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NFL settles with a bunch of hustlas! “The Money Grab”

"They just closed the bank on current players bruh! What?"

King Abdullah II once said, “Whenever you have a crisis, you’re always going to have the extremists taking advantage of the situation.” Big Momma would always say, “Everybody in the projects ain’t project.” Mr. Willie down at the car wash used to say, “If you stand out here long enough you’ll learn how to recognize a con man just by the way he walks.”

The NFL should have hung out at the car wash with Mr. Willie while they were growing up because they got pushed into a corner by a gang of hustla’s and got beat for $765 million just like that playboy! The league reached a tentative settlement over concussion-related brain injuries among its 18,000 retired players. They’ve agreed to compensate victims, pay for medical exams and underwrite research but did not admit to any wrong doing and the bank is now closed all current players.

Now on some real talk, they should pay for long term insurance, medical exams and pay to underwrite research because it’s the right thing to do. However, they shouldn’t be forced to take care of boyz that signed up to play a dangerous game where injuries are commonplace and inevitable.

The high profile suicide of Junior Seau forced the league into a dark alley with a stick and a dull water gun even though boyz couldn’t prove that the Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) found in his brain was responsible for his death. Anybody that has played ball for an extended period of time and that has suffered multiple concussions will have evidence of CTE if you cut their brains open whether they committ suicide or not. That doesn’t mean that those death’s were the NFL’s fault.

How much blame does Junior Seau take in all of this for playing in the NFL for freakin’ 20 years? Who does that? He wasn’t a kicker playboy! He was a middle linebacker for crying out loud! That means that he took head shots every day all day, not to mention all of the years before he even made it to the league. And who’s to say that he wasn’t just depressed that his life was turned upside down because for 30 plus years he played ball and now he’s got nothing to look forward too. You can’t sue for that bruh but you can sue the NFL for brain a CTE if you can get the public to believe that he killed himself as a result of it!

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Can the crack head can sue a boy because he can’t duplicate the high he was on when people cheered his name while he was playing now that he’s out of the league and on drugs? At some point cats gotta be responsible for their own health and safety and when they got knocked out the first time they had the opportunity to walk away but the bread was too good.

Like I’ve said in multiple Hot Joints in the past, the medical community didn’t start diagnosing what are now called concussions in sports and in football in particular until about 10 years ago. So all of these duns that are lining up for some bread that are 45 years old or older that played in the ‘70’s, ‘80’s and early ‘90’s are on something playboy. It’s called “I’m broke and see an opportunity to money grab.”

Boyz are hollering that the league didn’t protect them from injury when there wasn’t a protocol in place to protect them from something that the medical community didn’t fully understand. During that time they called it getting your bell rung. At that point they would drag your butt off of the field, give you that smelling salt and run your butt back out there. That wasn’t just in the NFL either! That was in Pop Warner, high school and college too!

So what are boyz that are suffering from brain injuries that only played Pop Warner, high school and college ball supposed to do now? Who are they going to sue for playing during a period of time when there was no protocol. I completely get a cat trying to sue the league now if he’s put back on the field without being cleared because there is protocol in place to protect him but to go back 30 years is asinine.

Even if they would have told these duns that later in life you’re going to have some brain trauma from running into cats with your head, how many of these players would have quit? None! So to money grab the league later in life is called a hustle where I’m from playboy! That’s like trying the sue the Ford Motor Co. in 2013 because your favorite aunt died in a car accident in 1973 because she wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Or better yet, trying to sue the tobacco industry because your grandfather died of lung cancer in 1968 before they started warning boyz that this stuff will kill you.

Can Big Momma sue the FDA or the pig farmer because PaPa died of a heart attack in 1971 because he ate too much Fat Back, ribs and soul food? What about the dun that worked in the steel mill for 35 years, retires and finds out that he’s got lung cancer from all of the chemicals he was exposed to all of those years? Who’s he gonna sue? Who’s Ms. Wanda down the street gonna sue because she’s got early onset dementia because of the overexposure of chemicals down at the factory for 40 years?

The average salary in America is $27K and the average salary in the NFL is $1.9 million playboy. Sure, boyz weren’t making that type of bread 30 years ago but neither were working class people. Do you really think boyz are feeling sorry for a cat that is struggling with brain injuries when Ms. Wanda and Uncle Buck made minimum wage for the better part of their lives and ended up with the same problems? Really? I’m from Gary, Indiana and everybody’s daddy worked in the steel mills for years and are now struggling with something. So don’t run that game on me playa because I can spot a hustla a mile away. Boyz went through all of their bread and now the money grab is on! It’s just that simple!

These cats can holler and scream bloody murder all they want but they were well compensated for their services and they continuously signed up for it. They made far more bread than Joe Blow down at the mill or down at the lumber yard that now have debilitating injuries that they just have to live with. Like I said before, I do think that the league should have better long term care for boyz but they shouldn’t be responsible for a cat that spent all of his bread that now wants to money grab just because he can. I’m done preachin’ but you can still pass the collection plate even if some former player tries to rob it! Stop me when I start lyin’ playboy!