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Why Pike High wants the dull IHSAA to have to pull a Roger Goodell! “Gimme That”

"Aw, we're up in this piece and now you gotta deal with us!"

On Saturday the Pike High School girls hoop team will play for the Indiana 4A State Championship for the first time in school history. What’s so amazin’ is that they are in this piece after the IHSAA went overboard last January by suspendin’ the ENTIRE team after a few girls got into a fight against a few girls from Ben Davis. Not only did the dull IHSAA suspend the entire Pike team but they also suspended Ben Davis’ entire team too.

I wrote a Hot Joint last year in response to that foolishness entitled “Roger” that broke down just how unfair it was to discipline EVERYBODY on those teams for the actions of a few. I have no problem with a boy disciplinin’ student athletes for actin’ a fool because they should be held accountable for their actions. However, to suspend the ENTIRE team for the actions of a few was insane! Not every player on those teams were fightin’. So the IHSAA was again paintin’ with a broad brush like they did in February of 2015 when they suspended both Hammond and Griffith high schools for a fight that occurred. Why? Because everybody wasn’t involved in the foolishness. It wasn’t fair to the student-athletes that had nothin’ to do with the clowns out there fightin’! Those kids should have been allowed to continue their seasons and they weren’t.

Now everybody’s got deal with the wrath of the Pike Red Devils on Saturday!! Don’t think for one minute that those young ladies haven’t been thinkin’ about how they got mistreated by the IHSAA last year every step of the way this year. Oh, you better believe that they want the dun that suspended them to have to give them the trophy just like Roger Goodell givin’ Tom Brady the Super Bowl MVP  and the Super Bowl trophies.

However, here’s the difference playboy! Tom Brady was actually guilty of the foolishness he was suspended for and Pike’s entire team wasn’t. I would love to see Pike beat the brakes off of Homestead on Saturday simply because the IHSAA went overboard last year in suspendin’ them.

Now I’m got nothin’ against Homestead but Homestead just happens to be the team caught in the middle of the road. It could’ve been anybody bruh but Homestead just happened to draw the short stick on this one. The IHSAA seems to go overboard in disciplinin’ schools with predominantly black populations and the schools with predominantly white populations seem to get a pass when foolishness occurs.

“Pike is not playin’ with these boyz right now bruh!”

Oh, I’m talkin’ crazy? I just gave you the examples of Hammond/Griffith and Pike/Ben Davis. How about Gary’s Thea Bowman’s entire athletic program bein’ shut down and not bein’ able to participate in the state tournaments for two years because of the foolishness of the adults runnin’ the basketball program as well as all but two coaches not bein’ in compliance with trainin’ and concussion protocol.

My problem isn’t with the school bein’ suspended for two years. It’s with the IHSAA’s decision to keep the kids from bein’ able to transfer to another school to participate in sports. Like I wrote in the Hot Joint entitled “C’mon Bruh” the duns at the IHSAA seem to purposely want to throw away our kids and that’s not right. For many of our kids sports provides the opportunity for them to go to college. Not everybody’s parents have the bread to pay for them to go to school bruh. So when you shut a kid’s athletic program down you’re shuttin’ down his or her opportunity to go to college.  But boyz aren’t goin’ overboard with the schools in the suburbs or where the rich kids go to school.

When the head coach over at the exclusive Park Tudor private school was sexually assaultin’ kids they didn’t suspend the entire athletic program. They sent that fool to jail and kept it movin’. The kids participatin’ in sports weren’t affected at all. When the clowns over at Carmel were sexually assaultin’ there teammates on the bus they didn’t suspend the ENTIRE team for that foolishness. They arrested the duns involved and kept it movin’. But why is it that teams that are predominantly black in the state of Indiana are completely shut down when someone does something out of pocket?

To all of those points, that’s why I want to see Pike win in blowout fashion just to make the statement to the IHSAA in their D.Piddy voice “We Ain’t Go-In No-where!”  from the Bad Boy for Life joint!! You can push them down but they aren’t goin’ to give up! Go Pike!!! Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

2) Out of Pocket: verb phrase – when something goes wrong

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its real talk!