The Jay Graves Report

(Podcast) Recap of Thursday Night’s Sweet 16 Foolishness and Preview of Friday Night’s Sweet 16 matchups!

"Shhhhhhhhhh! My old man is talkin'!" Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Here’s the foolishness as I see it playa:

Friday Night’s Schedule:

  1. #4 Butler vs. #1 North Carolina 7:09 tip in Memphis on CBS: Winner – Butler
  2. #7 South Carolina vs. #3 Baylor 7:29 tip in New York on TBS: Winner – Baylor
  3. #3 UCLA vs. #2 Kentucky 9:39 tip in Memphis on CBS: Winner – UCLA
  4. #8 Wisconsin vs. #4 Florida 9:59 on TBS: Winner – Wisconsin

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