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LeBron put the Cavs in a dull trick bag and now he’s desperate! “Doin’ Too Much”

"What chu talkin' bout Willis?"

Well playas…the Cleveland Cavaliers or more specifically, LeBron James is in a state of desperation. He’s finally hit the panic button after figurin’ out that you can’t play and guard all five positions, be the leader of the team and the GM all at the same time.

After tellin’ the front office how to construct the team after winnin’ the first NBA championship in the franchises history and the first professional title in the city in 52 years last summer the reality is startin’ to settle in that he messed up royally. The Cavs have the largest payroll of any team in the HISTORY of the NBA at $129,487,297 and the dun still doesn’t have what he needs to win in June.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! I completely agree with him when he says that Golden State got better and the Cavs got worse because they still don’t have all of the pieces that they need to beat the Warriors. The cats from the Bay Area signed KD in the offseason and they sured up their bench with veteran bigs like David West, ZaZa Puchulia and reality TV star from Shaqtin’ a Fool, Javale McGee. They’re so good that McGee bein’ on Shaq’s highlight reel won’t bother them at all.

Keep in mind that Golden State is essentially the same team that won 73 ball games last year and they’ve added a former MVP in his prime! They got better and spent less bread doin’ it. Why? Because they’ve got an actual GM makin’ those decisions! The Cavs have a dun that is a basketball player that’s still playin’ actin’ as the GM. Sure, they’ve got a dun that is officially sittin’ in the GM’s office and usin’ the executive toilet but we all know that LeBron is makin’ the decisions in Cleveland.

So when you don’t re-sign Dellevadova and Mozgov and pay through the nose for everybody else you end up playin’ 44 minutes a night in January and you start losin’ sleep about not bein’ able to beat the cats you know you’ve got to play in June.

I’ve been sayin’ for the past week in multiple Hot Joints that Lebron’s the only person besides Bill Russell that understands what it’s like to play in six straight NBA Finals. So if he’s playin’ 44 minutes a night in January he already knows that he won’t have enough in the tank come June to beat Golden State. However, when you’re the dun that constructed the team then you’ve got to lay in your own spit.

I just saw where the Cavs are about to work out cats like Mario Chalmers, Jordan Farmar, Kirk Heinrich and ole dull Lance Stephenson. Bruh, there is a reason why they aren’t in the league right now. There is a reason why they just happened to be walkin’ pass the practice facility in Akron. C’mon bruh! Stop it!

This is the reason why ballers ball, players play and GM’s construct teams. LeBron’s got these boyz in a trick bag and now he’s desperate. Why? Because he’s the only cat in NBA history that is expected to win EVERY year, which is virtually impossible to do, and now he’s a nervous wreck that it’s lookin’ bad AND it’s his fault. Why? Because he’s tryin’ to do too much. Get out of the way and let the folks paid to do their jobs do them.

Here’s the problem playboy! NOBODY in Cleveland is really trippin’ on winnin’ another title but LeBron because nobody else has anywhere else to go. The other players, coaches and front office are cool with the one they’ve got!!! They can milk that joint for a lifetime. LeBron is the only dun that has to win more. Why? Because he’s the only dun with a legacy on the line.

However, the ONLY way the Cavs are goin’ to win this year is for him to do what he did in last year’s Finals and more! Score all the points, get every rebound, throw every dime, steal every ball, block every shot AND play 44 minutes a night for 7 games! Yeah, good luck with that playa. Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

 The caption under the photo isn’t real but it’s REAL talk! 

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  1. You hit that on the head but Lebron did want dellavedova to stay. Cavs need him bad he was my favorite player he would frustrate curry all night and he’s only been in the league three years

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