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Why George Hill had EVERY right to go NUTS on the Pacers in Utah! “Three Things”

"Hey bruh, did you at least bring me some brown bag out here?"

On Saturday night the Indiana Pacers rolled into Utah on the back end of a dull back to back to mix it up with the Jazz. There was a dun sittin’ in the cut waitin’ for them to finally show up and his name was George Hill! When the smoke cleared at the end of the night the Utah Jazz walked out of the joint with a 109-100 win and Hill had dropped 30 on his former team.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Boyz asked Hill if there was any extra motivation to put that thang on his former team and he chose not to keep it 100.

This is what the dun had to say, “It’s fun! You practice with them for five years straight. You create that bond with them, so you kind of know what they’re doing and … what breakdowns are because I’ve been there so long.”

C’mon bruh! It’s okay to say, “I wanted to put that thang on them ever since they shipped me out here where I can’t even get my darn hair cut! There isn’t a brown bag joint in the entire state and I can’t even get some smell good for the ride! You know I was waitin’ for them to show up!!!  

It’s okay to say that bruh!!! You can’t get your hair cut, you can’t find a brown bag and you can’t find the ghetto smell good for the ride! It’s true!  Now can he get a hair cut in Utah? Sure he can bruh but he can’t go to the black man’s country club. That’s what a barber shop is in the hood. Not only do you get your hair cut but you get the news from the streets, the conversation of the black community and the wisdom of the old heads sittin’ around playin’ dominoes. Ole heads that look like him. Karl Malone is probably the oldest back cat in Utah bruh. You can’t get those thing in Utah because there are no “streets”, ghettos and old head black folks sittin’ around playin’ dominoes.

And that’s enough to upset any dun that grew up in the ghetto. I’m cool with a boy movin’ me but don’t send me somewhere that doesn’t have a ghetto because even though I don’t live in the hood anymore I need to go to the hood to get those three things!!! I need to be close enough to the ghetto to renew my ghetto pass from time to time.

Y’all laughin’ but I’m tellin’ the truth. There are a ton of duns that ran out to Carmel, Fishers and Zionsville that grew up in the hood that still drive to the east side or down to 38th street to get their hair cut, get some brown bag and smell good. Now think if you were transferred to a place that you couldn’t get ANY of that. You’d go off on a boy when you ran into him again too.

It’s a wonder he didn’t put up 50 points!!!!! Of course I’m havin’ fun with this article bruh! Because you’ve got to be able to laugh about the differences in our communities. Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

2)  Brown Bag: noun – hood take out restaurant that serves burgers, fish, chicken and or soul food that comes in a brown paper bag. Thus the name brown bag. Every hood in America has them. And everybody that grew up on the brown bag continues to go to them regardless of their income.

3) Ride Smell Good: noun – sold at only the hood car wash cologne for the car. It’s a bootleg mix of smells that is only sold in the hood.

4) Streets: noun – the living and breathing organism that transports hood news from place to place. The foolishness that takes place and moves from one side of town to the other that can become very dangerous if you aren’t careful in handling it’s movement.

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its real talk!  And of course I’m havin’ fun with this article bruh.