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Why black folks from the ghetto should be ashamed of hatin’ on LeBron! “The Blueprint”

"All of these belong to the same woman I'm married to bruh! But you hate me tho!"

Ray Comfort, the famous evangelist, once said, “Rhetoric, which is the use of  language to inform or persuade, is very important in shaping public opinion. We are very easily fooled by language and how it’s used by others.” Francois La Rochefoucauld, the 15th century French author,  had boyz in the barber shop quiet when he dropped this one, “The intellect is always fooled by the heart.”

The dull media has fooled boyz into believin’ that LeBron is the enemy ever since he took his talents to South Beach. It’s amazin’ that years later cats keep fallin’ for it but in this world it’s easy to tell folks somethin’ crazy and they’ll run with it because there are very few independent thinkers out here. Most people let others dictate what they should think. Therefore, we have the hatred for LeBron James.

When the media tells you that you should hate on this cat because he’s not somethin’ that you should admire you do it without question. However, if you’re black and from the ghetto something inside of you SHOULD resist the temptation because he’s settin’ the example for all of our ghetto black children. 

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Outside of the fact that I believe that he’s the best ALL-AROUND basketball player we’ve ever seen. I like the kid because he was born and raised in the ghetto in a very unstable environment with a single parent that wasn’t really a parent at all. Durin’ his ENTIRE career he’s NEVER once been on the police blotter or in the news for doin’ anythin’ other than playin’ basketball. Keep in mind that he signed a $90 million Nike deal before he had even graduated from high school! How many duns would have given up as soon as the huge check came in? We’ve watched Derrick Rose do it already playboy! This cat was filthy rich two months before he became the 1st pick of the 2003 NBA draft? Wheredeydodatat and not lose their minds?

Now I would expect all of the hate to come from folks that grew up in the suburbs that can’t begin to imagine how difficult it is for a black male to get out of the war zone alive at 18. Not to mention bein’ a 16 year old on the cover of Sports Illustrated still livin’ in the middle of the war zone with all of the active land mines waitin’ for him. I’m blown away at the amount of duns that grew up with the same story as LeBron that won’t support him. If you grew up in the ghetto and you can’t appreciate what this cat has done on and off of the court you’re a fool!

This cat changed the NBA right before our eyes and Joe’s are too ignorant see it. For years the league has told players where they could and could not play. All player moves had been organization driven until he changed the game. The owners dictated where boyz had to play without conversation especially if they were still under contract and to some degree boyz that weren’t under contract because of the power of influence. Stop me when I start lyin’ playboy!

Then a 25 year old black kid from the ghetto, at the time, decided that he wasn’t goin’ to waste his career in a dump of an organization AFTER he had played out TWO contracts so he put together his own player movement and the world frowned upon it. EVEN black folks in the ghetto. What should he have done, wasted his career playin’ for teams that couldn’t put together title teams like Reggie Miller in Indiana, Barkley in Philly, Malone in Utah, Ewing in New York etc. because the world said that you can’t play where you wanna play even if you’re a free agent? That’s foolish thinkin’ playa!

If God gives us the ability to think for ourselves then why not use it! LeBron used it and folks went nuts! Do you realize that they train a captive elephant to be a limited thinker from birth. When it’s very small they put a chain around it’s leg and put a stake in the ground to keep it from runnin’ off. They do that for it’s entire life. However, the elephant is much stronger and very capable of pullin’ the stake out of the ground and walkin’ off but because their minds are limited they never realize the power that they have to walk away and pursue their dreams. 

That’s black folks in the ghetto sittin’ around hatin’ on LeBron for bein’ able to understand the power that he has in the NBA. But boyz in the hood and let’s keep it real, whites folks in the suburbs, want him to wait on some white man to tell him what he can and cannot do with his career. Why? Because it’s always been that way.

Now I expected that reaction from mainstream America but not from the brothers from the hood. The old timers used to call it “slave mentality” because as long as someone was thinkin’ for you it was OK. Now that this brother is thinkin’ for himself it’s not OK? You can stop me when I start trippin real bad! You know how boyz start lyin’ so bad that they start spittin’ too?  When I get close to that I’ll shut up but I doubt very seriously I’m even close.

Don’t give me the line, “It was the way he did it with the whole “Decision” on ESPN!” First of all, how was the Decision any different than puttin’ these high school kids on TV with 3 hats in front of them to tell the world where they’re goin’ to play college football. Secondly, didn’t ESPN broadcast the joint and give him 2 hrs of pre-show air time and then an hour of live TV? But they were the very duns tellin’ you that they didn’t like the way he did it. Am I the only one conscious around this piece?

You love Jordan but he won’t touch the ghetto with a ten foot pole. He’ll sell the hood shoes but won’t show up to speak to the very kids wearin’ them. You love Kobe but he’s the same cat that got arrested for sexual assault and threw Shaq under the bus when he wasn’t even there. They call that being a snitch where I’m from and that’s an unforgivable offense in the ghetto but y’all forgot all about that. 

You love the neighborhood drug dealer that’s destroyin’ lives for generations to come. Think about this, some kid has to go to school today with learnin’ disabilities because the cat YOU admire sold his mother drugs while she was pregnant. So now with some hope and a whole lot of prayers he may be able to at least function as an adult one day. 

But you hate LeBron for playin’ the game of basketball, bein’ a pioneer and takin’ free agency to another level. You hate LeBron for bein’ in the league for 13 years and never havin’ an ounce of scandal behind his name. He married his high school sweetheart, had children that live under HIS roof and had been an active father that not only raises them but looks out for the hood’s kids too. 

Last year he pledged to send 221 kids from his home town of Akron to college for free!! That’s a $41million investment into somebody else’s children not his own but you hate him and love Jordan that won’t spit on your child if he was on fire. Because believe me playboy our children are on fire right now in the ghetto. But as they are burnin’ up MJ is puttin’ a new pair of sneakers on their feet to take them nowhere. While LeBron is busy pullin’ them out of the fire, cleanin’ them up and sendin’ them to college. 

Here’s my idiot that can’t think for himself, “That ain’t it dawg! He went and hooked up with his boyz! That wasn’t cool!” Again, you can’t get past a young black man thinkin’ for himself. There is no rule that says that he couldn’t call his patna’s and team up.  It’s called free agency bruh! Kevin Durant is doin’ the same thing right now! How is what KD doin’ today any different than what LeBron did? If that dun goes to Golden State it would be a Superteam just like the Heat was or the Lakers with Magic/Kareem/Worthy, Shaq/Kobe, Kobe/Gasol/Odom or the Celtics with Bird/McHale/Parrish or the Rockets with Akeem/Clyde etc. Whether it was done by trades or free agency it was done bruh. And it was done by the organization. So again, you think that it’s cool if the owner does it but a young black man can’t. Okay, name me one superstar that has ever won a title by himself? Crickets!!

The Lakers have been teamin’ up the best players in the league for years and boyz never complained about it. Almost annually they make a trade for a superstar or talk a free agent into comin’ to LA to sure up another title, 16 in all. They’ve had nearly every superstar big man to ever play the game in LA. That wasn’t by accident bruh!

These same cats that complained about LeBron and D. Wade hookin’ up are running an AAU team or some little league team and stackin’ the joint! Y’all know how boyz do! The 4 best kids in the league end up on the same team to dominate because their dads hooked up on purpose to win a championship but you don’t like LeBron. Give me a break!

You also love the cat that just spent 20 years in prison for murder because he’s REAL in your opinion. You’ll give him love on the street but LeBron settin’ the example on how to come out of the ghetto and succeed can’t? This is bigger than basketball playboy and you refuse to see it because the dull media told you that it wasn’t! 

You cats are so busy hatin’ that you can’t see that now only did LeBron get out of the ghetto he sent all of his boyz to college so that they could be self sufficient and independent too! They are the duns runnin’ his business now! That’s straight up gangsta! He’s givin’ you the blue print on how to operate but you’d rather hate him and love cats that hate you. Wheredeydodat? 

There are a whole lot of things to dislike in the world but not a kid that has overcome all sorts of obstacles even before enterin’ the league like poverty and an unstable home etc. He’s the kid that all of these single mothers in the ghetto should be encouragin’ their young sons to pay attention to because he didn’t have a father either but look at what he’s done with his life. Instead, they’re teachin’ their sons to love the neighborhood drug dealer and the dun that keeps sellin’ them sneakers they can’t afford that some fool can possibly kill them over. 

I had a boy tell me that the Pacers shouldn’t let me in their locker room anymore because I love LeBron! I love any cat that’s handlin’ his business bruh! If this dun is the real deal and I didn’t keep it real about him then what kind of journalist would I be? The only reason boyz keep up with me is because Ima give it to them raw!

You’ve got the audacity to hate on a boy that told an ENTIRE city that he was gonna put them on his back and win a championship that hadn’t been done in 52 years and he came through on that promise! And most of you cats can’t come through on a promise to take your own freakin’ kids to McDonald’s! But you hate LeBron!

You know you’re a hater when you’ve read this joint and still say, “Man whatever, I still don’t like him!” Just like my man Francois said, “The intellect is always fooled by the heart.” Stop me when I start lyin’! 

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Spit: verb – to say

2) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

3) Put it where the goats can get it: verb phrase – to make it as elementary as possible. To put it at ground level so everyone can understand it.

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