The Jay Graves Report

When a boy says Jordan is the GOAT he’s not thinkin’ for himself! “Out of Bounds”

"Hey bruh, don't listen to Jay. Keep listenin' to duns that haven't done any research! Trust me."

When a boy says that something is the GREATEST of ALL-TIME that means that means that nothin’ else had ever been better. To be the GREATEST of ALL-TIME would mean that nothin’ can remotely compare to it because it’s so far ahead of everything else that it’s simply in a league of it’s own! To be the GREATEST of ALL-TIME means that it sits completely alone so far ahead of the curve that you would be a fool to think something is worthy of bein’ in the same ride with it. If we can agree that bein’ the GREATEST of ALL-TIME fits that definition then why do we keep callin’ Michael Jordan the G.O.A.T.?

Boyz are so fascinated with the Jordan Brand that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Mike is a greatest marketer of athletic gear of all-time! Well…Nike is! Jordan is the institution that has taken over the world when it comes to the shoe game. However, to say that Mike is the GREATEST basketball player to EVER live is ignorant and most importantly irresponsible. Why? Because the numbers don’t say that he’s the GREATEST basketball player to EVER live. He’s ONE of the greatest players to ever live but he’s certainly not THEE GREATEST.

To be THEE GREATEST would mean that he could do it ALL better than every one else. In the game of basketball there are five different positions. However, in all five of those positions players still have a chance to play both offense and defense. They shoot, share the ball, rebound, block and steal. So in order to be the G.O.A.T, you’ve got to do more of that better than everybody else wouldn’t you agree?

I would even listen to boyz wrestle with the argument of duns like Kareem, Magic, Kobe, LeBron, MJ, the Big O, Bill Russell, Wilt and Shaq bein’ considered the the GOAT. But to definitively say that Mike is the GREATEST of ALL-TIME makes no sense. Why? Because the number don’t support that foolishness. Kareem’s numbers completely destroy Mike’s in EVERY category except points per game!! Stop it! You sound crazy even tryin’ to argue it.

Jordan is the GREATEST scorer of ALL-TIME at 30.12 points per game bruh. He’s 4th all-time in total points and he’s 3rd in steals and that’s where it falls off. He’s not in the top 40 in no other category. So how do boyz come to the conclusion that he’s the GREATEST player ever?

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! LeBron James is more of the G.O.A.T than Jordan is bruh. Why? Because the numbers support that foolishness already and he’s only 31 years old and he’s got at least 5 good years left in him!! Just think of where he’ll be by the time he’s done. At 31 years old he’s already 8th all-time in scorin’ and 16th in assists. TODAY!!! He’s the only player in the HISTORY of the game in the Top 10 in scorin’ and Top 20 in assists and he’s not done yet. He’s still playin’!!!!

The dun is 23rd in steals right now! TODAY!!  He’s ranked 135th in blocks, where as, Mike ended his career at 108th. However, Mike played off and on until he was darn near 40!

Nether one of these duns could shoot the 3 ball because they aren’t even in the Top 250 in that category. LeBron is 89th in rebounds which is typically a list full of bigs. MJ isn’t even on the list and it goes up to 250.

So if Mike isn’t dominatin’ all or most of the things that you need to do on the floor how does he always show up on everybody’s list as the G.O.A.T.? Then duns will pull out the seriously ignorant argument that Mike won 6 titles and went 6-0 in the Finals so therefore, he must be the G.O.A.T.! Again, I say that it’s an ignorant argument because if were talkin’ about champions then why are we talkin’ about Mike?

First of all let’s be clear! Championships are a TEAM award. Winnin’ a championship doesn’t make you better than someone else playboy. It’s simply means that you played on a better team than the next cat. However, if it’s still about championships in your mind then Mike still isn’t on the list. Winnin’ six titles is middle of the road in terms of champions bruh. There are 12 cats in the history of the league that have won 6 or more championship. So why are we still talkin’ about Mike?

Oh I’m talkin’ crazy? Let me put it where the goats can get it. There are 9 cats with more championships than Jordan! If you would, for one minute, take off your Bulls hat and jersey No.23, your Jordan’s, the Hanes tag-less T-shirt and turn off Space Jam so you can see clearly. Bill Russell’s got 11, Sam Jones 10, John Havlicek 8, Tom Heinsohn 8, K.C. Jones 8, Tom “Satch” Sanders 8, Robert Horry 7, James Loscutoff 7 and Frank Ramseyv7. And please stop actin’ like Pippen, Kareem and Bob Cousey don’t all have the same amount of rings as Jordan.

So how in the world does havin’ six titles make him the G.O.A.T. when he’s middle of the road in championships? Here’s my diehard Jordan fan again, “Naw playa it’s because he went 6-0 in the Finals!” Really bruh? Like Bill Russell didn’t go 8-0 in the Finals from 1959-1966! If you can count playboy, that’s goin’ 8-0 in the Finals and he won titles in ’57, ’68 and ’69 too. C’mon bruh! If you’re goin’ to go to court and be this dun’s lawyer at least do your homework.

At 31 years old Mike had only been to 3 Finals, won 3 championships, 3 Finals MVP’s and 3 league MVP’s. LeBron, at the same age, has been to 7 Finals, won the same 3 championships, the same 3 Finals MVP’s and 4 league MVP’s!!!

Here’s my Jordan diehard, “Well Mike never fell apart in the Finals like LeBron did against Dallas.” Well playboy, Jordan never made it to the Finals until he was 28! LeBron was in his second Finals at age 26! He took some bums to the Finals at age 22! Mike never got out of the first round of the playoffs until Scottie Pippen showed up. So would you rather have a boy fall apart in the Finals or not even get out of the first round? Don’t get it twisted bruh, Mike was scorin’ a bunch of points and losin’ for 7 years. Boyz wanna act like Jordan didn’t start playin’ until he finally made it to the Finals in 1991. Those are the facts!! And on some real talk, Scottie Pippen saved Jordan’s career!! Because otherwise, the dun would still be tryin’ to get out of the first round.

So when the rational mind starts stackin’ up resumes based on the numbers. LeBron is more G.O.A.T than Mike and he’s still got numbers to put up. This dun can literally finish his career as the all-time leadin’ scorer just by averagin’ 25 points a game for the next 5 years and barely makin’ the playoffs. You already know that the rest of his numbers are goin’ to improve because all of the duns at the tops of these lists, scorin’, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks are all retired. What does that mean? They can’t improve their numbers. He’s goin’ to continue to climb past most of these cats includin’ Jordan.

Stop tellin’ me that Mike is the G.O.A.T. until you do some homework and can give me more than 6-0 in the Finals and he didn’t go to a Game 7. I’m willin’ to listen to any argument but your opinion of this foolishness has to be fact based. I don’t want to hear how you feel about Mike or LeBron or anybody else for that matter. Give me the numbers bruh.

Tell me that Kareem is the GO.A.T. before Mike. At least I’ll know that you know something about this game and that you’re at least doin’ some homework and thinkin’ for yourself. Ninety-nine percent of the duns arguin’ on Mike’s behalf didn’t see Jordan play or haven’t pulled a single stat up. Because if they did they wouldn’t be arguin’ so strong for him in court. Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Spit: verb – to say

2) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

3) Put it where the goats can get it: verb phrase – to make it as elementary as possible. To put it at ground level so everyone can understand it.