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Why LeBron shouldn’t go back to Cleveland even if they had the 1st 10 picks! “Talkin’ Crazy”

Kyrie: "Does the sun come out down there?" LeBron: "Oh yeah!" Kyrie: "Really! What it look like dawg?"

The famous psychiatrist Thomas Szasz once said, “The stupid neither forgive nor forget, the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.” The old timers would just say, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” Now the gangstas from around the way just kept it 100 by saying, “You got one time to play with me out here in these streets and I’m comin’ to get you and I know where ya momma live.”

Speaking of boyz talkin’ crazy, being naïve and usin’ no wisdom at all. Why are all of these media cats and even ole dull Charles Barkley runnin’ around here after the draft lottery tellin’ boyz that LeBron should consider goin’ back to Cleveland in 2014? Yeah playboy, he’s goin back to visit Big Momma, Man-Man and Lil’ Tunk nem from his old neighborhood in nearby Akron but he ain’t crazy enough to put on a Cavs jersey ever again! Some of these analysts/writers out here are so engulfed in sports that they forget that it’s real life outside of these lines playboy! For that reason alone that’s why I have to be the only freakin’ rational mind out here because these duns will tell you anything just to be relevant!

Yeah, the Cavs are tryin’ to clear cap space to get LeBron to come back in 2014 and yes they just got the No.1 pick in the draft again. That should tell you somethin’ right there bruh. They get the No.1 pick seems like every year and they’re still horrible? Why? Because Dan Gilbert still owns the freakin’ team bruh.

Sure, LeBron has an opt out clause in his contract that will allow him to test the market. So since these cats wanna act like they’ve got nothin’ to talk about right now even though we’re in the middle of the conference finals. Take what a boy may tell you with a grain of salt.

Let me put it where the goats can get it playa. It all sounds like a great story but it’s stupid and down right ignorant from a hood stand point. Not only are the Cavs the worse freakin’ team in the league, they’re still the same broad that completely TRIPPED on him when he broke up with her the first time playa.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! They’re the chick that he broke up with that lost her freakin’ mind. When he told her that he was movin’ to South Beach to date a better lookin’ girl she burned his condo, threw all of his clothes out in the front yard and set them on fire too. She then opened the garage and keyed all of his rides, slashed the tires, dumped manure on the seats and stomped his cat to death. Not only that, her old man got online and wrote a letter to everybody that he knows and completely blasted him and his character. Goin’ on to tell boyz not to mess with LeBron ever again!

Now on some real talk, he has to deal with her because he grew up with the broad and he has a baby by her. So he can’t just completely avoid her. He still has to swing through the crib from time to time to see her etc. but he ain’t tryin’ to get back with her like that because she’s crazy and she’s also let herself go! It was already too much work to take her from being the ugly chick nobody was checkin’ for to being one of the baddest broads in the game. When he first got with her she thought that they were called “Scrimps!” He took her from the projects to the penthouse now she’s had to move back in with her momma in the projects and now she’s just lettin’ boyz run through her all over again!

In the mean time and in between time, he’s in Miami with a bad-bad on his arm right now. What was the point of goin’ to South Beach to get with a dime that was exclusive if he was gonna go back to the dumpy built crazy chick livin’ in the hood with halitosis? Not only is the girl in Miami treatin’  him like a King but she’s settin’ it out too. He’s been to 3 NBA Finals in a row and won back-to-back championships! Ain’t that the only reason he hooked up with the broad in the first place? Not only that, she’s gonna to pay him $20.6 million in ’14-’15 and just over $22.1 million in ’15-’16 just to hang out with her AND she’s got a gang of bad friends for his partners/teammates and potential free agents to come down there and kick it with too.

If he goes to Cleveland the girl up there has a group of ugly friends that boyz already know are just as crazy as she is. That’s why nobody would come hang out with him when he was up there in the first place. So why in the world would he go back to the same foolishness? He got exactly what he went to Miami for! Like I said last year homeboy, Kyrie Irving is livin’ out of a suitcase in an empty apartment right now because he ain’t tryin’ to stay in Cleveland any longer than he has too either! It’s one the worse franchises in the league and he’ll have way too many options to choose from when he eventually becomes an unrestricted free agent.


 He’s only there because he was the 1st pick in the draft just like LeBron was and he only stayed as long as he did because he was from there playboy. Uncle Drew is from New Jersey and he’s tryin’ to get out of dodge as soon as he can because none of his boyz wanna come out there either.

 Please stop listenin’ to these cats that only know sports and absolutely nothing about REAL life or the hood playboy! What’s crazy to me is that if they knew anything about sports they wouldn’t be havin’ dumb conversations about a boy leavin’ the best team in the league to go to the worse team in the league. Wheredeydodatat?

Even with the Heat gettin’ old they’re still better than a Cleveland team owned by Dan Gilbert with no head coach. Sure, the Heat are gettin’ old but they’ve got him! So as long as he’s the best player on the planet in one of the best cities on the planet for young rich cats that love women, boyz are gonna keep linin’ up to play with him on South Beach.

Would you get back with your crazy ex-girlfriend in “nothin’ to do Cleveland” if you had a bad one on South Beach and you were winnin’? On some real talk, you don’t even have to be winnin’! It’s a no brainer bruh. Could you imagine how many REAL cats, including myself, that would back up off of LeBron if he got back with that chick after all she’s put him through?

He doesn’t owe that broad a single dime pimpin’. He took her from being worth slightly less than $250 million when he first got with her to bein’ worth more than $450 million when he left and he brought more than $150 million annually into the freakin’ city. He doesn’t even need to look in her direction if he doesn’t want to because she got way more out of the relationship than he did!

Understand this playboy, LeBron’s entire legacy is tied to him winnin’ championships not bein’ caught up with some crazy broad on the keep. So why would it make sense for him to win 2 and possibly 3 titles by 2014, fold up the tent and go to the crib? It makes no sense bruh!

All of these ole wack talkin’ heads need to stop leadin’ all of these dull sports fans, that can’t think for themselves, around with this foolishness. On GP any real cat would not never even consider goin’ back up there bruh. I don’t care if they had the first ten picks of the draft. I don’t care if they were pickin’ up Jordan, Magic, Bird and freakin’ Bill Russell! Well…maybe if they’ve got those duns but principle is principle! You can’t treat a boy like that and expect him to come runnin’ back because you showed him some leg. That’s real talk! Stop me when I start lyin’ playa!