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Why it’s a travesty that Steph is startin’ over Westbrook in the All-Star Game! “Sports & Women”

"I'm just ready to pull my darn skin off bruh!"

Octavio Paz, the Mexican poet, once said, “When hypocrisy is a character trait, it also affects one’s thinking, because it consists in the negation of all the aspects of reality that one finds disagreeable, irrational or repugnant.” Emile M. Cioran, the Romanian philosopher and essayist, broke it down like this, “Since all life is futility, then the decision to exist must be the most irrational of all.” Then A.N. Wilson, the English writer, put it where the goats could get it when he spit, “The fact that logic cannot satisfy us awakens an almost insatiable hunger for the irrational.”

Well playas…logic definitely jumped out of the movin’ car and allowed his evil cousin Mr. Irrational to jump in butt naked foamin’ at the mouth as the NBA All-Star votin’ took place. This year was the first time that they allowed three combinations of duns to vote. Fifty percent of the vote was from the fans. Twenty-five percent from the fake media-types and 25 percent from the players.

When the votin’ was over and the starters were finally announced the Western Conference starters didn’t include the cat that’s havin’ the best statistical season since The Big O averaged a triple double in the 1961-62 season. That’s 55 years ago bruh!!! They have Steph Curry startin’ over Young Russ!!! Russell Westbrook is averagin’ a freakin’ triple double so far this season. He’s puttin’ up 30 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists per game!!! Wheredeydodatat?

Steph is averagin’ 24, 6 and 4! It ain’t even close!!  The rest of the starters for the West are KD, The Beard, Kawhi and Anthony Davis. The East starters are LeBron, Kyrie, Jimmy Butler, DeMar Derozan and the “Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! I know that it’s called the All-Star Game and it’s all about the hype. It’s not called the best players game or the most outstandin’ players game. I get that bruh! That’s why Yao Ming used to start in front of Shaq because the Asian fan base would vote for him and it was what it was. So boyz didn’t trip as much. It’s a popularity contest and we all know that.

However, who’s more popular than Young Russ right now puttin’ up a darn triple double for the season so far? He’s had 21 of them this season and we haven’t hit the All-Star break yet! Are you kidding me?

Steph is still ridin’ the hype of his back to back MVP’s which shouldn’t, in logical terms, have anything to do with this season’s All-Star votin’. But again, it proves my point that fans shouldn’t be allowed to vote at all. Most fans don’t know a thing about sports. They watch the heck out of it but they don’t know a thing about what they’re watchin’. All you’ve got to do is sit down and listen to a boy tell you why he voted for Steph over Young Russ. Just show up at ANY barber in ANY HOOD, USA and listen to the logic that people use while talkin’ sports. It’s mind blowin’! And what’s so crazy is that they are many times well educated people.

There are two subjects that cause men to lose their minds and be as irrational as ever. They are sports and women! Listen to me bruh, Sports and Women!!! Emotions take over and it’s a wrap. Oh, I’m talkin’ crazy? All you’ve got to do is listen to boyz try to tell you why they think Jordan is the GOAT over whatever player you present and the logic is mind blowin’! I’m not sayin’ that you shouldn’t have Mike in the GOAT conversation but you’ve got to have some logic as to why? If you asked a boy why Jordan is the GOAT over Kareem, Magic, LeBron, Bill Russell or Kobe? They’ll all  give you the same answer that doesn’t make an ounce of sense.

“Mike went 6-0 in the Finals, he never went to a Game 7 and he’s sellin’ shoes!” What!!!?

To say that he went 6-0 in the Finals and that he has a shoe brand that’s the most successful in history doesn’t make him the GOAT. Winnin’ championships is a team accomplishment, first of all, and the shoe brand was Nike signin’ a boy at the right time just as the shoe game was blossomin’. Winnin’ six titles durin’ the promotion of that brand helped to propel that brand to where it is today but that’s another Hot Joint for a later date.

But gettin’ back to Steph gettin’ in over Russ. Votin’ Steph Curry as starter in the 2017 All-Star Game when Young Russ is havin’ the best statistical season in 55 years is ridiculous. There are no words to explain this foolishness. If it’s called the All-Star Game then the biggest All-Star in the league right now is Young Russ!! Who’s bigger than him at this point! He’s averagin’ a TRIPLE DOUBLE for the season at this point! It makes no sense!! Fans should forever be banned from votin’ for the starters in this game. Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its REAL talk!