The Jay Graves Report

Why boyz in Miami ain’t givin’ up their bread to make room for Melo! “Bread Trippin'”

"Whose bread? My bread?"

Richard Whately, the 19th century British economist, once said, “A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbor’s.” Herbie Mann, the famous jazz musician, kept it real when he said, “Being selfish to me means that you have to look out for yourself and you don’t have to sacrifice.” Then Thomas Szasz , the famous psychiatrist, made boyz sit up on the couch when he spit this, “It is easier to do one’s duty to others than to one’s self. If you do your duty to others, you are considered reliable. If you do your duty to yourself, you are considered selfish.”

Well playboy, sometimes there’s nothin’ wrong with lookin’ out for yourself especially when it comes to bread, keepin’ it and gettin’ it. Everybody and their momma’s momma are talkin’ about this upcomin’ NBA free agency and what boyz should do etc. We’ve heard cats screamin’ about Melo possibly goin’ to South Beach if they can make the bread work.

Now although I told boyz last week in the Hot Joint entitled “Secrets” that it was possible because mergers and acquisitions are just a natural part of life it probably won’t happen. In order for it to happen too many things have to fall into place playa. The Big Three all have to opt out and re-sign for less bread and then you’ve gotta convince Birdman and UD to take less bread too.

From a fans perspective that sounds good and plausible. Heck, if you let the fans be agent’s boyz would be naked out here bruh because they think with their freakin’ hearts wide open and their eyes closed shut.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Everybody’s situation is different at the crib. Therefore, decisions that are made are gonna be based on what’s happenin’ at MY house pimpin’! Not the TEAM’s house. Like I keep tellin’ boyz, LeBron is the only dun in the car that has somewhere to go. Everybody else has already overachieved in life. That includes D. Wade too! There weren’t any expectations for him to win multiple championships when he came out of school. And everybody else is livin’ on borrowed time as the old timers would say.

Therefore, duns like Birdman and UD ain’t takin’ a pay cut voluntarily for nobody playa. They need all of their bread because they don’t have crazy money flowin’ in from other sources. That’s real talk. A REAL cat is lookin’ at his bread especially if he knows the statistics behind boyz goin’ broke after retirement. Accordin’ to a March 2009 article in Sports Illustrated entitled “How (and Why) Pro Athletes Broke” within five years of retirement, an estimated 60% of former NBA players are broke. It’s even worse for cats in the NFL. By the time they have been retired for two years, 78% have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress because of divorce or unemployment.

So Bosh is lookin’ at these cats sideways too. He’s already got what he came to South Beach to get playa! Now it’s about stackin’ his bread. His legacy has already become more than he could have EVER imagined.

Did anybody see D. Wade turn into Ole Otis right before our eyes in Finals bruh? That dun was like the cats in the movie “Life” with Eddy Murphy and Martin Lawrence when they started dyin’ off and they just faded off of the screen. That was D. Wade durin’ the Finals! He just went up for a lay-up and vanished. He’s knees are shot pimpin’!

So he’s not about to opt out and leave $40 million on the table ($20 million each for the next two years) when he saw Kobe get $30 million for sittin’ on his butt all year after his Achilles surgery and then fracturin’ the upper tibia etc. Naw playa, D. Wade is gonna be like, “Go head on with that foolishness LeBron! You can really drop me off at my girl’s house right here. But I ain’t givin’ up no bread.”

LeBron is runnin’ around tryin’ to convince boyz that it’s about the team and it is but the real team is at the crib Babyboy! Playin’ ball is for a short period of time time but you gotta live a long time after this game has past you by. That’s real talk.

See Mike could make those sacrifices because he had the Jordan brand out here killin’ these boyz in the streets. When you look at the top 100 NBA salaries of all-time Mike is at No.87. He only made $90 million over the course of his career in NBA bread and like 60 of that came in the last two years he was with the Bulls. Why? Because he wasn’t trippin’ over the bread because of the outside money he was gettin’. When he retired he was still worth a half a billion. So when Mike was makin’ only $3 million a year duns like Tony Kukoc was pullin’ in $12 million a year comin’ off of the bench.

Well LeBron can afford to sacrifice bread too because he’s makin’ it hand over fist at this point. Did you see where he’s No.3 on the Forbes list of athletes gettin’ money at $70 million last year?

So again, he’s the only one that still has his radar on unfinished business because he’s gotta fulfill the prophecy if you will of all of the expectations put on him by the media when he came out of the high school and then the foolishness of him sayin’, “Not three, not four, not five…!”

Everybody else is like, “Man you can drop me off at my girl’s crib right here Bron.” They already dropped off Shane Battier and Ray Ray is hollerin’ at some broad that lives on the next block because he’s thinkin’ about gettin’ out of the ride too.

So you can wish for Melo all you want playboy but individual situations aren’t gonna let it happen. Nobody is gonna sacrifice for something that they already have. Everybody but LeBron has everything and more than they ever expected to get.

So guess what playa? It’s LeBron and Melo’s problem not the other duns in the car. Melo’s got plenty of bread but no rings and LeBron has plenty of bread but not enough rings to satisfy the foolishness out here. Sounds like the two of them and only the two of them need to figure it out bruh! As a matter of fact, if Melo wants to get in the ride with some duns that’s already blingin’ he’s gonna have to take far less bread and ride on the hump. And that’s the edited version bruh! Stop me when I start lyin’!