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What Russell Wilson bein’ Too Close to Management REALLY means! “Housey vs. Field”

"I really want to just elbow this dun right now bruh!"

John Adams once said, “Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction and division of society.” Emanuel Cleaver, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, gave it to us like this, “There is more power in unity than division.” Then Josefa Iloilo, the former President of Fiji, shut the buildin’ down when he said, “We need to reach that happy stage of our development when differences and diversity are not seen as sources of division and distrust, but of strength and inspiration.”

Well playa…Josefa needs to sit the duns in the Seattle Seahawks locker room down and drill that one into their heads. Now the truth is really comin’ out as to why boyz dropped ole Percy like a bad habit or some old school jock ich last week. Apparently he’s got beef with Russell Wilson and it’s dividin’ the locker room into pro and anti-Wilson factions. Some cats don’t think that he’s black enough accordin’ to reports. Duns are sayin’ that he’s too close to management.

Now let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! This division has nothin’ to do with whether ole boy is black enough playa it has everything to do with his loyalty to his teammates in that locker room. Most of these duns commentin’ about this subject don’t have the capacity to explain to you what’s really goin’ on and why. So let me put it where the goats can get it.

Most people are thinkin’ that boyz have a beef with Wilson because he’s a very articulate brother that is extremely intelligent. That ain’t it playboy! I keep tellin’ you boyz what an old hustla told me in the barber shop when I was a shorty, “The truth is ALWAYS in the details.” When these cats say that boyz think that he’s too close to management that’s code for him bein’ in their eyes a “housey.”

Back in our country’s history there was this thing called slavery playboy, just in case you forgot. They used the division of the slaves to keep them controlled. They pitted light skinned vs. dark skinned or better yet, field hands vs. house slaves. House slaves always lived in the house and took care of the master’s family. They lived under better conditions, wore better clothes and ate better food.

 So therefore, they were more loyal to the master because they never wanted to be kicked out of the house and sent to the field where the conditions and treatment of them was brutal. So they would do whatever they could do to stay in the good graces of the master and that would include sellin’ out the duns in the field. Answer guess what playa, the boyz in the fields hated the house slaves. Thus, the name “Housey” which really stands for the one that is disloyal to the people.

They would snitch on boyz tryin’ to do anything outside of pleasin’ the master etc. Therefore, field hands over a 300 plus year history grew to hate those that looked out for the master instead of his own people. So over the years people that tend to look out for the dun in charge i.e. management or always agreein’ with white folks about everything race related is looked upon as bein’ a housey. Therefore , if boyz are sayin’ that Russ is “too close to management” he must be turncoatin’ on boyz in that locker room to the front office namely Percy. Instead of handlin’ his beef with ole boy face to face the differences got to the Big House mysteriously or other problems within the locker room found their way up top and boyz don’t like it. 

 There are some black journalists in the media, who shall remain nameless, that white folks always run and get when issues of race come up because they’re goin’ to say exactly what they want to hear about it and will slam black folks publicly. See if the black guy says what I’m thinkin’ then I don’t get blasted for bein’ too harsh on issues of race.

Even if you agree with white folks about something pertaining black folks you can’t say it in the presence of white folks because you’re doin’ nothin’ but addin’ fuel to the fire. It’s like slammin’ your brother or sister in front of company. You can talk bad about him but nobody else can and if they do it’s gonna be a fight. That’s called loyalty bruh! Regardless of whether they’re right or wrong.

So to only think that boyz are beefin’ with Russell because he’s intelligent is to be naïve and ignorant. There are plenty of well-spoken and extremely intelligent brothers in that locker room pimpin’! Richard Sherman went to Stanford and graduated in 3 years! Marshawn Lynch, although he doesn’t talk to the media much, went to Cal. That’s California Berkley for all of you simple minded individuals that didn’t know that! And the list goes on bruh: Doug Baldwin (Stanford), Brandon Mebane (Cal), Cliff Avril (Purdue) etc.

Therefore, boyz aren’t sayin’ that Russell Wilson isn’t black enough because he speaks well. In their opinion he’s more loyal to management than to the duns in the locker room. That’s the same way cats felt about Donovan in Philly. Right or wrong playa, I’m just explainin’ to you why people operate the way that they do. It’s the same reason boyz can’t stand RGIII in D.C.. He’s never become one of the fellas. He’s always addressin’ his teammates as “those guys” when he speaks to the media. He’s a cancer in that locker room and these media type cats didn’t understand why until I just explained it.

Now on some real talk, they had to get rid of Percy because he was the cancer killin’ the team. Why? Because Russell Wilson was the same guy last year that led these boyz to a Super Bowl victory. Percy didn’t even play until the freakin’ Super Bowl after bein’ hurt most of the year. So regardless of how they feel about ole Russ they better check their feelings in at the door and deal with him. Just in case they haven’t looked in the mirror they’re 3-3 and just got embarrassed in St. Louis by some clowns that resorted to draftin’ Michael Sam just to become relevant in the offseason. Chew on that for a minute playa.

I get that cats don’t always like folks that they work with but feelings are irrelevant when it comes to results. You can feel “some type of way” about Russell Wilson all you want to but you better respect the fact that he’s the quarterback! Your quarterback! Boyz better leave all of that housey vs. field foolishness in the parkin’ lot because you can’t win with boyz goin’ at each other’s throats! Stop me when I start lyin’!