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Why Geno Auriemma is the GREATEST Coach of All-Time! “No Questions”

"Show me the numbers playboy! Prove my man wrong!"

Boyz are quick to playa hate Geno Auriemma because he’s a man coachin’ women’s college basketball and not men’s hoops. For that reason cats will always try to discount him as the GOAT even though he’s doin’ what NOBODY in the history of sports has been able to do. On Tuesday night his Lady Huskies won their 100th straight game after just havin’ a 90 game winnin’ streak that ended in December of 2010. Who’s ever been able to put in work like Auriemma bruh? He’s won a total of 978 games with a freakin’ winnin’ percent of .879!!! He ‘s won 11 national titles, 22 conference regular season championships and 21 conference tournament championships and so many Coach of the Year awards that we stop countin’ at least four or five years ago bruh! Stop it!!

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Boyz will always look at duns like Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Boeheim, Bobby Knight, John Wooden, Paul “Bear” Bryant and Nick Saban and give them more respect because they’ve coached men’s sports. However, none of those boyz have been able to put up the numbers that Geno is droppin’ off at Big Momma’s house with a side of potato salad and he’s still rollin’ with no end in sight!!!

The first thing that pops out of folk’s mouths is “He’s coachin’ women bruh!!” So what playa, they’re playin’ women!!! It’s not like the dun is showin’ up with a team full of men to play against women!

Then the next piece of foolishness that jumps out of their rectum is, “Well they’re supposed to be that dominant because in college sports the more you win the easier it is to recruit the best players.”

Bruh…he still has to coach them once they show up on campus. Can you imagine how difficult it’s got to be to have a team full of All-American women every year and get them all to get on the same page and win 100 straight? Are you kidding me?

The closet thing we’ve seen to 100 straight is him coachin’ his teams. Then there was John Wooden’s UCLA boyz puttin’ up 88 straight which ended January 19, 1974. The next closest was Bud Wilkerson’s Oklahoma Sooners football teams with 57 straight from 1953-57.

Now granted Geno’s got a built in advantage in women’s athletics in the fact that money and greed doesn’t create the problems that it does in men’s college sports.

The more successful a men’s program becomes the more susceptible it becomes to corruption. Boosters and alumni wantin’ to attach themselves to boyz by givin’ players money, cars, jobs (with no work attached) etc. under the table that eventually explodes in the coaches faces. So a highly successful coach of a big time men’s program is rarely goin’ to survive at the same place for 32 years like Auriemma.

However, they’re duns like Coach K who’s been at Duke for 37 years and he’s had nowhere near Auriemma’s success! Sure, he’s won 986 games but he’s only won 4 national titles and been to only 12 Finals Fours. It sounds crazy sayin’ only right? Then there’s Jim Boeheim who’s been at Syracuse since 1976 bruh!! He won 984 games then he had to check some of those boyz in and now he’s down to 876 and only one national title. Bobby Knight hung around Indiana longer than they needed him to. He was there for 29 years, won 899 games, won 3 national titles goin’ to 5 Final Fours.

It ain’t even close bruh!  Keep goin’ up the list of great coaches! I’ll wait!! And tell me who’s even on the same street as Geno bruh? I heard a boy in the back of the room say, “John Wooden playa!” Well my brother, ole Johnny was great winnin’ 10 national titles at UCLA but he only won 644 games. Geno’s walkin’around with 11 titles in his pocket like rabbit’s feet and he’s on his way to his 12th this year. Here’s the problem bruh. There’s no transmission in the ride and he’s already thrown the emergency brake out of the window. There’s no stoppin’ this dun bruh!

He’s the greatest college coach of all-time! Take that back playa, he the greatest coach of all-time bruh! Until you can show me with numbers that duns like Bill Belichick, Don Shula or Vince Lombardi are better he’s the GOAT!!! I’m even talkin’ about Phil Jackson too!! Yes he’s won 11 championships but was he ever as dominant as Geno has been just beatin’ the brakes off of everybody breathin’ for this long! Not a chance playa! No Question Geno’s the GOAT! Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

The caption under the photo isn’t real but it’s real talk!