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How the LeBron leadership narrative changed once he got some thirsty riders! “Foolishness!”

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have been a complete train wreck for the past month before cleanin’ house at the trade deadline on this past Thursday.

They got rid of like I said in a Hot Joint entitled “Brand New” last week, “all of the dead weight so that a boy could actually get somewhere. The “smoke break” takin’ D. Wade is gone. “I don’t know what I wanna do with myself” D. Rose is in the wind. “I’m just hangin’ out because I’ve got nothin’ else to prove out here” Iman Shumpert is no longer wastin’ space.

Then “I don’t even know why I was here in the first place” Jae Crowder is no longer sittin’ in the back seat. “I really didn’t care one way or another” Channing Frye was at the chop shop before anybody even knew he was gone. Finally, the dun that just talked way too much and didn’t play an ounce of defense, Isaiah Thomas, was literally on his way to LA still talkin’ about what he wasn’t goin’ to do.”

And everybody and their baby’s momma in the media last week was killin’ Lebron sayin’ that he wasn’t a leader. Dismissin’ everything they’ve seen for the past 15 seasons.

So fast forward to Sunday in Boston against the best team in the East. LeBron shows up with a car load of young thunder cats that he’d only practiced with once and beat the doors off of the Celtics 121-99 in front of royalty.

They were retirin’ Paul Pierce’s jersey so everybody and their baby’s momma was there. Now he’s a leader again accordin’ to these cats. It’s nuts!!!

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! If they can just keep LeBron from makin’ personnel decisions goin’ forward the Cavs could compete this year. We already know what he can do as a basketball player and team leader but he’s a terrible GM. When the organization finally had the gonads to take control of the steerin’ wheel they showed up with somethin’ they could work with.

Jordan Clarkson and Rodney Hood dropped off 17 and 15 points respectively out of the bushes. George Hill gave a boy 12 for good measure. They only practiced ONCE!!!! And it was the against the best team in the East.

My Point: LeBron couldn’t lead a bunch of cats that didn’t have anywhere else to go bruh. Most of those cats were in the car because it was movin’. They had nowhere else to be. They’d already overachieved in life and the dun that needed to be grindin’, Isaiah Thomas, was too busy talkin’ to hear anybody tellin’ him anything that would be helpful. He thought that he’d already arrived.

Now if they can build off of this one game and stay focused they can be a pretty good team. Especially if these young cats are willin’ to listen to LeBron down the stretch. He’s already been there and done that.

It’s crazy that the man isn’t a leader last week and now he’s back to bein’ the man after beatin’ the Celtics on their floor. Foolishness! Stop me when I start lyin’!

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