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Just because Junior Seau had CTE doesn’t mean that it killed him! “Casualty”

Who's to blame bruh?

Cause and effect refers to the philosophical concept of causality, in which an action or event will produce a certain response to the action in the form of another event. In other words homeboy, if you do this, this will happen as a result of it. For example, if you steal a boyz car in the ghetto and he catches you and shoots you. You died as a direct result of being a car thief! I think that’s simple enough to understand don’t you?

Researchers have reported that Junior Seau did in fact suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy. A type of brain damage also found in dozens of former players. However, just because ole boy suffered from CTE doesn’t prove that he committed suicide because of it and you can’t blame the NFL for his death because he did in fact put himself at risk for more than 20 years.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Junior played LINEBACKER in the NFL for 20 years not kicker! That means that he was in the middle of the pile on every play his entire career. Only recently within the last 7 to 10 years has the medical community been diagnosing concussions in football. Therefore, anyone that played the game whether it was the NFL or not that is at least 40 years old or older would be at risk of having some form of CTE. On some real talk, Seau had 7 to 10 years to retire after the standard of care changed when they started diagnosing joints, right?

I’m the same age as Seau and when we were kids, boyz suffered from what were concussions all of the time but they weren’t called concussions. It was called getting your bell rung. When you got up dizzy, seeing stars and feeling nauseous the trainers would give you the smelling salt and send you back out on the field. Was it right? Absolutely not! However, that was the standard of care at the time.

So it’s plausible to say that most cats of our age group that played ball at any level will have some evidence of CTE if you cut their brains open. Let’s say a cat only played in high school or college. Can he sue the schools for him having evidence of CTE 20 or 30 years later when there wasn’t a standard of care for diagnosing concussions in place? Sounds rather stupid doesn’t it?

Think about the amount of cats that have died from a heart attack, car accident, cancer, lung disease etc. that didn’t have their brains cut open that had CTE. You found it in the guys that you were looking for it in because they fit the descriptions of the suspects! Someone that had a long history of head trauma! That’s like your girl going through your phone because she suspects that you’ve been dirty. She’s gonna find what she’s looking for because she’s looking for it, pimpin’!

So to blame the NFL for Seau’s death even after these findings would be irresponsible. Let’s keep it 100! Seau was 43 when he died and he played in the NFL for 20 years. Not to mention that he played little league, high school and college. So he played football for more that 30 years of his life. It’s a miracle that he could even function after playing that long! So therefore, isn’t it highly plausible that he could have been depressed because the one thing that he’s done his entire life has been taken from him? That’s completely normal!

Boyz go through depression all of the time that have life altering events like that because their normal routine has been shifted. We don’t know what Seau was going through. He could have broken up with his girl, been having financial problems etc., you just don’t know! But to say that because he suffered from CTE and that he killed himself because of it and that it’s the NFL’s fault, would be irresponsible because there is no absolute cause and effect for his actions.

That’s like a guy that has worked in the steel mill for 35 years and comes home one night, gets into an argument with his wife, shoots and kills himself! They do an autopsy and find that he suffered from lung cancer from working at the mill for 35 years from breathing in all of the chemicals. Can you then blame the mill for him shooting himself because he was depressed? Let’s keep it real, lung cancer causes depression too.

That’s what boyz are doing by trying to blame his death on the NFL and not looking at the fact that he abused his brain for more than 30 years. That’s like a dun getting upset with the cigarette company for his diagnoses of lung cancer when he smoked for 45 years and for 20 years they told him it was a health risk.

These cats have to be responsible for their own safety too. Was it smart to play LINEBACKER in the NFL for 20 years? Who puts themselves through that type of pain for that long? Somewhere along the line you’ve got to be responsible for your own well being too. Just like RG3 tearing his LCL and ACL by going back into the game when he was clearly hurt. Boyz want to blame Shanahan but RG3 told him that he was good and the doctors cleared him to go back in. So who’s to blame? Remember when cats ripped Jay Cutler a couple of years ago for not going back into the playoff game and sitting the joint out? He was looking out for his well being bruh and that was smart even though it wasn’t popular!!

If you play in the freaking NFL for 20 years you’re gonna have some major problems when you walk away if you can! That’s why I don’t blame Jim Brown and Barry Sanders for getting out before the ink dried on their contracts because they wanted to be able to walk away literally. Earl Campbell can’t blame the NFL for being in a wheel chair now because he chose not to avoid contact during his career.

You have no recourse if there wasn’t a standard of care set in place for the diagnosis of concussions at the time you played! On some real talk, how many boyz would have turned in their equipment if they had been given the option of retiring early because of head trauma? Zero bruh! As a matter of fact, Seau retired and then came back! I’m not saying that the CTE wasn’t caused by football because it clearly was. However, you can’t prove that it caused his death!

Now in no way am I trying to be unsympathetic to the passing of a football giant and a great person. However, I am just explaining to you that there is no clear cause and effect here but someone is at fault and boyz just don’t want to see it!

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its REAL talk!