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TheJayGravesReport Ben Davis State Championship Pre-Game Speech! “Let’s Ride”

In my old school Schoolly D voice,"Lookin' at my Gucci it's about that time!" Photo: TheJayGravesReport

“ATTENTION YOUNG PLAYAS, this is the day that you’ve dreamed about your entire lives. You can’t slow it down because God will only give us the same twenty four hours TODAY that he gave us on yesterday. So we’ve got to cherish this moment and take full advantage of the opportunity while we’ve got it.

You’ve dreamed of playin’ in the State Championship since the first day you picked up a football. Now God has chosen YOU out of the thousands of kids that started on this journey in the state of Indiana from the projects, the suburbs and yes, even rural America. There have been boyz with far more talent than you possess, more athletic ability, more style and charisma; well not really but get what I’m tryin’ to say. However, YOU are the duns that have made it to Lucas Oil Stadium on THIS day.

Gentleman, you have been predestined to run out of this locker room to show the state that you belong in this championship game. Now that you’re here, what are you gonna to do with the opportunity? It’s not enough to just show up, to bring your camera and soak it all in. God didn’t bring you here to have a field trip downtown. So what are you prepared to do this evenin’?

Championships are not won on game day! The game is only a culmination of events. This championship was won durin’ the off season when the other teams were havin’ a good time and you were puttin’ in work. When everyone practiced for two hours and went home and you stayed and put in 100 extra reps everyday. When everyone was asleep and you got up at 5am to put in work, in addition to your regular workouts. With that, you put yourself in a position to be become a champion.

The trophy was bein’ engraved when you decided that you weren’t gonna let boyz tell you what you could or couldn’t accomplish. Your ring was sized the day you cut off friends that weren’t goin’ in the same direction that you were goin’. Your name and picture was immortalized in the book of champions the day that you bought into Coach Kirschner’s mission. Every diamond in the settin’ of that ring represents the sweat that you put in to get to this very moment.

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

So as a result my brothas, this game is just a matter of formality. It’s just another part of what we have to do to show Indiana what we’ve already become. CHAMPIONS!

Now who’s got the intestinal fortitude to last the 48 minutes we’ve been given to decide this thing? You don’t have to be the best team; you just have to be the best team durin’ this allotted time. It’s just that simple because nothin’ has changed playboy.

The field is the same 100 yards in length and 65 yards in width that it was when the season started. The goal posts are still 10 feet high and 18 feet 6 inches wide like they were last week. The refs are still the same ole duns from Footlocker tryin’ to sell you some repeat Jordan’s from twenty years ago. If you can remember that when you run out of this locker room, you’ll return as champions and become immortals in the “Football Book of Greatness” forever.

However, if you allow the moment to get too big, you’ll fail miserably and 24 hours from now you’ll be irrelevant to the rest of the state. Why? Because goin’ 13-0 means nothin’ if you don’t win it all. You’ll have what the ole timers used to say, “A face that only a mother could love.” So how do you wanna do this bruh? I say you go out there and put yourselves in a position to be relevant tomorrow!” So LET’S RIDE!!!!!” Ben Davis No.1

For the duns that want to hear it. Here’s the podcast of it! Enjoy and good luck to the Ben Davis Giants!