The Jay Graves Report

Why LeBron has the Cleveland fans lookin’ like a bunch of clowns! “Married to the Game”

Jason Ritter, the famous actor, once said, “Fake relationships and fake people coming up to me and all of a sudden wanting to be my friend.” Groucho Marx gave it to us like this, “The secret to life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” Then Ismail Hansiyeh, the former Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority, broke it down like this, “Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away.”

What is fake playboy… is all of the fans that are now on LeBron’s tip now that he’s back in Cleveland. And that’s the edited version. This cat had more than 30,000 people at the University of Akron football stadium on Friday for a welcome home rally. Are you kiddin’ me? These are the same duns that were burinin’ his jersey in 2010 when he decided to take his talents to South Beach. Give me a freakin’ break!

What’s killin’ me is the fact that all of these people are in love with the same cat that they hated just three months ago. I’m not talkin’ about just the duns in Cleveland but think about all of the fools across the country that are sayin’ that LeBron is my guy now. Your guy? It’s sickenin’ to say the least bruh.

He’s your guy because he wrote a freakin’ letter that touched your heart strings? And if it did, you’re a bigger sucka than I thought you were.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! You love him now because he made a decision to leave South Beach but you hated him because he made a decision to leave Cleveland? He was a free agent in both scenarios so why is there a difference in your opinion of him?

Here’s my idiot fan that can’t think for himself, “Hey man you’ve gotta understand, he screwed the fans of Cleveland when he left the first time. That’s why we hated him.”

Screwed the fans of Cleveland? Help me understand how he screwed Cleveland when played through two freakin’ contracts and always left everything on the floor night in and night out. When he showed up in 2003 it was the worst team in the freakin’ league and within four years they had the best regular season record in the league and he took them to the Finals. Not to mention the fact that the team was worth $250 million when he arrived and when he left it was worth $450 million. Did I mention the $150 million in revenue that he ushered into the city’s local economy annually for the seven years he was there but you’re tellin’ me that he screwed the city and its fans? Really?

However, when the dun decides to come back to the crib he’s all of a sudden the favorite son. If you hate him then hate him playa. Don’t be fake about it bruh, be consistent. If he’s the devil then he’s the devil whether he’s in Miami or in Cleveland. Don’t be like the groupie chick at the club that’s only lookin’ out for what ole boy can do for you.

He’s in Northeast Ohio now so it’s all good because you get to eat off of him again. I know I’m keepin’ real son so you gotta sit here and take this. So don’t try to run game on me or him. He just gave you something to do all season and if you own a hotel, restaurant, parkin’ lot, clothin’ store or whatever else you can sell…you love him again. Not because he’s from the area you love him because he’s about to put bread into your pockets or give you something to do all year. Just keep it real. Don’t lie about it because the the hustle is as clear as Vodka.

You all in his face laughin’ at his corny jokes, starin’ into his eyes and he can see right through it. What trips me out is that a boy writes a letter on why he came back and you cats fell for it hook, line and sinker because on some real talk what he did this time was far worse than takin’ his talents to South Beach the first time.

I’m not trippin’ on ole boy leavin’ Miami to go back to Cleveland at all. That’s why they call it free agency. You can play wherever you chose to play as long as the bread is right pimpin’! What I tripped on was the fact that all of these fans that hated him initially didn’t see the hustle that he ran on his so-called homeboy D. Wade and if they did they didn’t care. Why? Because it didn’t involve them.

He sat down with both Bosh and Wade and they all agreed to opt out for the betterment of the team knowin’ that ole boy’s knees were shot. So he let the cat that his kids call “uncle” put a two year deal worth $42 million back on the table and then he bounced on him knowin’ he was gonna bounce the whole time. Even if he wasn’t sure you don’t let D Wade give up his bread until you know what you were gonna do.

In the hood that’s a violation of the Playas Code of Conduct; Rule 1, Article 2, Section 5: “Never mess over another man’s money in the pursuit of your own bread and well-being.” D. Wade ended up signin’ a two year deal worth only $31 million with the Heat so he got shorted $11 million bruh.

However, everybody is in love with the cat that was responsible for D. Wade’s loss. Here’s the deal playboy, if he’ll do it to D. Wade he’ll do it to you and yours. I’ve been in LeBron’s corner for years bruh but wrong is wrong! And if you’ve fallen in love with a cat that will do his boy then you’re a bigger sucka than I thought you were.

You can’t make right, right, only when you’re on the positive end of the stick. That’s like a woman sayin’ that it’s wrong for a man to cheat on his wife but then she falls in love with a married man and tries to defend it. He showed his true colors not when he left Cleveland but by the way he came back to Cleveland.

Comin’ back wasn’t the problem, screwin’ his boy out of $11 million was. Bein’ a sucka fan isn’t the problem but bein’ a naïve sucka fan is and that’s why he can play you because you’re married to the game. Stop me when I start lyin’!