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Why some of these fake media-types couldn’t tell you what the GOAT even looks like!

"First of all, what are you usin' as criteria for who's the best player we've ever seen?"

Norman Ralph Augustine once said, “If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice.” Jay Graves broke it down like this, “If these fake media-types knew more about the history of sports they wouldn’t be on TV or radio talkin’ like they had a degree in barber shop dysfunctional logic.”

What blows my mind is that duns that are supposed to be “experts” don’t take their jobs seriously.  If a dun is on a national radio or television show you would think that they would know more than the dun sittin’ in the barber shop just gettin’ off of work and sayin’ anything.

After the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals on Monday night why did so many fake media-types start tellin’ the world that losin’ in the Finals for LeBron is worse than not even makin’ it to the Finals! This is the logic that these duns are sellin’ to millions of people and therefore those people run into the streets and barber shops with this foolishness.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! LeBron James at 32 years old has been to the Finals 8 times in his 14 year career. He’s now 3-5 in those Finals. However, duns like Rob Parker on FS1 and other are tellin’ boyz that LeBron’s a failure because he’s loss in the Championship 5 times.

He’s obviously a Jordan fan and is holdin’ up MJ goin’ 6-0 in the Finals as the standard. Again, if you are considered an expert in a particular field then people aren’t lookin’ for what you would prefer. They are simply lookin’ for sound logic and information. Then that way they can come up with their own conclusions. Nobody cares how you feel or what you prefer. They just wanna know the facts.

So in understandin’ that, a dun sounds stupid tellin’ sports fans that it’s better to lose in the first, second or third rounds than it is to lose in the Finals. Because by tellin’ folks that Mike goin’ 6-0 is better, is to delete the other 9 years that he didn’t get to the Finals from his resume.

Mike played in the league for 15 years bruh. He didn’t get out of the first round 3 times and the other six years he loss before he got to the championship. So gettin’ to the championship and losin’ is worse than not gettin’ there at all.

Also the clown on TV or radio that stands up and says Mike went 6-0 is tryin’ to mislead folks with the information. Mike didn’t go 6-0 until he was 36 years. At 32 Mike had only gone to 3 Finals and won 3 championships. So to sit a guys resume next to Mike’s that is 32 that has gone to 8 Finals and won the same amount of championships is far more impressive. That’s if we’re only talkin’ about winnin’ titles and playin’ for championships.

However, if a person is supposed to be an expert in their respective field they should know more than the average Joe in the barber shop or the dun on the subway platform right? You wouldn’t listen to a dun that’s supposed to be medical doctor tell you things that make entirely no sense would you? You wouldn’t listen to a dun that’s supposed to be a money expert tell you that goin’ into debt and not payin’ your bills is a good idea would you? You wouldn’t go to the gym and get a personal trainer that tells you that it’s better to gain more fat than muscle would you?

So why are you listenin’ to duns tell you that a player is a failure if he wins 3 championships and losses in the title round 5 times. But a boy that only goes to the title 3 times and wins 3 times is better for that reason alone? That makes no sense!! If the objective is to win then the person that goes to the title more times at the same age is more successful at winnin’ when they both have the same amount of championships. That’s if we’re talkin’ about winnin’!!

Now again, I could care less as to what player or players you prefer. I’m just against duns that are supposed to be experts lyin’ to the uninformed. Don’t tell me that Mike is the GOAT because he went 6-0 in the Finals. First of all, this isn’t track and field and ole boy wasn’t runnin’ the 100 meters. Basketball is a TEAM sport and winnin’ titles are TEAM awards. So therefore you can’t make him the GOAT simply because he won 6 titles.

But if that’s the logic that you want to use it still doesn’t hold water. Why? Because Bill Russell went 8-0 in the Finals from 1959-66 and he won in 1957, ’68 and ’69. So he’s standin’ there with 11 titles and he won 8 in a row. So that logic flushes down the toilet real quick. Not only does Bill have more titles than MJ but 8 other cats in the history of the league do too. Sam Jones has 10, John Havlicek 8, Tom Heinsohn 8, K.C. Jones 8, Tom “Satch” Sanders 8, Robert Horry 7, James Loscutoff 7 and Frank Ramsey 7.

So if we’re usin’ the logic that MJ is the GOAT because he won 6 titles that foolishness goes out of the window. And what are we goin’ to do with Pippen, Kareem and Bob Cousey because they all have the same amount of rings as Jordan? I’m listenin’?

Be careful who you listen to bruh, because most of these fake media-types don’t know any more than the dun in the barber shop that has a regular job. The regular cat isn’t supposed to know what sports writers and analysts know about the history of the league because he’s not bein’ paid to do the research. Most people think that 6-0 is the best ever because some fake media-type told them that it was.

If we’re now rankin’ players based on titles and championship appearances then Jordan would be way down the list. If that is the criteria. Only problem is, that’s the logic that Jordan fans use to keep Jordan ahead of Lebron and it still makes no sense because LeBron has as many titles as Jordan at the same age.

The fake media-type, who is a Jordan fan, that is leadin’ this foolishness never wants to talk about the individual player’s ability to play the game. That is what makes a player better than another not how many titles they’ve won.

If we’re talkin’ about the GOAT then the GOAT has to be the best all-around player we’ve ever seen. Not a dun that can only do one or two things great.

Jordan was a pure scorer!!! He’s the best per game scorer in the history of the league. However, Kareem is the best scorer of all-time. As a matter of fact, Kareem leads in every statistical category and should be called the GOAT because of it. If you stack his completed resume up next to Jordan’s it’s not even close bruh.

And if you want to look at titles he’s got the same amount as Jordan and he won two more than Mike in college. That’s if we’re talkin’ titles only. Not only was Kareem more dominant in his all-around game but they changed the freakin’ rules in college to try to keep the dun from bein’ so dominant. They never did that for Mike.

I’ve said for years that LeBron is the best all-around player I’ve ever seen because he can play all five and guard all five on the floor. We’ve never seen a player, includin’ Kareem, be able to do that every night in this league. EVER!! Magic did it once. LeBron does it every night!!

We’ve seen LeBron by the age of 32 go to 7 straight Finals, 8 total, lead his team in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks in the 2016 Finals. We watched the dun put up the only triple double throughout the Finals in NBA history. We’ve watched him surpass Jordan in Finals scorin’ history, playoffs scorin’ history and put up the most games with triple doubles in the playoffs.

He’s third all-time in playoffs assists and 12 all-time in assists in NBA history. He’s seventh all-time in scorin’! The dun is ranked 71st all-time in reboundin’!! But a dun will try to convince you that he’s a failure because he’s loss 5 times in the championship when Jordan didn’t even make it to the championship 9 times. I swear that most of these fake media-types wouldn’t know what a the GOAT looks like if he robbed them at the gas station at 12 noon butt naked foamin’ art the mouth. Good luck with that and stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

The G is excluded from the endings of all words because the G is near and dear to my heart because I’m from “The G” which is Gary, Indiana. So I only use the G when I’m talkin’ about “The G!”

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its real talk!