc. would do. “They didn’t dodge fights!” They call Floyd “Money” bruh! There is a reason for that. He’s not only the boxer but he’s the promoter! He’s in control of the business too. For all of you simple minded individuals that means that he’s in control of the bread. Manny wanted a 50/50 split on the bread for doin’ nothin’ but fightin’! Floyd could fight anybody and make the same amount of money and win.

That’s LeBron bruh! He’s the best player on the planet and understands that he has all of the leverage so why not use it to get what he wants. So even if he goes back to Miami he pushes Pat Riley into a corner to make it make sense for him to re-sign. Especially after he played in the Finals by himself. But you already know D. Wade is bunkered up with his $42 million in a safe house somewhere because that dun is not givin’ up any bread for anybody.

I heard a boy on NBA radio tryin’ to tell me that there are rumors that D Wade may opt out and re-sign a five year $55 million deal. Five years? In what, dog years? D. Wade isn’t gonna be able to walk much less run in five years so why would he agree to make $10 million a year for possibly the next two years. He’s already overachieved and he’s not givin’ up bread to make LeBron’s legacy grow.

So then I thought maybe he’d sign the deal with the understandin’ that when his knees completely give out the Heat will just amnesty him and pay him the remainin’ bread on the $55 million. Makes sense to me right? Wrong! You can only amnesty contracts that were signed before the 2011-12 season. So again, D. Wade ain’t optin’ out of nothin’ if that dun can count. Stop me when I start lyin’!