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Purdue drops second straight but is there REALLY anything to worry about? “Soul Searchin’!”

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The No.3 Purdue Boilermakers seemed to be doin’ the impossible and everybody that’s been followin’ them for any  length of time knew that the brakes were bound to come off. They were on a school best 19 game winnin’ streak when everybody and their baby’s momma could hear the Shirelles playin’ in the background even if they didn’t know who the freakin’ Shirelles were. “Mamma said there’ll be days like this.”

Nobody in their right mind thought that Purdue would finish the season without losin’ another game and on some real talk, nobody really wanted to see it happen. Why? Because the Big Ten and NCAA Tournaments are right around the corner and they hadn’t exhausted enough losses to make a boy feel comfortable with them this time of year.

I’m bein’ completely honest here. They’ve overachieved and if you’re bein’ honest with yourself you knew that they weren’t goin’ to escape this week without droppin’ one or both of the games they just loss. Ohio State came into Mackey this past Wednesday night and beat them. Then they had to go on the road to East Lansing to play No.4 Michigan State and loss a tough one.

It was an excitin’ ball game but more than two cats have to show up to Big Momma’s house with more than 8 points. I know that they had won 19 in a row and was sittin’ a top the Big Ten standings lookin’ at possibly a No.1 seed in the NCAA Tournament but it’s Janet Jackson around this piece bruh. “What have you done for me lately?” 

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! The possibility of winnin’ a second consecutive Big Ten Championship fell out of the window on Saturday losin’ to the Spartans. The Boilermakers are now sittin’ in the third spot behind Ohio State (22-5, 12-1 Big Ten) and Michigan State (24-3, 12-2 Big Ten) in the conference standings. Purdue’s got 2 losses in conference play with both of them against the two sittin’ in front of them.

Ohio State’s only got one real problem left on their schedule and that’s rival No.20 Michigan comin’ up on the 18th. Michigan State’s got nothin’ that poses a problem to them the rest of the way. Therefore, unless the sky falls for one or both of them Purdue better start soul searchin’ and gettin’ ready for the Tournaments.

We’ve seen this movie before. Purdue has a tendency of wettin’ the bed when they get into the Big Dance. Hopefully, two straight tough losses helps them hit the reset button before it’s time to really win or go home. It should be fun to watch though. Stop me when I start lyin’!

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