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Why I hope Kevin Durant puts up 40 and Golden State blasts OKC! “Privilege”

"You already know I'm tryin' to put it up too."

It blows my mind that fans think they own players when they play for a city for any length of time. Duns act like players can’t do business like the rest of the greedy cats makin’ money out here. The hotels, restaurants, street vendors, the franchise etc. get to chose how they get to do business! Everybody in the equation is makin’ bread off of the player that signs a contract for so many years to actually be the catalyst for the bread bein’ made.

As a result, the duns gettin’ rich off of him end up takin’ him for granted.  When the very cat fuelin’ the fire decides that he wants to leave after his contract is up they despise him. Kevin Durant will be walkin’ into that foolishness tonight in OKC. When he decided to leave last summer many ignorant and privileged fans burned his jersey and even showed up in front of the man’s house with foolishness on their lips.

What do I mean by privileged as I explained in the Hot Joint entitled “Status” last summer? It’s the sign of “white privilege” that boyz try to act like doesn’t exist. Many white fans (NOT ALL) will act like these black players are OBLIGATED to play for them for “THEIR” entertainment. We saw this same foolishness when LeBron left Cleveland. Both Lebron and KD were unrestricted free agents. Therefore, they had the right to go wherever they wanted to go to play and the fans know that. 

One of the greatest forms of disrespect in any culture or country is to throw a shoe or burn something of significance whether it’s a flag, picture or memento. Why is it that we never see black folks or sensible white folks burnin’ players jerseys? Because most black folks and sensible white folks understand the struggle that it took for duns like KD and LeBron to get out of the ghetto in the first place. Most of us respect the hustle even if we don’t agree with their decision to go elsewhere to play. We still respect the human being because we look at them as bein’ our equal but those that operate under the premise of “white privilege” don’t see them as equals so it’s easier to do some foolishness like this.  

So KD called LeBron and his agent Rich Paul to find out how to handle this ignorance. They kept it real with him and told ole boy to hire extra armed security for the trip to Oklahoma City.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! It’s a darn shame that a boy has to hire armed security to go play a stupid hoop game. The NBA already has security there along with FBI and team security not to mention the security that’s already in the buildin’. So he has to get even more security to protect not only him but his mother that will be at the game too.

What does that tell you about the ignorance of some fans bruh? Some of these cats need a life and need to check themselves. Now I’m not crazy enough to believe that every fan in the buildin’ is crazy but there will be enough fools in the joint to create a threat. That’s a freakin’ problem.

This man played his contract out in OKC and decided to dip. That’s his option not most of the ignorant folks buyin’ tickets option. He gave you his time and effort from the time he was drafted by Seattle in 2007 and when the team moved to OKC, he was in the car.  He even signed an extension with the Thunder that took him through 2016 from his first contract. At that point he was done!! You don’t own him! He’s not your slave! He had every right to dip if that’s what he wanted to do.

For those reason I hope he comes into Oklahoma City tonight and puts up 40 on these boyz and Golden State beats the brakes off of the Thunder. Why? Because the fans don’t own Kevin Durant and I’d like to see him humiliate them in the process.

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

 The caption under the photo isn’t real but it’s REAL talk!