The Jay Graves Report

The Most Powerful Man In The NBA! “Ratings”

"Still King James whether you like him or not"

Love him or hate LeBron James is the most powerful man in the NBA. More people watched professional basketball in 2011 & 2012 than ever before primarily because of the interest in or hate for LeBron. He’s literally resurrected the game just like Magic and Bird did in 1979.

When they came into the league it was at an all-time low in terms of interest and the rivalry created between the two pulled the NBA out of bad times. Then a few years later Jordan was drafted in 1984 and we’ve been spoiled. However, after the Jordan years the league hasn’t been that interesting to watch especially during the regular season.

We’d just wait until the playoffs to watch it with intensity. However, not in 2011 or 2012 bruh. When LeBron made “The Decision” it was on and popping. People tuned in, in October and didn’t let off of the gas until the final game last year. Folks even watched the pre-season not to mention the match up in Cleveland when Miami beat the brakes off of the Cavs in October of 2011.

“Those months of free-agent intrigue fed into robust television ratings in the regular season and on into the playoffs. Viewership for the first round was up 30 percent from last year. We actually couldn’t be more pleased,” Commissioner David Stern said just before the playoffs. “We’re actually a little surprised, but pleasantly.” I can’t wait to see what the final numbers will be for 2012!

According to first-round games in 2011 on ABC, ESPN and TNT were watched by an average of 4.15 million people, up from fewer than 3.2 million last year. The big jump came on top of already-strong ratings. In 2007, the first round averaged fewer than 2.7 million viewers. To this point of the playoffs, TNT has drawn the highest average rating ever for games on cable. The network’s 23 games averaged a 2.7 rating – representing the percentage of American homes with televisions tuned in – easily eclipsing the previous high of 2.3 in 2009. Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals this year (2012) was the most watched NBA game in cable television history! Why, because all of these clowns that hate LeBron James!

Hate on him all you want but the league knows who the money man is. You better believe that he’ll be compensated for it too. If you don’t like him don’t watch the games because as long as you do you’ll keep putting money in his pocket.

According to, James was the new king of NBA jersey sales in 2011, reclaiming the top spot on the NBA’s best-selling jersey list during his first season with the Miami Heat. Kobe Bryant held the second spot. So you can listen to the media all you want but the numbers don’t lie. Coaches have been saying it for years, “Look at the film son if you want the truth”. Keep hating on him because it has done nothing but generated more revenue for the entire league and will continue to do the same for years to come. King James has single handedly put the NBA on his back right under your noses. To all of the LeBron haters, “The jokes on you!” He and the league are laughing all the way to the bank. As a matter of fact, they owe LeBron money!