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The REAL reason the haters will be mad if the Heat pick up Melo! “Secrets”

"Can you see the haters hatin' on this bruh?"

Simon Mainwaring once said, “Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration, as we need an entire army of companies to work together to build a better world within the next few decades. This means corporations must embrace the benefits of cooperating with one another.” Then Mattie Stepanek gave it to us like this, “Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

According to sources close to the situation the Miami Heat are lookin’ to add Melo to the group to go from the Big Three to the Big Four! Well…really the Big Five if Ray Ray sticks around next year. You could call them the freakin’ Jackson Five because they’ll be puttin’ out some serious hits playboy if they can pull it off.

Now in order for ole Pat Riley to make it happen he’d have to get all of them to agree to opt out of their current deals and sign new boyz for less bread. That would include not only LeBron, D. Wade and Bosh but Bird Man and UD as well. If the mad scientist could pull it off it could be nasty playa!

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! I know that the haters are gonna have a field day today because they’ll be led around by hatin’ old school players and current radio schmo’s that don’t know the history of the game or choose to have selective memory. That’s why you got me pimpin’!

So before some idiot hater dives out of the airplane without a parachute and says, “Man the Heat are some cheaters! LeBron couldn’t win unless he joined forces with other superstars! That’s wack! The Heat are runnin’ game on the league and I’ve got no respect for them.”

Sit down playboy let me put it where the goats can get it. What the Miami Heat are doin’ isn’t any different than what the Lakers have done for decades. Jerry Buss was a genius at usin’ the power of influence to get superstar players to come to LA! Who do you think Pat Riley learned the game of chess from?

Location, location, location is the name of the game bruh! LA has always been a destination spot for boyz. Kareem won a title in Milwaukee in ’71 and bounced to Hollywood in ’75 and after they drafted Magic in ’80 it was on and poppin’! They could make trades and move pieces at will because they had the wherewithal and real estate to make it happen. Even with Kobe and Shaq winnin’ multiple titles Jerry and Co. were still pullin’ cats in to help win even more. I guess you duns don’t remember Gary Payton and Karl Malone runnin’ out to LA to win a ring either? It didn’t work but they went out there. So…you don’t remember them pickin’ up 147 year old Steve Nash either huh?

Speakin’ of Shaq and Kobe…neither one of those duns were drafted by the Lakers bruh! Shaq was already a superstar in the league and they paid him a king’s ransom to come to LA! Kobe was traded into the joint! Why? Because LA could pretty much do whatever they wanted to! So I guess you don’t remember them all but stealin’ Pau Gasol from Memphis either.

Don’t get lost in the semantics playboy! Whether is was a player driven move due to free agency or a team led trade the move was still made to better boyz careers whether it was for the team, player or both!

So I know you’ve got Alzheimer’s when it comes to rememberin’ when how Jordan and Pippen kept gettin’ shooters to get in the ride with them every year. You darn sure don’t remember them swoopin’ up Dennis Rodman (the best rebounder in the history of the league) after he’d already won some hardware in Detroit. Even when “The Glove” couldn’t win in LA he rolled on down to South Beach and got him one with the Heat in ’06.

Now duns like Charles Barkley will probably be the first cat hatin’ today but he’s got selective memory too. He doesn’t even remember himself runnin’ around the country like a travelin’ salesman tryin’ to hitch his wagon on to great teams tryin’ to win a title. Naw playboy, he doesn’t remember beggin’ out in Phoenix or in Houston either.

Well I remember that dun wastin’ his career in Philly and gettin’ desperate to win a title before his wheels fell off only to start knockin’ on doors like a Jehovah’s Witness. He got in the ride with Clyde and Hakeem but it just didn’t work out because those boyz from Utah weren’t playin’!

See cats that don’t understand how business works will continue to hate. Acquisitions and mergers occur every day in this country and nobody blinks an eye. As a matter of fact we embrace it. Nobody tripped when Walt Disney merged with Pixar or when Sirius hooked up with XM. Naw playa! You didn’t trip when Exxon sat down in a back room somewhere and worked out a deal with Mobil. I didn’t hear any of you duns from the projects gettin’ upset when Sears got with Kmart!

American Airlines pulled the complete gangsta move on boyz when they acquired Trans Carribbean Airways then muscled Air California only to take over Air Reno, TWA and US Airways but you haters out there are still flyin’! However, when LeBron uses his power you despise him. Ain’t that a blip!

Who cried foul when Sprint and Nextel took over the joint for a minute or when AOL and Time Warner created a beast until the dot-com bust and dial up internet fell apart? Joinin’ forces is as much as part of the corporate world as it is in sports playa! Here’s the difference that just eats these former players up. LeBron and his boyz, D .Wade and Chris Bosh were just smarter than duns like Karl Malone, Charles Barkley etc. They didn’t use the slave mentality and wait on the organization to move the pieces around. They understood the power of free agency that guys like Bill Russell and his counterparts fought for years ago. It’s not their fault that boyz weren’t smart enough to recognize that the companies that they worked for didn’t give them the resources to win at the level they aspired to win at.

Let me put it in your lap for a minute bruh! If you went to college, graduated at the top of your class and boyz were tellin’ you that you were gonna be the next great one out here in the corporate world. However, the only company that you could work for is the one that made the first offer and it was horrible. For decades it’s been poorly run and they weren’t givin’ you the resources that you needed to be successful. Then after seven years of goin’ nowhere with these cats your manager was fired and your GM quits. You get an offer from a great company that promises to put the pieces around you so that your career will flourish. What do you do? I’m just sayin’!

I hear boyz all of the time hollerin’ “Jordan didn’t have to leave Chicago and hook up with his boyz to win!” That statement alone tells me two things playa! A) You’re not a student of the game and B) You’ve just heard some other non-student of the game repeat somethin’ that he heard from a hater that heard it from some clown on the radio that didn’t do his homework either.

No Jordan didn’t have to leave the Chi because he didn’t live in the hood. So therefore, they delivered his pizza. Y’all do realize that they don’t deliver food in the hood right? This is how you know if your hood was really the hood. If you call the restaurant to get food delivered and they immediately ask you where you live and before you can finish your answer they say “No or heck Naw!” then you live in the hood. And that’s the edited version!

Within three years Mike got one of the best wing men to every play the game in Pippen and then within 7 years he got the best coach to EVER walk the sidelines! So no, Mike didn’t have to leave the Chi because he was gettin’ his pizzas delivered playboy! Not to mention all of the cheese bread shooters that he acquired along the way.

I’m even trippin’ off of the Spurs fans out here right now hollerin’ built vs. bought! It’s all bought you idiot! It’s called PROFESSIONAL sports! Everybody is gettin’ paid. Do you think Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are playin’ for free? They’ve taken less money for years to keep addin’ pieces! It’s the same thing the Heat will do if they can get Melo.

Let me just end with this pimpin’! The same duns out here hatin’ on the Heat are runnin’ an AAU team full of children that they’ve pillaged the entire city to put together but the Heat are immoral! At least they’re dealing with grown men.

So the Miami Heat goin’ after Melo isn’t somethin’ new in the world of sports or business. It’s only new to duns that are stupid enough to believe whatever they hear comin’ from some cat that has never picked up a book to read the facts for themselves. The old timers would always say, “If you wanna keep a secret put it in a book because very few people take the time to read for themselves.” Stop me when I start lyin’!