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The NFL dissed Joe Mixon but snuck ole Dalvin Cook into the Combine! “SMH”

"C'mon bruh...they let me in!!!"

Every chance I get I’m goin’ to show you how much of a hypocrite the NFL actually is. These duns didn’t invite former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon to the Combine this week because of the well documented incident from the summer of 2014 where he hit a young lady in the face durin’ a dispute at a sandwich shop. He was arrested and charged, suspended for the entire 2014 season and did 100 hours of community service.

He played the next two seasons without incident. However, the NFL refused to have him at the Combine because of that foolishness! Even though they’re still goin’ to show up in Norman at his Pro Day in a few weeks and then somebody is goin’ to draft the dun this spring.

They’ve got standards bruh! You can’t be actin’ a fool out here and then expect to show up at the Combine. I get it! Makes sense to me. Right? Standards!!!

Here are those standards bruh…they didn’t invite Mixon to the joint but they welcomed former Florida State running back Dalvin Cook to the combine with open arms! This cat has been a continuous problem datin’ back to high school! In 2009 the dun was arrested as a juvenile and charged with robbery. However, the case was later dropped.

A year later he was arrested and charged with shootin’ a gun and possession of a weapon at a school function on school property!!! Accordin’ to the local newspaper the charges were later dropped or abandoned. Now don’t get it twisted playa, just because the charges kept gettin’ dropped doesn’t mean that the dun wasn’t continually actin’ a fool! It just means somebody was doin’ him a solid.

Let me break it down like Big Momma used to serve it up. “Everybody ain’t lyin’ on you bruh!”

Then in June of 2014 while at Florida State he was charged with criminal mischief when he was one of several duns said to have alleged to have been shootin’ a BB gun that caused property damage. Accordin’ to a joint in Sports Illustrated he was issued a citation for leavin’ three Pitt Bulls chained up by the neck. Well…that’s not a big deal because boyz have been chainin’ dogs to trees and cars in the ghetto since the beginnin’ of time. I’m not gonna hold that against him. It’s wrong but it’s normal.

In 2015 the dun fired on a woman outside of a Tallahassee bar. He was charged and suspended from the team indefinitely but he was found not guilty and was reinstated to the team immediately.

Now let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! If you had to pick one, which once of these cats would you invite over for dinner? I mean if you had to pick one bruh…which one would you leave at your crib while you ran to the store? I mean c’mon playa, if you had to pick one, which one gets the keys to Big Momma’s Duece and a Quarter to run down the street to Fat Daddy’s convenience store to pick her up a pack of squares?

Now if you’re so worried about your image with the sponsors how did ole Dalvin get in the party without gettin’ searched? How did he get on the plane without goin’ through security. How did he join the gang without gettin’ beat in?

Now if you’re not goin’ to let one dun in for actin’ a fool then you’ve got to pull all of the fools out of line and not draft ANY of them. But if you’re goin’ to pick and chose a boy simply because there is video tape of his foolishness and not the other then I’ve got a problem with that. Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

2) A solid: verb – to do someone a favor.

3) Fired on: verb – to hit someone

4) Crib: noun – your home

5) Squares: noun – cigarettes

6) Beat in: verb phrase – to get beat up by multiple members of the gang in order to join the gang

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its real talk!