The Jay Graves Report

Why even after droppin’ 61 you won’t EVER hear Jordan giving LeBron props! “Ugly”

"Oh I'm just gettin' started playboy!"

As I was checking into the Fountainbleau on south Beach the bellhops were arguing about being great. William Shakespeare said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Albert Einstein got fired up, dropped my bags and said, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Then William Arthur Ward picked my joints up and said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Well what is it called when a boy does it all playboy? King James was telling boyz what I’ve BEEN tellin’ ‘em! Explaining to cats what I’ve been trying to explain to these simple minded individuals for years! Demonstrating to duns how the game should be played and inspiring these hatin’ cats out here to finally get on the bandwagon when he hung 61 on Charlotte on Monday night!

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! It wasn’t a coincidence that ole boy put 61 up on the Charlotte Bobcats pimpin’! Let me put it where the goats can get it. That’s Jordan’s team playa! LeBron could put up those types of numbers darn near every night but he chooses to play the game within the confines of the game. He always makes the right basketball plays. There’s not a player in the league that can stop him from taking over. Therefore, his game isn’t predicated on scoring first. He’s told you cats that for years.

But at some point you knew that he was gonna take a shot at Jordan and all the hatin’ this cat has done on him over the years. So why not Monday night on South Beach? When the G.O.A.T. pulls the ultimate hater move and gives up a boy’s game up in an interview during All-Star Weekend by saying, “When Lebron goes to his right he’s going to the rack and when he goes to his left he’s shooting.” You already knew that ole boy was gonna hold on to it and pull it out at some point. Well that some point came two years later. He should have given his own freakin’ team that advice. Oh knowing him he did. How did that work out for you MJ?

Boyz like Wilt and Bill wasn’t sitting around telling folks that if you force Jordan to his left you can control him during the early part of his career. They weren’t telling boyz that if you make him shoot you got him. Why? Because that would have been a hater’s move. But Zeke and Joe Dumars had already figured it out bruh! That’s why they owned him early on in his career. And for all of you cats that swear Jordan’s not a hater answer this one question? Why wasn’t Zeke on the Dream Team?

Now you know LeBron won’t say it because he’s got too much class to stoop to Jordan’s level but everybody in the freakin’ barber shop knows that he’s a real cat from the ghetto and boyz from the ghetto don’t forgot nothin’! In my Bernie Mac voice, “Nutin’! Nutin’!” All of my hood dwellers and former hood dwellers can feel me on that and that’s real talk!

Jordan was like the parent watching his kid get the breaks beat off of him in the front yard. He wanted to jump in but it wasn’t his fight. He wanted to just get a piece of ole boy but he’s well past his prime and knows that if he jumps in it he’ll get beat down too. So all he could do was tighten up his laces and watch in agony.

LeBron was unconscious from the word go bruh. He put up 61 points on 33 shots making 22 of them! Wheredeydodatat? Then he knocked down his first eight 3-point attempts as he went 8-10 from behind the arc.

Ole boy went to the break with 24, took a shower and a nap, got a pedicure, came out and lit ‘em up for 25 in the third quarter! By this time Jordan’s sneakers are so tight that he’s about to pass out because he’s not getting enough oxygen to the brain bruh.

By the time LeBron got to like 57 points his Airness is sittin’ at the scores table trying to get in the game to prove that he could still play. Why? Cuz that’s what haters do… but his toe is throbbin’ like ole boy’s joint in “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka.” So he had to watch this dun completely destroy his kid in the front yard, take his jewelry, his brand new retro Jordan’s off of him and walk off smiling.

Like I’ve been telling you boyz for the past 4 years. You’re watching the greatest player to EVER play this game right now and you don’t realize it because he’s still playing. He’s only 29 years old bruh! Jordan’s greatest years came between the ages of 28-35. LeBron is just now a year into that real comparison and he’s ALREADY won 2 titles and 4 MVP’s vs. Jordan’s 1 title and 1 MVP at the SAME age. And don’t try to sneak a second title in for Jordan playboy because at the same age Jordan hadn’t even started the playoffs yet! That’s a haters move when you try to manipulate the truth  to make Jordan seem better. When the number don’t lie at the SAME age!

It’s about to get ugly playboy. Just sit in the cut and enjoy the show. But one thing you won’t EVER hear is Michael Jordan giving this dun his props even after he whooped his kid and took 61 out of his butt! Why? Because he’s a natural born hater! Stop me when I start lyin’!

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its REAL talk!