The Jay Graves Report

(Podcast) Goin’ in on the selfish dun that cost NC Central a National Title!

North Carolina Central goes dull after a dun takes his helmet off after scorin’ the potential game tying touchdown. Get’s a dull 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty and loses the game!! DULL! Did I mention that he was throwin’ up the Q while doin’ this? I’m quite sure that a Sigma wouldn’t have done that!!! LOL!!!!! This game was huge! Why? Because….

HBCU’s Are Responsible For:

75% of Black PhD’s

46% of  Black business executives

50% of Black engineers

80% of federal judges

85% of  Black doctors

50% of Black attorney’s

75% of Black military officers

40% of Black dentists

50% of Black Pharmacists

75% of Black Veterinarians