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Why all Cam Newton needed was some help! “Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em”

"Hater's gone hate bruh but I'm still standing!"

I ran into Charles Darwin coming out of the brown bag up on 25th when he said, “False facts are highly injurious to the progress of science, for they often endure long; but false views, if supported by some evidence, do little harm, for everyone takes a salutary pleasure in proving their falseness.”

Cam Newton is taking a salutary pleasure in winning 6 straight games and knocking off the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football at the crib 24-20. Even though the refs completely blew the pass interference call as time expired; Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechkly had Rob Gronkowski hugged up like he was about to tongue kiss that dun when Robert Lester intercepted the Tom Brady pass in the end zone.

The flags came flying like they should have and then they swooped them up with no explanation and the zebras ran off of the field bruh! TERRIBLE CALL! Now who’s to say that the Pats would have scored a touchdown to win the joint on the next play but that’s neither here nor there?

Let’s get back to Cam ballin’ out on these boyz. He finished with 209 yards and 3 touchdowns and most importantly he’s a team leader. Something that duns doubted he would be able to do when he came out of Auburn a couple of years ago. Jealousy and envy is a beast bruh and that’s the edited version!

Remember when ole dull, Nolan Nawrocki, a writer for Pro Football Weekly, wrote a joint on the positives and negatives of Cam Newton. Although he had some positives to say about his mechanics, he completely blasted the most important aspect of ole boys life, his character.

He says in his summary of Cam: “Very disingenuous—has a fake smile, comes off as very scripted and has a selfish, me-first makeup. Always knows where the cameras are and plays to them. Has an enormous ego with a sense of entitlement that continually invites trouble and makes him believe he is above the law—does not command respect from teammates and always will struggle to win a locker room. Only a one-year producer. Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness—is not punctual, seeks shortcuts, and sets a bad example. Immature and has had issues with authority. Not dependable.”

Let’s keep it real of all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! How did that dun get all of that information from watching a cat play in college and then sitting in on press conferences? He didn’t know the kid from Adam’s house cat. So either he stole a PhD in Psychology from Shanaynay’s Bumper Curl or from Rolo’s Gator shack in Detroit. Neither one of those joints will work for you in the real world playboy.

I’d love to sit down with that fool right now and simply ask him what did Cam ever do to you bruh? Did he take your woman or something? Because that was personal. Being jealous is one thing but going in on a kid’s character like that was way over the top.

It further proves my point that 80% of these cats covering sports don’t know jack squat about the athletes they’re covering and that’s why I started TheJayGravesReport. In my Pookie & Ray Ray nem voice, “Be careful who you listen to out here bruh. Boyz will have you twisted on what’s really real. Only a real G can RECOGNIZE a REAL G!”

With all of these fake media type cats trying their best to destroy him while he was at Auburn; he still won the Heisman, became the 1st pick in the 2011 NFL draft, named the NFL’s Rookie of the Year and went to the Pro Bowl! Oh yeah, did I mention that he set the rookie passing record at the time? Well, if I didn’t, I just did pimpin’ and he’s making a cool $5.5 million this year.

In his short 2 and half years in the league this young thunder cat has thrown for 10,099 yards, 56 TD’s and 37 picks. It wasn’t until this year that he’s had any help. Now he’s got a defense to work with, get him some offensive weapons. Steve Smith is all he’s got and he’s on the back end of his career!

But you still have duns like Nawrocki sittin’ in the cut hatin’. Once they put a team around this kid he’ll have to change his name to Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em because you’ll get tired of him doing the Superman after he scores. He may even at some point, have to put on the whole costume bruh! Stop me when I start lyin’!

The quote under the caption isn’t real but its REAL talk!