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What IU NEEDS to do in order to recruit and win but WON’T! “Driftin’ OUT to Sea”

Do you really think the best of the best are goin' to put this foolishness on bruth?"

Boyz wanna act like they never wore hard bottom three quarter length baby shoes. More importantly, they wanna act like Big Momma never said, “Fat meat was greasy!” Well playas…Indiana Hoosiers basketball fans will never be able to say that Jay Graves didn’t tell them that their favorite team would be a mess until they actually got into a time machine and came to the present. What does that mean? They’ve got to get out of the stone ages and join us in 2017!!!

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! I’m goin’ to break down exactly what IU NEEDS to do in order to recruit and win but will NEVER do it. Pay attention playboy because I’m not goin’ to say it again. Take your fan hat off and put on your logical thinker’s hat.

The first thing they’ve got to do is get all of the old farts in a room (boosters, alumni, big money cats) and tell them that from now on we’re not listenin’ to you. Shut up and let us ride down the birth canal to 2017-18. Unfortunately, it won’t happen because they control all of the money and they’re stubborn.

Secondly, whoever the head coach is you’ve got to let the dun recruit the players he needs to recruit in order to win. That means that he’s got to be given the green light to go to the ghetto, rural America, any junior college he wants and get whatever he’s got to get to win. That will include some iffy cats that may get into trouble from time to time.

In order to recruit those types of players you’ve got to have coaches on your staff that can relate to them. That means gettin’ a dun to coach them that grew up in the hood too. Y’all wanna act like it ain’t what it is but that’s the truth. If you don’t believe me go talk to some of their parents like I do.

Thirdly, you’ve gotta rip up that dull Adidas contract bruh!! NOBODY is wearin’ Adidas in 2017!!! How do I know that playa? Because I sit and watch what EVERY kid walkin’ around is wearin’! And darn near EVERY AAU team worth two dead flies smashed is wearin’ Nike, the Jordan Brand, which is Nike, or Under Armor!! So if the dun has been wearin’ either of those since he’s been in the sixth grade then he’s lookin’ to go to a Nike, Jordan Brand or Under Armour school.

You can act like it ain’t what it is if you want to, but the truth is, the shoe brand has more pull than you think.

Then let’s discuss the foolishness of boyz not puttin’ the names on the backs of jerseys. A kid that is a McDonald’s All-American that will more than likely be a millionaire in a matter of a year’s time wants his name on his jersey. He doesn’t care about the TEAM bruh!! He’s not in college for the TEAM. He’s in college to go to the NBA!!

While we’re on the dull uniforms let’s talk about the out dated Candy Stripes! That’s a look out of the 1930’s! That’s some ole Harlem Globetrotters foolishness. A kid that’s 15 years old that has options doesn’t want to wear that. The University of Michigan gave you the blueprint 26 years ago with the Fab Five! All you’ve got to do is follow it. Talk to the kids and let them tell you what they want to wear. If it’s funky uniforms then get them some funky uniforms! If it’s Jordan’s then sign a deal with Jordan!!

But as long as you think that you can win with a bunch of cats from the suburbs and rural America you’re highly mistaken. Look around pimpin’! EVERYBODY, with the exception of Duke, is beatin’ you with the players you refuse to recruit. Duke is gettin’ the rich kids that are second generation NBA or NFL kids and the best of the best from private and prep schools. And even Coach K had to wake up and smell the coffee.

Remember when he refused to sign the “One and Done” player some years ago and they were goin’ other places and beatin’ him? Then he had to woke up and started signin’ boyz like Corey Maggette, Luol Deng, Austin Rivers, Kyrie Irving, Jahlil Okafor and Jabari Parker. He’s got a couple of duns bouncin’ this year too. He woke up and not only smelled the coffee he drank it. He even started recruitin’ in the ghetto too.

That’s what the old farts at IU have to do. Otherwise, they’ll keep gettin’ beat by the very cats that they refuse to recruit.

Before I get out of here let me holler at the delusional IU fans that attack the local kids on social media when they decide NOT to go to IU. Well playas….all of the other kids that are comin’ up behind the very kid that you just attacked is watchin’ that foolishness too. Remember, all of these kids are friends and they play together on various AAU teams. So they talk!! When a dun has to take the Twitter app off of his phone for two weeks because the IU fans were callin’ him all kinds of names that I can’t repeat on this site that turns the would be recruit off too. So not only are you missin’ out on Player A but you’re missin’ out on Player B too.

So until boyz get out of 1978 in Bloomington and drive in to 2017-18 IU will continue to drift out to sea. Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its real talk!