The Jay Graves Report

Why LeBron would be as selfish as Jordan & Kobe if he leaves Miami! “True to the Game”

Thomas Dekker, the 16th and 17th century English writer, once said, “This principle is old, but true as fate, Kings may love treason, but the traitor hate.” T.S. Eliot, the Noble Prize winnin’ writer, gave it up like this, “The last temptation is the greatest treason: to do the right deed for the wrong reason.” Then the great Patrick Henry tried to make sense of it all by sayin’, “If this be treason, make the most of it!”

Well… if LeBron decides to leave Miami it would be treason to the fullest extent and I don’t know how you could make the most of it without being a complete sucka. It isn’t treason to the fans but to his homeboy Dwyane Wade. Ole boy met with Heat officials on Wednesday in Las Vegas with his agent Rich Paul and now it’s time to holler at the family and make a decision.

Here’s the problem pimpin’! LeBron can decide to play on the freakin’ moon because it’s his decision to make. However, if he was gonna seriously consider bouncin’ from Miami why sit down with Bosh and Wade and let boyz put their bread back on the table. Now on some real talk, Bosh hasn’t lost a penny because the Rockets just offered him a 4 year deal worth $88 million so he’s straight.

However, D. Wade is sittin’ here lookin’ at this foolishness and sayin’, “I put a guaranteed 2 years remainin’ on my deal worth $42 million on the freakin’ table with my knees over here screamin’ and this dun is thinkin’ about takin’ off?”

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! This has absolutely nothin’ to do with basketball playboy! This has everything to do with real life and bein’ true to your so-called boy. If you wanna be a sucka and go back to Cleveland then by all means bounce! Because it would be a sucka move to go back to the Cavs. Again, this has nothin’ to do with basketball.

Dan Gilbert called this man everything but a punk and a sucka and that’s the edited version. He not only blasted LeBron’s character but he told the children of Cleveland that he was a punk and a sucka too. This man thought so little of the LeBron outside of the game of basketball that he only just recently took the freakin’ letter down from the team’s website so that he could sign him again.

Why? Because he cares nothin’ about him as a human being! So if LeBron is willin’ to put D. Wade in that situation then he’s as selfish as both Kobe and Jordan and you can put all three of those duns in a row boat and send them into the perfect storm as far as I’m concerned.

Again, this has nothin’ to do with basketball. I’ve been off of Mike for years because for more than 30 years he has been the most influential man in sports and has NEVER had an opinion about anything socially one way or the other. He’s never stood up for the same kids that have been buyin’ his sneakers since day one or even told a boy to stop killin’ each other over them. My problem with MJ is that he doesn’t even act like he cares about these young thunder cats out here. If it ain’t about Mike it doesn’t exist playa. And don’t act like I’m the only cat out here that feels that way! I’m just the only dun with a pen in my hand with the nerve to write it.

I was off of Kobe when he threw Shaq out in the middle of traffic when he got arrested on that rape charge. Shaq had nothin’ to do with him hookin’ up with this broad nor was he even in the freakin’ state and Kobe told the police that he should have done what Shaq does in these situations, pay a broad off. That’s a foul ball anyway you look at it bruh!

I’ve got tall respect for both Mike and Kobe’s game but they’re both selfish human beings and that’s real talk! If LeBron pulls a bait and switch on D. Wade he’s goin’ in the boat with both of these duns because no way do you get me to believe that D. Wade opted out as bad as his knees are without them all agreein’ to make it happen in Miami.

I thought that it was foul for LeBron to wait until they all opted out and then turn around and start talkin’ max deals. What? You can’t get a max deal and play in Miami! You got two other cats sittin’ here that just put bread back on the table to make it work and now you’re hollerin’ max money? Wheredeydodatat?

If you wanna continue to win championships then you gotta follow the formula that Jordan put down more than 20 years ago playa. You can’t ask for max money! Why? Because they’ve got to be able to afford great role players that are still productive. Otherwise, all you’re gonna get is a bunch of agin’ veterans that can’t play long minutes that are pretty much specialists at this point in their careers. You can’t win with that. San Antonio just proved that to you playa! They’ve got a car full of duns that took less money to beat yo butt in 5!

Like I’ve told you simple minded individuals before. Mike played for darn near 20 years and only made $90 million on the floor. He made $60 million of that in his last two years with the Bulls. So you do the math. He could make that sacrifice because he was Mike and was gettin’ bread off of the floor. LeBron has the same situation goin’ on right now. He made $71 million from June ’13 to June ’14 and only $19 million came from actually shootin’ hoop. But on some real talk, it all came from shootin’ hoop.

So if this dun is a real cat then all of this foolishness that boyz have been readin’ is just that. If there is any truth to it and he’s really lookin’ for max money then he’s committed treason to the fullest extent on D. Wade. Not to mention the $4.6 million Udonis Halsem put back on the table too. And you know he can’t afford to just give up bread because he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel relatively speakin’. Screw the fans because he doesn’t know them anyway. He doesn’t have a relationship with them as much as the fanatic wants to believe that. They’re just some cats in jerseys to these dudes but D. Wade is someone that he’s broken bread with that his kids call uncle. If LeBron does him he’s worse than Mike and Kobe. I’ll still respect his game but I’ll be off of him too. And this has nothin’ to do with basketball! So we’ll see if LeBron is “true to the game” based on his decision. Stop me when I start lyin’!