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Why it’s more likely Charlie Strong won’t EVER be a head coach again! “2nd Chances”

Keep ya head up playboy!!

Abraham Lincoln was a straight up G when he said, “These men ask for just the same thing, fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they and all others, shall have.” Now when he broke that joint down the last thing that he was thinkin’ about was college and professional sports because they didn’t exist at the time. However, the concept of doin’ the right thing did and treatin’ folks fairly was paramount.

Well playas…on Saturday the University of Texas finally pulled the trigger and fired Charlie Strong. Now I’m not sayin’ that the dun didn’t deserve to be let go. I’m just sayin’ that they could have treated this man and his family better than they did. After losin’ to Kansas more than a week ago they all but drug him through the streets of Austin by his ankles. Everybody and their baby’s momma’s momma, Ms. Jackson, knew that they were goin’ to fire him. So they should have let him go immediately.

However, they let the dun sit in front of a firin’ squad on Monday and answer all kinds of dumb questions from the media about whether he was  fired or not. Boyz leaked the firin’ to the press and then tried to pull it back like they knew nothin’ of the foolishness. Unbelievable!!!

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Unfortunately, the likelihood of Charlie Strong EVER becomin’ a head coach in major college football again is slim to none! Why? Because the numbers say that he’s got little to no chance and that’s the shame of it all. They tortured the man in front of the American football fan base and he knows as well as the powers that be in college football that his career is probably over as a head football coach. Why? Because black coaches don’t get the second chances that white coaches get, even the duns that where fired because of win/loss records.

Here’s the cat that’s been waitin’ all year to say, “Black people always pull the race card when they don’t succeed. It’s everybody else’s fault but there’s! Charlie Strong won’t coach again because he sucks as a head coach!” 

Really bruh! Do you really believe that Charlie Strong showed up at Texas and forgot how to coach? I believe that Texas kept Mac Brown about three years too long and it was goin’ to take longer to turn Texas around than boyz expected. However, I do believe that Strong shot himself in the foot losin’ to Kansas! Should he have been fired? Absolutely! Is he good enough to get another major college head coachin’ job? You darn right but he won’t! Why? Beause black coaches don’t get second chances no matter how good of a coach they are. In the history of college football more than 29 black coaches have been fired for havin’ a losin’ record and all of them have been replaced with a white coach.

Accordin’ to The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) at the University of South Florida there were only 13 black coaches out of the 128 prpgrams in the FBS Division of college football. 13 bruh!!! Now 12 with Charlie losin’ his job on Saturday. Again, should he have been fired at Texas? Yes!! But is he good enough to coach somewhere else? Of course, but history says that he won’t.

Let’s look at the history of this foolishness! Brothers in the world of coachin’ college football keep havin’ to sit at the little kids table like the city councilman in the movie Four Brothers? They can’t catch a break whereas their white counterparts many times can act a complete fool, get arrested and still be rewarded with new jobs.

In the history of this game only one black coach has ever been fired and found another job at an FBS school and that was Ty Willingham. He was fired from Notre Dame and then hired by the University of Washington. For y’all that’s checkin’ “History” means, of all time playa!

However, their white counterparts can put on some clown shoes, the nose and the water spittin’ flower and get a new job. And it doesn’t matter whether they were fired because they had a losin’ record or for straight up actin’ a fool. The white coach is goin’ to work again. If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’! We’ve seen countless white coaches get fired for losin’ records and be hired the next week somewhere else. And don’t even get me started on the duns that have straight up got butt naked stupid on us and are still workin’.

Bobby Petrino hired his mistress to work for him at the University of Arkansas then crashed his bike with her on the back of the joint. He lied about it, got fired and got a new job within 4 months at Western Kentucky only to land on his feet at Louisville again.

Boyz try to forget that Mike Price was fired at Alabama in 2003 before he’d ever coached a game and spring ball wasn’t even over for solicitin’ sex from students, buyin’ them drinks, havin’ sex with 2 strippers and then lettin’ one of them order room service on the company credit card! Surely that ended his career right? In my Lee Corso voice, “Not so fast my friend!” Ole boy became the head coach of the University of Texas El Paso the followin’ year.

I know y’all remember George O’Leary? He was hired at Notre Dame in 2001 only to be fired two days later when they found out he was lyin’ on his resume. This cat said that he had a Masters Degree from NYU-Stony Brook University! The problem is, that joint doesn’t exist bruh! NYU and Stony Brook are two separate schools that are 50 miles apart!

He also said that he earned 3 letters in football at the University of New Hampshire when he never got off of the bench homeboy! That ended his career right? Lee, where you at? “Not so fast my friend!” He went straight to the Minnesota Vikings as an assistant for 2 years then to the University of Central Florida as the head coach.

Remember when Mike Haywood, a brother, accepted the University of Pittsburgh job in December of 2010 after winnin’ the Mid-American Conference title at Miami of Ohio. After havin’ the job for only 15 days he was arrested on a felony domestic violence charge on some baby momma drama. He was fired immediately and rightfully so at the moment. However, all of the charges were later dropped and now this dun can’t even get an assistant coaches job ANYWHERE! Y’all smell that?

Again, Texas had no choice but to fire Charlie Strong because the dun wasn’t winnin’ the games that he was supposed to win. In three seasons ole boy went 16-21 overall and 12-15 in Big 12 play and he loss to dull Kansas. At Texas that’s a fireable offense.

However, Charlie is still good enough to get another job. Texas just didn’t work out. So I’m goin’ to sit in the cut and wait to see if he’ll be the second black coach EVER to get a second chance. Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

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