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Why LeBron is losin’ respect from the All the REAL playas out here! “Foolish Thinkin'”

"We gone holla at dem and dem and dem...!"

John McCarthy, the British journalist, once said, “Foolishness is rarely a matter of lack of intelligence or even a lack of information.” Sacha Guiltry, the famous French actor, gave it to us like this, “Our wisdom comes from our experience, and our experience comes from our foolishness.” Then Alice Walker, the Pulitzer Prize winning poet, put it where the goats could get it when she said,“People do not wish to appear foolish; to avoid the appearance of foolishness,they are willing to remain actually fools.”

So tell me playboy, is LeBron tryin’ to avoid the appearance of foolishness or his he just flat out foolish? Will somebody tell me why the best player on the planet’s agent is actually meetin’ with teams other than the Miami Heat?Accordin’ to my mans and nem Rich Paul, LeBron’s agent, has met with the Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and the Cleveland Cavaliers over the past few days.

The fact that that dun even answered the door for Dan Gilbert is a problem bruh! All I gotta say is, “The Letter!” One thing that is cherished more than anything among real G’s out here is respect. To even sit down with that buster Gilbert loses hood respect from all the real playas watchin’ this play out.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! In 2010 it made all of the sense in the world for ole boy to get out of Cleveland because the joint was a complete dumpster fire bruh! He’d been there for 7 years on an island alone without players or for that matter a freakin’ coach or owner that was worth a darn! And that’s the edited version.

Boyz blasted him by sayin’ that Jordan didn’t have to leave etc. But cats that would even let that pass through the portal of their mouths only proved to the world that they don’t know the history of the game. Within three years of Mike bein’ in the league he got what eventually became the best wingman in the game at the time. Within five years of bein’ in the Chi he got the best coach to EVER walk the sidelines playboy and he always had shooters (Craig Hodges, Kerr, Paxson, Armstrong etc.) and on the second run he had the best rebounder to EVER play the game. So therefore, there was no reason for Mike to leave the home of Harold’s Chicken and Friday night steppers sets playboy!

Now that LeBron is in Miamiand has been to four straight Finals and have won two. That dun is technically at the crib now bruh. He’s in a place that boyz will sign up to play because let’s be real, nobody was goin’ to Cleveland.That wasn’t gonna happen. Young rich millionaire type cats ain’t tryin’ to live in Cleveland butMiami is an easy sell.

The best player on the planet looks like a fool knockin’ on other cats doors tryin’ to get a ride to the store. I know that in order for the Heat to retool boyz gotta take less bread. But it was a sucka move for ole boyz to meet with D. Wade and Bosh and everybody agree to opt out only for him to start lookin’ for another broad. D. Wade’s knees look like ole boy’s in toe “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka!” Those joints are screamin’ for relief and he put a guaranteed 2 year deal worth $42 million back on the table to possibly retool the engine.

That was a sucka move too because why would you put bread back on the table knowin’ that your knees are shot? Screw the team! Your legacy is cemented because nobody expected for you to win three championships in your career comin’ out of Marquette.Like I’ve been sayin’ for years, LeBron is the only dun in the car that has somewhere to go. That’s his freakin’ problem. So if he wants to keep winnin’ he’s the clown that has to take a pay cut in order to bring boyz in.

Here’s my diehard LeBron fan rockin’ the Heat No.6, the LeBron Elevens, complete with the headband and all, “Man he’s the best player on the planet he should be makin’ more bread than anybody in the league! You sound like a fool!”

Let me break it down for you pimpin’! What should be and what makes sense are two different things playa. It would only make sense that the best player should make the most bread. However, in order for the best player to keep winnin’ he’s gotta take less bread in “salary!” Because he’s the best player on the planet he’s already makin’ the most bread bruh! He made $71 million last year as a result of basketball. So what freakin’difference does it make that he only made 19 of the 71 from the Heat? It all came as a result of him bein’ a famous basketball player and got deposited into the same freakin’ account.

Mike always took less bread because he knew that he was gonna make his money anyway. When you pull up the Top NBA salaries of All-Time Mike is No. 87 bruh! He only made $90 million over a freakin’ 20 year career and $60 million came in his last two contracts with the Bulls. Why? Because he knew how to freakin’ count! If he kept winnin’ he could make even more bread off of the court. That’s why the dun finished his career worth more than a half a billion and he still won six titles!

Let the other cats get their money on the floor and you get your money off of it. That way everybody wins and you keep from lookin’ like a fool in the process. You can’t ask for max money and get max production out of cats makin’ average bread. Stop hollerin’ at other broads when you got a dime at the crib! You just gotta make the necessary sacrifices to keep her loyal. Stop me when I start lyin’!