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The M.I.C. DOMINATES the Indy-Area Preseason Football Super Team! “Everyday We Lit”

"Boyz better recognize that we're up in this piece and we ain't goin' nowhere!" Photo: TheJayGravesReport for Graves Media and Publishing Group

The American Family Insurance ALL-USA Indy-area preseason football Super Team is out and boyz from the M.I.C. represented like some playas at an old school Caddy with a diamond in the back with the sunroof cracked. Of the 35 players that made the list 16 are from one of the best conferences in the country! The MIC playboy!!!

I keep tellin’ you boyz that it’s serious business around this piece. So you better boot up and bring ya hard hat if you wanna get down over here.

Ben Davis, Warren Central and Lawrence Central all lead the way with four players each holdin’ down real estate on this preseason team. Carmel reps with two and both North Central and Center Grove have one apiece.

1) Ben Davis jumps off of the page with some straight studs:

Reese Taylor is the real deal and he’s already committed to Indiana. The senior QB get’s in the ride and turns the music up on full blast! The Mr. Football candidate is probably the best skilled player in the state because he can do it all. He threw for 2,730 yards and 26 touchdowns and rushed for 961 yards and 23 TDs as a junior. I’m tellin’ you he’s not playin’ with these boyz out here.

Next up is runnin’ back Johnny Adams the 5’11” 175-pound senior, who has already committed to Ball State. He can go bruh. As a junior he rushed for 384 yards and six touchdowns and grabbed seven passes for 71 yards. Then there’s senior corner back Elijah Bell the Purdue recruit that can get to wherever the ball is. He had three interceptions and racked up 40 tackles as a junior. Don’t ever forget about defensive lineman Wilie Ervin bruh! Ole boy had 58 tackles with 23 for a loss and 9 sacks. Don’t let me forget the blocked punt and forced fumble to his credit as well.

2) Warren Central is not about to let a boy show them up so they’re bringin’ the noise with four players too.

David Bell is not playin’ with these boyz out here either. The junior wide receiver is probably the best cat in the state in his class. As a sophomore he was unbelievable to watch. He caught 68 passes for 1,201 yards and 17 touchdowns makin’ it look easy. He’s already got offers from Ohio State and Notre Dame just to name a few. Don’t let junior offensive lineman Justin Britt get out of the ride without me hollerin’ his way. The 6’4″ 275-pounder already has offers from Indiana, Iowa and Louisville and he hasn’t even played his junior season. That’s NUTS!!

Junior runnin’ back Romeir Elliot is a beast!! He had to “get in where he fit” in last year as a sophomore but he was still able to put up 315 yards rushin’ and score three touchdowns on 39 carries. However, I saw the dun at Warren’s scrimmage last week and he turned the corner on a boy and gave him a stiff arm that almost took his head off. Aw yeah, he’s not playin’. Senior defensive back Julius Brent is out to make sure you recognize him in a crowd bruh. He only played three games last year due to injury but understand that the 6’2″ 175-pound can get down when healthy.

3) Lawrence Central is not givin’ passes out because they’re loaded up and in my Big Momma voice, “ret-to-go!”

Senior quarterback Donyell Meredith leads the way of a ridiculously talented team. The 6’3″ stud transferred from Cathedral before his junior campaign and went NUTS on boyz. He led Lawrence Central to their first winnin’ record in four season at 6-5 completin’ 63 percent of his passes for 2,233 yards and 26 touchdowns. C’mon bruh! Wheredeydodatat? Then there’s the ball hawkin’ safety Manny Bellamy that boyz don’t wanna see!! He’s the heat seekin’ missile that every team needs in the secondary. Ole boy finished with 68 tackles with three for a loss and six deflections as a junior.

Don’t even fix your mouth to talk about the Bears without senior defensive lineman Branson Deen! The name alone is intimidatin’! The 6’3″ 250-pound stud is headed to Purdue and he’s takin’ names and sneakers on the way out playa. If you thought they were done over at LC you were foolin’ yourself bruh! The best kid on the field is Cameron McGrone the 6’1″ 205-pound linebacker headed to Michigan. He had 52 tackles, with 15½ for a loss, in only six games. Again, Wheredeydodatat? Did I mention that he’s a U.S. Army All-American? Oh yeah, that too.

3) Carmel checks in with two!

Senior quarterback Jake McDonald the 6’1″ 175-pound marksman leads the defendin’ state champions out of the gate. He completed 67 percent of his passes for 2,390 yards and 31 touchdowns. Y’all should know my favorite word by now right? That’s NUTS!! Then they’ve got junior defensive lineman Beau Robbins who’s one of the best juniors in the state if not the best bruh! He had 87 tackles 11 sacks and three forced fumbles as a freakin’ sophomore. Crazy ain’t it? Ole boy’s been offered by what seems like everybody with a lecture hall includin’ Northwestern, Purdue, Louisville, Michigan State and Indiana. Say it with me, “That’s NUTS!!!”

4) Center Grove is still in the buildin’ even durin’ a rebuildin’ season.

Junior punter P.J. Buck is the real deal!! As a sophomore he averaged 37.9 yards per punt and placed darn near half of his punts inside his opponents 20-yard line. Who does that bruh?

5) North Central is at the party lookin’ for some respect homie and you better not step on their new Jordan’s.

Senior corner D.J. Johnson is all that and a bag of frosted penny cookies, some Funions and a red pop playa. Ole boy is tryin’ to decide between Iowa and Notre Dame. However, Urban Myer from Ohio State hollered his way earlier this week. That’s a great problem to have though right?

I bring all of this up to say this, The MIC AIN’T PLAYIN’ WITH YOU BOYZ! You better Boot up in 2017 when they roll into your space and stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

2) Wheredeydodatat?: Hood for “Who does that?”

3) Ole boy: noun – the person that I’m talkin’ about.

The G is excluded from the endings of all words because the G is near and dear to my heart because I’m from “The G” which is Gary, Indiana. So I only use the G when I’m talkin’ about “The G!”

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its real talk!