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Why if LeBron doesn’t start TAKING OVER the Heat are in trouble! “Hoard the Rock”

This is the dun that has to show up every night in order for the Heat to win it all this year!

I was sitting out at the Clevelander, one of my favorite spots on South Beach, listening to some good music when these two normally reserved cats started trippin’ over the concept of control! Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Science investigates, religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge which is power; religion gives man wisdom which is control.” Then this cat rockin’ the hot sandals and short set that hates confrontation named Mahatma Gandhi said, “I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following.”

Kevin Durant must have been sitting at the table listenin’ to these duns because he’s been taking care of the present for the Oklahoma City Thunder ever since his boy Russell Westbrook has gone down. This cat completely understands that if he they are going to win at the level that they need to he’s gotta have the rock in his hands and be in complete control.

Ole boy put up 46 on Tuesday night against the Trailblazers in a 105-97 win as he scored 11 of the 46 in the final 3:23! He’s scored at least 30 points in 8 straight games including bussin’ the Warriors heads for 54 last Friday.

What I wanna know is where was LeBron when these duns were talkin’? Because I’m not sure if he’s paying attention to the sense of urgency sitting on his front porch right now but he’s got to step his game up playboy!

Yeah, I know that he’s gotten better this year but his supporting cast isn’t and the level of expectation sitting on his lap hasn’t changed playa. So now what? Nobody cares that the duns around him are hurt or just not playing well. He’s still gotta win.

I heard him say that sometimes he’s jealous of Durant for the amount of shots that he takes etc. Well pimpin’, you’ve got complete control of how many shots you can take. You’re the freakin’ best player in the world bruh! Over the past few seasons I’ve joked about D.Wade taking extended smoke breaks in the parking lot during big games. Now this dun is really on sick leave! He’s filled out the FMLA joints and everything. Do you realize that he’s missed 12 of 42 games?

The Heat has started 12 different lineups this season due to injuries. Norris freakin’ Cole is the only cat that has played in every game! That’s a problem even though all of these Heat fans are sittin’ around acting like they can just push this magic bottom and be the same team that has won the past two championships. It doesn’t work like that playa.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! The problem is, as long as boyz aren’t playing and LeBron’s DNA is to be a distributor in the final freakin’ minutes of the game like he was in Atlanta on Monday, they’re in trouble. When the game is on the line the best player in the world can’t be lookin’ for Norris Cole to knock down shots playboy!

The best player in the world is supposed to take over at that point. Kevin Durant understands that! Jordan knew that! Kobe is well aware of it! So why doesn’t LeBron? His supporting cast is on smoke breaks and out on sick leave 42 games in bruh! So that means that he’s gotta take more shots down the stretch and start housin’ boyz just to win ball games.

Do you realize that the Heat entered Tuesday’s game having lost 4 of 6 games and had gone 5-5 in January? Did I mention that none of the “L’s” they’ve taken was against teams that they should have even been in an argument with?

Meanwhile the Pacers are beating the brakes off of everything in their path. They’ve got crazy chemistry and we’re just pulling into the halfway mark of the season. What are they going to look like in May? I’m just sayin’! What most fans don’t realize is that talent alone doesn’t win big games or championships bruh. Chemistry combined with talent wins.

The only reason the Heat aren’t being introduced as the three-time defending champs today is because D. Wade and LeBron were wrestling over the steering wheel during their first season together. It wasn’t until Wade got into the passenger seat that they got to the next level.

Now that duns are hurt, LeBron keeps trying to give somebody else the freakin’ wheel and he’s the only one with a GPS that can take them where they need to go. Norris Cole doesn’t wanna drive bruh! That’s why he keeps sitting in the back seat. He’s cool sittin’ on the hump. He’ll drive when you get sleepy but he ain’t lookin’ to take boyz all the way to the crib in the crunch.

LeBron needs to understand right now that D. Wade may not be in the ride every night and that he’s got to take off of the distributor cap and put on the Jordan selfish cap in the final minutes if boyz don’t wanna drive because the Pacers are gonna bring that funk if he doesn’t.

On some real talk, the Heat can’t afford to allow Indiana to have home court advantage in the playoffs. And while you playin’, they’re gonna mess around and be third in the East if boyz don’t start showing up for work. So LeBron at least needs to keep the water out of the boat until these duns start punching the clock.

Also, Durant is gonna be holding that MVP trophy when the smoke clears. Now he may not even be trippin’ over the MVP because he’s got 4 already. However, if he doesn’t want the criticism over not winning the Ship this year he better quit being nice and hoard the rock. If you’re gonna lose I say go down swinging instead of pulling a Roberto Duran “No Mas” on a boy.

Can the Heat still win it all this year? Absolutely! But not with him playing nice in the sand box with boyz that are always hurt. He’s gonna have to turn into the beast that we saw in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2012 against Boston to win it this year because boyz out here aren’t just going give it up like that. Why? Because they ain’t scared of the Heat anymore, especially not in Indiana playboy! Stop me when I start lyin’!

The caption under the photo is REAL talk!