The Jay Graves Report

The 2017 M.I.C. All-Uniform Team! “The homies that put the joint on better than the rest!”

Joey Person studded out bruh!

Bruh…I made my way around to see every team in the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference better known to all the real playas as the M.I.C. and I’ve put together my All-Uniform team!! This is a collection of all the hottest cats that know how to put that thang on!!!

When I was a kid comin’ up playin’ this game we had a motto! “If you look good you play good!” These cats must have picked up that torch and kept it movin’! The homie Deion Sanders said it this way, “If you look good you play good! If you play good you get paid good!” So let’s see who the best lookin’ cats in the M.I.C. were in 2017!

If you didn’t make the list don’t hate the playa, hate the game playboy! I just call it like I see it! I’ve got not dog in the fight!! Stop me when I start lyin’!