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The REAL reason Kobe Bryant doesn’t have any friends bruh! “Isolation”

"I'm cool bein' by myself dawg!"

Dolly Parton once said, “I’ve always kinda been a little outcast myself, a little oddball, doin’ my thing, my own way. And it’s been hard for me to, to be accepted, certainly in the early years of my life.” Daniel Radcliffe, the famous actor, gave it to us like this, “There is something inherently valuable about being a misfit. It’s not to say that every person who has artistic talent was a social outcast, but there is definitely a value for identifying yourself differently and being proud that you are different.” Then Chris Chadwick, CEO of The Boeing Company, shut the buildin’ down when he said, “I think being an outcast is what sort of strengthens the nerd movement, because you’re isolated, so you have time.”

Listen up playas…ole Kobe Bryant thought that he was droppin’ a bomb shell on boyz this week when he told GQ Magazine that he didn’t have any friends. He’s been isolated but it wasn’t because he chose to be bruh. This dun tells a boy that he’s too busy to establish friendships. He’s not the kind of cat that would remember a boy’z birthday etc. He goes on to blame it on the fact that he moved around a lot as a kid livin’ in Italy and not fittin’ in. Okay bruh.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Kobe Bryant doesn’t have any friends because boyz ain’t messin’ with him like that. And that’s the edited version. For years I’ve been tryin’ to tell you cats that the truth is ALWAYS in the details but you won’t listen. A grown man doesn’t get to become a grown man without havin’ any partnas bruh! It’s impossible to do especially when you a real cat.

Don’t run that foolishness that I’m too busy on a boy because everybody is busy. You typically get tight with cats that do what you do because you spend 99 percent of your time doin’ the same thing. So your time is jammed up with cats that you, in his case, hoop with.

He’s tryin’ to tell duns that it’s because he grew up in Italy and never fit in so he got used to rollin’ alone because by the time he got to high school in Philly he was stable. He spent the entire four years at Lower Marion High School where he was the freakin’ man. He won a state championship, was a McDonald’s All-American, the Naismith and Gatorade Player or the Year. As an athlete you become tight with the cats that you spend all of your time with, the duns you hoop with.

I’ve been tellin’ you for years that he’s the type of cat that boyz stay away from because he’s selfish and can’t be trusted but you wouldn’t listen. He told you who he was when he threw Shaq under the bus when he got arrested on the sexual assault charge in 2003. Any cat that will put another man’s business on blast when he wasn’t even there is the type of cat that NOBODY messes with. Take the fact that he’s one of the greatest basketball players we’ve ever seen out of the equation. Let’s say his name was Lewis Bryant from freakin’ Birmingham, Ala. and he did a boy like that. Everybody that knows him or the cat he put on blast is backin’ up off of him.

He’s the type of cat that when he walks into the room boyz stop talkin’. Why? Because nobody can trust him! Keep in mind that Shaq was married at the time playa. Do you understand that this is the NBA? This is a place where you have young millionaire cats runnin’ around with crazy bread and endless women. Nobody is about to fool with Kobe so that he can put them on blast too. You fan cats act like this ain’t real life!

Think about it bruh, this dun has been in the NBA for 19 years and he has no friends. They play 82 game schedules plus the playoffs. He’s won 5 NBA titles so at the very least he’s played from October to freakin’ mid June 5 times not to mention that he’s played in 2 Olympic Games in 2008 and 2012. He spends more time with teammates than he does his family and he has no friends. That’s impossible to do or is it?

In other words, he doesn’t have to make time to establish friendships because the friendships develop naturally over time when you’re with other players darn near everyday of your life. So don’t try to run game on boyz that you don’t have time to make friends. The lamest thing he said was, “A great friend will remember your birthday and I won’t because I get too wrapped up into my own stuff.” Are you kiddin’ me bruh. Real cats don’t remember their boy’z birthdays until a boy says, “Man my girl is takin’ me out for my birthday this weekend.” Then a cat will say, “Aw dawg, it’s your birthday to day! Happy birthday!” Real G’s aren’t holdin’ cats responsible for rememberin’ birthdays. That’s lame! If you do cool but if you don’t nobody’s trippin’! All real cats are tryin’ to remember is their family’s birthdays, the wife/girlfirend, kids, siblings etc. This cat doesn’t get it bruh.

Who comes out of high school with no boyz? Who works somewhere for 19 years, travels, eats, practices and plays and has no boyz? The cat that nobody is tryin’ to mess with him. Don’t let him lie to you bruh! It’s obvious that nobody likes him. I told you in summer of 2013 that nobody was goin’ to LA when free agency explodes in June of 2014! Sure, the Lakers had cap space to sign some horses but they wouldn’t. Why? Because nobody likes Kobe! What happened bruh? Nobody went out there and he’s now playin’ with the Cosby Kids!

If ole boy Lewis that I talked about earlier could hoop and all of the fellas were goin’ down to the park and they needed a boy to run they’d call him. Then as soon as the game is over and boyz are sittin’ around plottin’ the next move, like goin’ to eat or to holler at some broads. The first order of business would be to take Lewis home before we get into anything. Why? Because he can’t be trusted.

Now you can be a sucka if you want to and let Kobe tell you that he doesn’t have any friends because he doesn’t have time to establish relationships. You can be a fool if you want to. Think about this bruh…what kind of cat doesn’t have a relationship with his own momma? Regardless of what goes down over the years with your “Dukes” y’all figure it out and keep it movin’! You’re surprised that he has no friends and he’s got a terrible relationship with the woman that birthed him? Do I need to say more bruh?

Here’s my diehard Kobe fan hittin’ me up on Twitter after readin’ this joint! “Jay you’re a hater bruh! You just don’t like Kobe!” I love his game playboy! He’s one of the top 5 players of all-time no question about it! However, just like everybody else that has come across that dun. I ain’t messin’ with him either.

I’m no different than the cats that have worked with him on and off for 19 years. I’m no different than the boyz that won a state championship with him. I’m no different than the home Philly crowd that booed him durin’ the NBA All-Star game years ago. I’m no different than Shaq not givin’ him a pound when he was playin’ in Miami and they played LA for the first time. I’m no different than boyz playin’ with Lewis in the park that will take him home before hangin’ out! I’m just a real cat that doesn’t mess a boy that has a reputation of bein’ that dude you can’t trust. You’re just the sucka caught up in the hype of him bein’ an all-time great and not bein’ able to separate the two. Not me! Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus:

1) Partnas: noun – friends, homeboys
2) Dun: noun – the person or people in question, guy, dude, etc.
3) Dukes: noun – short for Ma Dukes, mother