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OU wets the bed at the crib in front of Big Momma and Uncle Junior to Iowa State! “Dull”

Smell this homie! Photo: Twitter

In my Huggy Lowdown voice, “Wait for it!” That’s what I’ve been doin’ all season while watchin’ the Oklahoma Sooners! At some point you know their goin’ to wet the bed and on Saturday in front of Big Momma, Uncle Junior and Man-Man nem they completely soiled the mattress losin’ to dull always unranked Iowa State 38-31.

They gave up 21 unanswered points to allow the Cyclones to tie the joint up at 31 and at that point if you’ve watched the Sooners play for more than a day you already knew that they were about to destroy the mattress.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! They’re good for at least one bed wettin’ a season and everybody and their baby’s momma thought that they were goin’ to do it up in Columbus earlier this season but they shocked the world and won a huge ball game on the road against Ohio State.

So after that win you knew that they would embarrass themselves at some point because they only lose a game or two a season and one of them they aren’t supposed to lose.

Well playboy…Iowa State shows up in Norman without their startin’ quarterback, Jacob Park, who went out on person medical leave just last week. They showed up with a dun named Kyle Kempt, who hadn’t thrown but two passes in his freakin’ career and he goes to work on OU finishin’ the day with 343 yards and three touchdowns. Wheredeydodatat?

Now you already know that boyz were waitin’ to plant a flag at OU after Baker Mayfield planted the joint in Columbus right? Well guess who planted their flag in Norman on Saturday playa? The dull Iowa State Cyclones!!! They couldn’t wait to plant that joint bruh because this was just the second win they’ve had over Oklahoma since 1961 and the first since 1990.

“It’s goin’ down tonight playa!” AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

Every dun on that team is gettin’ arrested tonight bruh!!! They bout to be outta control in Ames, Iowa!!!! Do you here me? If I were 20 years younger I’d drive to Ames and party like it’s 1999 with them. It’s gonna be NUTS up there!!! Congrats to the dull Cyclones! They’ll be back to normal next week when extra dull Kansas will beat the brakes off of them because they’ll still be partyin’ off of this win for the next 14 months. Stop me when I start lyin’!



Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

2) Wheredeydodatat: Hood for “Who does that?”

The G is excluded from the endings of all words because the G is near and dear to my heart because I’m from “The G” which is Gary, Indiana. So I only use the G when I’m talkin’ about “The G!”

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its real talk!