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How D. Wade finally admits that he didn’t want it as badas LeBron did! “Just Ridin'”

"Yeah I see these busters bruh!"
Dec 8, 2014; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) reacts during the game against the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Williams, the famous playwright and author, once said, “We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.” Louis Farrakhan gave it to us like this, “Naturally, when one makes a progressive step, there may be some who see it as a betrayal of their goals and interests.” Then the O.G., Sigmund Freud, shut the buildin’ down with, “He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore.”

Now that LeBron is back at the crib in Cleveland his so-called boyz in Miami have betrayal oozin’ out of them at every pore playboy, especially his homie D. Wade! In a recent interview with the New York Post this dun slammed LeBron sayin’ that last year wasn’t fun playin’ with him.

Here’s what this cat actually said bruh, “But sometimes you can put too much on yourself, all of us, and it becomes a black cloud around. Last year wasn’t fun. I mean, there was no stretch of it (that was) fun. The whole season, to me, it’s amazing we made it to the Finals. It’s just honest.”

This dun goes on to say, “I think now I’m at the point where I want to enjoy the game. Because once I’ve won three championships and been so successful, you’ve got to have something to play for. And I want to able to play for my teammates and just the joy of the game.” In other words pimpin’ this clown was sayin’, “I wanted to chill and ole boy wanted to keep winnin’ championships. I was cool with three but LeBron was trippin’ and wanted more.”

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! I’ve been tellin’ you boyz for a couple of years now that LeBron was the only cat in the freakin’ car that had somewhere to go. In the Hot Joint entitled “Diamonds” that I wrote last season, I explained that there has never been a player in the history of the game that had more pressure to win championships than LeBron.

No other player in history has come into the league with the pressure to win titles like the “Chosen One” has. Not Bill, not Wilt or even the G.O.A.T. himself playa. So it only makes sense that playin’ with this dun wouldn’t be fun if you’ve already overachieved in life.

What do I mean by that bruh? D. Wade and the rest of that Miami crew had already maximized their potential to the fifth degree by winnin’ multiple championships. Nobody expected him to win one title comin’ out of Marquette let alone three! At the same time nobody was checkin’ for Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers or any of those other cats to win titles comin’ out of school. They all could have played their entire careers without winnin’ jack squat and nobody would have cared. That’s real talk!

Look here bruh, they’ve made more money than they ever imagined that they would make, dated women that they never would have met had it not been for the championships, D. Wade included. In other words playa, they’ve OVERACHIEVED. So it only makes sense that ole boy would finally admit that the Heat were reluctantly ridin’ LeBron’s coat tail into the Finals last year. Reluctantly as in, they didn’t really want to do what it took to get there because they were cool with what they had already achieved. “Been there done that and it requires too much effort.”

Now it makes sense to the rest of the world why LeBron showed up to play the San Antonio Spurs by himself. After all, he did average 28 points per game in that series. Everybody that knows the game of basketball could see it but the duns that are just lookin’ at this from surface level couldn’t understand why or how the Heat got blasted in five.

I’ll tell you why playa! The Spurs were all in and the Heat were just all in the ride bruh! However, the only cat that was awake was LeBron. The rest of those duns were sound asleep in contentment because they had already gotten what they were lookin’ for the previous year. And from the looks of things he drug them to the Finals in 2013 too because they were really cool with the first joint in 2012. I’m preachin’ but y’all ain’t listenin’.

They sound like a bunch of scorned broads after the break-up. They loved him when he was takin’ them on the world wind tour of the country as the Heatles playin’ essentially 82 home games every night and goin’ to four straight Finals. Winnin’ championships isn’t fun bruh! Where are you from? It’s a grind and playin’ with a boy that has to win 5, 6 or 7 of those joints ain’t no joke. He doesn’t have time to have fun. There is a constant sense of urgency when a boy is tryin’ to become the greatest to ever lace them up. And whether he ever becomes the greatest or not is irrelevant. However, the grind for him is real.

I remember seein’ a special on Jerry Rice when he was goin’ to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Steve Young said that after they had won one of their Super Bowls he went over the complex to get something out of his locker the very next day. He looked out on the field and there was Jerry runnin’ routes not twenty-four hours after winnin’ a championship. How much fun was he havin’ bruh? Jerry went on to say that “his only regret was that he never took time to enjoy his success.” However, if he would have taken time to enjoy it he never would have had the success that he did have.

I’ve been tryin’ to tell you boyz that everybody ain’t in it for the championships. Especially after a cat has already won one or two and in this case three. Even ole dull Mario Chalmers had something to say about LeBron too. It’s not worth lookin’ for the quote bruh. Just understand that these boyz just want to go through the motions now. I would have more respect for D. Wade if he would have just said what was real. He’s got a legitimate beef with LeBron but it has nothin’ to do with what went on on the court playa.

LeBron owes that dun $11 million! He talked him into optin’ out of a 2 year $42 million boy at the end of the season knowin’ that D. Wade’s knees were shot and knowin’ that he was goin’ back to the crib. Then ole boy was only able to re-sign with the Heat for a 2 year deal worth $31 million. So every G in America can respect the fact that he should have beef with him for that. But to go on record with some ole “We didn’t have fun last year” type foolishness was some weak broad stuff right there bruh. And that’s the edited version! As a matter of fact, I know more broads that will keep it more real than that playboy. 

Since the Heat wanna have more fun this year, let’s see how much fun it’s gonna be when boyz are climbin’ off in their butts all year. Again, that’s the edited version pimpin’! Do you think, Bill (11), Sam Jones (10), John Havlicek, K.C. Jones, Tom Heinsohn with 8, Robert Horry,  James Loscutoff, Frank Ramsey all with 7 and we haven’t even gotten to the measly 6 that Jordan, Kareem, Pippen and Bob Cousy popped off, were havin’ fun bruh? Ain’t nothin’ fun about bein’ great at what you do! Grind is real. 

Now I realize that Tom Heinsohn, James Loscutoff and Robert Horry weren’t great players but they played on great teams. The fact that they won 7 and 8 championships is a testament to them not complainin’ about not havin’ fun when the grind was real to win them. Duns like D. Wade and Mario Chalmers could have learned something from cats like Big Shot Bob. “Stay in yo place and ride in the freakin’ car for as long as it’s got gas!”

This ain’t little league ball or the summer league at the Rucker playa. This is the NBA and the only duns that are havin’ fun are the duns that are winnin’! It only becomes fun when it’s all over and done with and you’ve maximized your potential. Stop me when I start lyin’!

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its REAL talk!