The Jay Graves Report

The REAL reason you can’t bet against that Philistine & Co. in the Finals! “Bunnys”

"You already know bruh!"

Elie Wiesel, the well-known professor and political activist once said, “Human beings should be held accountable. Leave God alone. He has enough problems.” John Stuart Mill, the British philosopher, broke it down like this, “A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.” Then the big homie Benjamin Disraeli, the British politician, shut the building down with, “I repeat…that all power is a trust; that we are accountable for its exercise; that from the people and for the people all springs, and all must exist.”

Trust and accountability, that’s the beauty of LeBron’s game playboy! He trusts his teammates to make plays and hold them accountable to show up. That best player on the planet does that homeboy. Even though he’s the best player on the floor at all times and have been his entire life. His game is predicated on the principles that John Naismith created when he invented the game of basketball. TEAM!

That’s what makes the Miami Heat so dangerous and I shake my head when I hear these talkin’ heads hollerin’ that the San Antonio Spurs are favored to win this joint. Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! I’m usin’ the logic that the old hustlas taught me when I was a shorty in the G. “Never bet against somethin’ that has proven time and again to work playboy.” You can’t bet against the best player in the world as long as he has shooters in the ride with him. He’s been to four straight Finals playboy and has won the last two. Until somebody carjacks them you gotta keep ridin’ with them.

To bet against the Heat is crazy! I don’t care what Vegas says or the clown on TV that’s tryin’ to convince you that Tim Duncan and Co. are ready to slay that Philistine! I keep hearin’ boyz say, “Man the Spurs had them last year and let them off of the hook!” Listen to me pimpin’, the Spurs didn’t let them off of the hook on purpose bruh! They let them off of the hook because they ran out of gas homie!

They ran out of gas because they were old where it counted! In Game 6 they were up 5 points with 28 seconds left and they lost. Why? Because Tim Duncan missed how many bunnys down the stretch of that ball game? For all of you cats that don’t know the hustlas lingo, a bunny is a simple put back, a tip in, a give me. Tim had several of those joints in his lap in the final minutes of that game but he had no legs. So therefore, he couldn’t put them in the freakin’ basket!

Here’s this fool again sayin’, “Naw bruh, it was Pop’s fault because he took Duncan out late in that game.” Again pimpin’, who is the best coach in the freakin’ NBA? Pop without question is runnin’ circles around these boyz! So for him to sit that dun down further proves my point that ole boy was tired and that he became a liability on defense down the stretch. That’s why they lost playa.

In the famous words of Vince Lombardi, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” That dun was tired there no other way to put it! So now just usin’ simple logic again, they’re a year older than they were last year right? Tony Parker is already strugglin’ comin’ into the Finals with naggin’ injuries, Ginobili’s a year older and Tim is definitely older. Therefore, we’ll get the same result, especially if it goes beyond five games and it most certainly will.

Yeah, I know that they’ve got some young guns out there like “rusty dusty braids” Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green and duns like Patty Mills etc. but the leadership comes from the old heads bruh. They have to be engaged late in order for these boyz to slay that Philistine because he will be more than engaged when it counts. He definitely won’t be on the bench suckin’ wind late in ball games like ole Timmy Poo was last year. I’m just sayin’!

What makes LeBron James so difficult to beat at this point is the fact that he trusts his teammates. It’s called havin’ a ridiculous basketball IQ that we’ve probably NEVER seen before.

Bettin’ against LeBron is like bettin’ against Jordan’s Bulls when he was in his prime with shooters in the ride; Paxton, Kerr, BJ Armstrong and Craig Hodges! You couldn’t beat him when he had any of those boyz ridin’ shotgun. They enter-changed shooters every year and boyz couldn’t do anything with them. They were rollin’ through the hood just waitin’ on a boy to get out of pocket.

For all of you suckas out there that keep listenin’ to these clowns tell you that Jordan would’ve taken that shot like he’s never passed the ball in the closin’ minutes, pull the freakin’ tape. As soon as LeBron kicked it out to Bosh in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Pacers last week and lost, the selective memory cats started hollerin’, “Man Jordan never would have passed the ball!” That tells me right there that these fools didn’t see Jordan play. In perhaps one of his greatest moments of his career, Jordan passed the rock to Steve Kerr in the closin’ seconds of Game 6 of the Finals in 1997 against the Utah Jazz for the game winner. That pass propelled the Bulls to their second straight title after MJ’s comeback. 

So that counters the foolishness that boyz keep spittin’ out here that Jordan ALWAYS took the last shot. Jordan trusted his teammates too! That’s the only way he could’ve won six titles playboy. You can’t play this game alone! Stop listenin’ to cats that no less than you do.

Tim Legler made the most asinine statement last night on Sports Center and nobody blinked. They were comparing his legacy to Jordan’s when he said, “LeBron will NEVER win six in a row because he’s already lost two.” Again these duns are tellin’ you half truths!

Mike didn’t go to six in a row! He went to three, won three and then quit on his team. Then came back and won three more in a row.

So yes, LeBron’s lost two already but what if he goes on a tear and wins four more. Then he would have won six! It’s possible is all I’m sayin’. Don’t say NEVER because you don’t know what he’s gonna do until he does it. Then which would be more impressive goin’ to eight and winnin’ six or just winnin’ six? They keep plantin’ seeds of foolishness in boyz heads because 90 percent of duns out here can’t or won’t think for themselves.

If a boy can’t give you examples, in others words FACTS, he’s just talkin’ because legitimate opinions should always be based on the facts! 

The key word here is accountability bruh! When you have the best player on the planet trustin’ boyz in the ride with him that gives everybody the confidence to play at a higher level and you can’t bet against that. San Antonio may the best TEAM and coach but I’m rollin’ with that Philistine and Co. in six until they lose and you can stop me when I start lyin’!