The Jay Graves Report

Pacers almost go dull against the lowly Bulls but Oladipo proves his worth! “Clutch”

Victor Oladipo continues to prove his worth in Indy! Photo: Fox59

There was near disaster at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Wednesday night when the dull Chicago Bulls darn near beat the Indiana Pacers! If not for an unbelievable fourth quarter of outscorin’ the Bulls 29-13 and the last minute heroics of Victor Oladipo’s 3-pointer with 31.1 seconds left we’d be talkin’ crazy this mornin’.

However, Chicago proved that they were, in fact, Chicago and wet the bed down the stretch to lose it 98-96.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! The Bulls led this foolishness the entire way until Oladipo’s three and then he hit a free throw with 12.8 seconds left.

Now in case you’ve been under a rock all season the Bulls have only won three ball games so far this season. They’ve been face plantin’ since the season started and it doesn’t look like it’s goin’ away any time soon. They were up on the Pacers by 17 points at one point bruh and managed to squander it away.

Pacers fans are cool with it but the duns from the Chi have to be disgusted this mornin’. Big Momma always said, “Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.” They ran ole Tom Thibobeau out of town a couple of years ago hollerin’ that he was workin’ his players too hard and now the team is a complete dumpster fire. They can’t even tie their shoes up right.

Indiana seemed to come out flat and couldn’t figure it out for three quarters. Victor Oladipo had this to say post-game, “I was going out there and playing as hard as I could on both ends of the floor and trying to help us pull it out. We’ve got to learn to not put ourselves in that hole in the first place and try to make sure we avoid that. At the end of the day it was a big win for us and we can build on it.”

It sure was a big win. In fact, every win for the Pacers is a big win bruh. Nobody, includin’ me, expected them to win this year and they’ve overexceeded everyone’s expectations at this point. They’ve won 14 ball games so far and I had them winnin’ a mere 25 last summer after they traded PG for Oladipo and Sabonis. Tells you how much I know right.

They’ve got the red hot Cavs rollin’ into town on Friday so they can’t afford to be flat comin’ out of the gate or it could be a long night. I’m just sayin’ and stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

2) Put it where the goats can get it: verb phrase – to make it as elementary as possible. To put it at ground level so everyone can understand it.

3) Ole boy: noun – the person that I’m currently talkin’ about.

The G is excluded from the endings of all words because the G is near and dear to my heart because I’m from “The G” which is Gary, Indiana. So I only use the G when I’m talkin’ about “The G!”

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its real talk!