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Why Zeke Elliott needs to just take this one on the chin bruh. “Good Books”

Ole Zeke comin' out of court on Thursday. Photo: AP

On Thursday the emergency injunction request by the NFL Players Association on behalf of Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott was denied by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. That means that the dun’s suspension is back on and he’s ineligible to play at least until December 1 when a boy will have his next hearin’. Accordin’ to legal experts his chances of bein’ reinstated are slim.

Now we’ve seen this foolishness go back and forth for the past couple of weeks with him bein’ suspended then bein’ granted a temporary administrative stay by the 2nd Circuit after a judge initially denied his request for a preliminary injunction in the Southern District. That’s why he was able to play last week against Kansas City.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Yo Zeke!! You may just have to take this one like a G bruh. I know that the prosecutor’s office in Columbus didn’t find enough evidence to charge you with a crime but the NFL isn’t lettin’ this foolishness go. And since the NFLPA has given Roger Goodell the power to be the judge, jury and executioner in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement. You’ve got no power over how this foolishness will play out.

So go on, find you a good book and chill out for the next six weeks. We’ll be alright watchin’ ole dull Jerry Jones squirm while the Cowboys get the breaks beaten off of them for the remainder of the season. I’m quite sure we can handle that.

It’s good to see the cocky get silenced and to watch Jerry get his mouth closed is always a treat. Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

2) Dull: adjective – to describe something as bein’ terrible, something that makes you sick with disgust because it’s so stupid to even think of.

The G is excluded from the endings of all words because the G is near and dear to my heart because I’m from “The G” which is Gary, Indiana. So I only use the G when I’m talkin’ about “The G!”

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its real talk!