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Inside the Irrational Minds of Diehard Jordan Fans! “Numbers Don’t Count”

"I got all these boyz fooled bruh!"

Ben Carson once said, ” Illogical thinkers throw names and slurs around because they have no arguments with which to rebut their opponents. Rational people have to keep hammering their points home.” Antonya Nelson, the famous writer, gave it to us like this, “The most enduring battle is between head and heart; what would be efficient and logical is nearly always trumped by what is messy and illogical.” Sargent Shriver, the politician, hit a boy in the dome when he spit, “Racists are irrational and illogical in their attempts to justify their prejudices.”

Well playas…add the diehard Michael Jordan fans to that list too. They are the most irrational and illogical group of people walkin’ the face of the earth bruh! Now that the Cavs have won the 2016 NBA title behind the ridiculous efforts of LeBron James it’s crazy to listen to these cats refuse to give LeBron his props for bein’ the best ALL-AROUND player in the history of the league. It only makes sense that boyz will compare the greatness of LeBron to Mike because they’re both transcendent players! However, which one of these duns is the most complete player? That’s the question!

Now let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! It’s great conversation and it really doesn’t matter what a boy thinks. The fun in havin’ the argument is to hear the logic that goes into comin’ to the conclusion as to why a boy thinks the way he does about the subject. However, when talkin’ to Jordan fans all rational thinkin’ goes out of the window. It’s like their butt naked foamin’ at the mouth at the thought that someone could be better than their beloved MJ!

Jordan is the GREATEST SCORER of ALL-TIME there is no questionin’ that! NOBODY in the history of the game scored the basketball better than Mike at 30.1 ppg! That’s why the dun has 10 scorin’ titles! His job was to score points!!! However, in order to be the GREATEST ALL-AROUND PLAYER of ALL-TIME you’ve got to be more than just a scorer and in Mike’s case a great defender too.

If we’re talkin’ about him bein’ the G.O.A.T. then he’s got to be able to play more than 1 or 2 positions and be able to rebound, assist, block and steal better than EVERYBODY else in the history of the game. Or at least do more of those things better than everybody else in the history of the game.

But when I’m talkin’ to these cats they go nuts and start talkin’ crazy because they refuse to listen to logic! I had a boy tell me with a straight face that LeBron was nothin’ more than a complimentary player. What!? I had a boy tell me that LeBron could get you to the Finals but he couldn’t win by himself. These were his words bruh, “LeBron’s always needed somebody to close out the game for him. He can’t win by himself bruh.” 

This is the foolishness that comes out of these people’s mouths! LeBron is a complimentary player?  Where are these people from? LeBron can’t win by himself? NOBODY can win by themselves you moron? Name me one player in the history of the game that has won a championship by himself? You can’t even get to the Finals without a another superstar. The only player in the history of the game to do that was LeBron and he did it twice!!! In 2007 at 22 years old when he took some bums to the Finals and in 2015 when he drug Cleveland to the Finals without both Kyrie and Kevin Love. Oh, excuse me! Kyrie played in Game 1. Stop it!

Then these cats take their large and small intestines out and say something as stupid as “Mike never went to a Game 7 and that he went 6-0 Finals! So he has to be better!” Listen bruh, it’s a TEAM sport and in this particular team sport the BEST TEAM 99.9999% of the time wins the NBA title. Why? Because it’s a best of 7 series all the way through the playoffs. So there are no surprises. This ain’t the NCAA Tournament bruh.

So with Mike always bein’ on the BEST TEAM when he showed up to the Finals it makes sense that the Bulls didn’t go to a Game 7 and won every Finals they went to! He had the best coach to EVER walk the sidelines, the best wingman in the game at the time (Scottie), the best 3-point shooter (Kerr) from a percentage standpoint in history and he had the best rebounder in the game for 3 of those runs (Rodman).

They always wanna fall back on Mike goin’ 6-0 in the Finals on the BEST TEAM but when I ask the ultimate question they get quiet. “How many Finals did Mike get to without Scottie and Phil?” I’ll even go easy on you by askin’ you this, “How many times did Mike get out of the first round of the playoffs without Scottie?” Since these boyz are foamin’ at the mouth mad, I’ll answer that for you! ZERO TIMES playboy!!!

But you’re tryin’ to tell me that MJ is the G.O.A.T. The greatest of all time should be able to get out of the first round by himself bruh! LeBron did it and went to the Finals twice with no help!

Then duns will say that MJ made those teams great! “It was all Jordan bruh!” They’ll swear that those teams weren’t anything without Jordan. But when I bring up the fact that the Bulls won 3 straight titles with Jordan and then the year after he retired they lost 2 additional games without him, they’ve got no answer.  They won 57 games in the regular season with him and they won 55 without him. That doesn’t sound like the G.O.A.T. made that much of a difference other than gettin’ them to the title.

However, those same people will say that LeBron needed other players to win and that his impact on the team wasn’t as great as Jordan’s. However, LeBron took some bums to the Finals at only 22 years old. When he left the Cavs they became the worst team in the league the followin’ year but Jordan’s Bull only lost 2 more games without him but MJ had a greater impact on his team.

When I tell them that LeBron took Miami to 4 straight Finals and when he left that followin’ year they didn’t even make the playoffs I hear crickets! And don’t give me that, “Bosh was out and D. Wade was banged up” foolishness. They still should have made the playoffs as an 8th seed. Why? Because Bosh wasn’t worth two dead flies smashed and D.Wade wasn’t healthy in 2014 when they went to the Finals but LeBron drug them there. But again, Mike’s team lost only two additional games without him!!

I don’t care which player you think is the better ALL-AROUND player just give me some logic to go along with your claim. Don’t tell me that Mike was more clutch because you “feel” like he was. Give me the FACTS to back up your argument. The FACTS say that in elimination games LeBron has the highest points per game scorin’ average at 33 than ANY player in the history of the game. Not Mike! For all of your simple minded individuals, that means the game that will end the series not just a Game 7! LeBron has scored more points per game than ANYBODY in the history of the game in those situations and that includes Mike!!! I’m not givin’ you my opinion bruh these are the FACTS! Take your feelings out of it!!!

The one that completely blows my mind is the come back that boyz always give you when they run out of things to say, “It’s not about the NUMBERS Jay!! You relyin’ too heavily on the numbers!!” So when I ask them how did you determine that Jordan was the G.O.A.T.?” Their response to a man is, “He’s a killer and he went 6-0 in the Finals!” (Keep in mind that MJ didn’t go 6-0 in the Finals until he was 36 years old! At 31 years old he’d only been to 3 Finals and won 3 titles! LeBron’s been to 7 and won 3 titles at 31). I’m just sayin’! 

So if he’s a killer and went 6-0 in the Finals then the numbers make up your rationale. Bein’ a killer means that he was scorin’ points right? Yes! Points are numbers right? Yes! Because otherwise, they wouldn’t have a scoreboard in the buildin’. Goin’ 6-0 in the Finals is scorin’ more points in the game than the opponent right? So in order to win the games to go 6-0 in the Finals the numbers have to count right? So why are you tellin’ me that the numbers don’t count? And by the way playa, Bill Russell went 8-0 in the Finals from 1959-’66! So that foolishness argument goes out of the window.

Numbers like rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, free throws, turnovers, points in the paint etc.etc.etc are all relevant to the success of the TEAM!

EVERY coach and player in this league won’t conduct an interview post-game without first sayin’ “Hold up dawg I need to see the numbers first!” 

So the NUMBERS do count! Since we finally agree that the numbers play a significant factor in whether a TEAM wins or loses. Then the person that effects more of those numbers would be considered the best all-around player to play the game. Right? Not the dun that is just a scorer and defender right?

The cat that leads his TEAM in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks more often than not would be the person that has a greater impact on the game would be the best ALL-AROUND player wouldn’t you agree? For example, when we all saw LeBron in Game 6 of the Finals score or assist on EVERY point in the second half but 1 he had a greater impact on the game than Jordan ever did. Why? Jordan NEVER did that. How do I know that? Because the numbers don’t say that he did bruh!

When we see LeBron score 208 points, 79 rebounds, 62 assists, 16 blocks and 18 steals in the Finals where all of those NUMBERS are ranked No.1 in Finals history. You can’t act like it didn’t happen because it did. However, Jordan fans will watch the same effort and say that Kyrie should have been the MVP!  All you can do is shake your darn head because these people are brain washed by the Brand! How can a dun put up ALL-TIME NUMBERS throughout the course of the Finals and boyz tell you that you didn’t see what you saw?

Don’t be so stubborn that you can’t see history bein’ made right in front of you. We’ve never seen a player do as much on the floor as LeBron does bruh! He affects EVERY aspect of the game! Jordan didn’t because he couldn’t do everything. LeBron can play all five and guard all five! Mike couldn’t because if he could have we would have seen him do it! Stop it! You sound crazy!

I warn you bruh, don’t ever try to reason with these people because rational thinkin’ left the buildin’ years ago. And most of these duns didn’t even see Jordan play! Boyz have been watchin’ highlights for so long they believe that he never missed a shot. I’d have more respect for these cats if they would just come out and say I’m brainwashed and can’t help it. Then we can stop debatin’ this foolishness because makin’ up ignorant reasons as to why he’s not better is crazy. 

And let me say this playboy! My loyalty is not to MJ or LeBron. My loyalty is to the reader! It doesn’t make since for me to know this information and not share it with you. Most people that cover sports know this same information but they wanna be friends with the players and not piss anybody off especially Mike! Well guess pimpin’, I’m from G.I.(Gary, In.) and I’m not afraid to say what’s real when everybody else is. I don’t care two dead flies smashed about bein’ MJ’s friend or sittin’ down and gettin’ an interview with him. The truth is the truth and I’m obligated to tell you what’s real. And what’s real is that Mike isn’t the best ALL-AROUND player to ever play this game! He’s the best SCORER or ALL-TIME! He’s not the best all-around player because he couldn’t do everything on the floor and LeBron can. Stop me when I start lyin’! 

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Spit: verb – to say

2) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.