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How OUR people didn’t support Tindley, Attucks or BD at the title games! “Shameful”

"Don't worry about it playboy! We got you!" Photo @ IndyStar

Over the weekend three predominantly black schools won the Indiana State High School State Basketball championships. Tindley captured the Class A title, Crispus Attucks walked out of the joint with the Class 3 A trophy and Ben Davis made a boy respect them by takin’ the Class 4 title plus some sneakers and jewelry on their way out of the door.

On Sunday I wrote a crazy Hot Joint entitled “STATE CHAMPS” congratulatin’ all three schools for their great accomplishments. Most importantly, I wanted to give our young black boyz the love that they deserved and the encouragement they needed to continue to pursue excellence. In my opinion, these fake media-types don’t always find the positives in what our children accomplish. So if we don’t do it, then who?

However, while I was watchin’ the games I noticed something very disturbin’ and it wasn’t the media half tellin’ our story or excludin’ us from relevance. Naw playa, it was the Indianapolis schools not bein’ supported by their OWN fan bases or Indianapolis as a whole!!! Fort Wayne showed up like some G’s in support of North Side and Indianapolis went out like some suckas in that regard!!! Fort Wayne came up in the joint like they owned it. It was red everywhere.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Ben Davis has almost 5,000 students and thousands of proud alumni right here in this city not to mention all over this country. However, when their team showed up to play in the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP! They had maybe a thousand duns geared up in purple and most of them were the older white alumni from back in the day!! Where were all of the duns that were bused to BD in the early ’90’s and all of the kids that just came out of the joint. Nowhere to be found. You wan’t boyz to respect the accomplishments of our kids but you won’t even drive across town to see them play? C’mon bruh!

A school the size of Ben Davis should have sold the joint out with ALL of it’s alumni and students!! If you went to BD then you should have been in the buildin’! I’m not even from Nap and I was there because I live in BD’s district where my kids are BD students and a couple of the players live in my neighborhood.

Another utter disappointment was that of the Crispus Attucks fan base or lack thereof. Ima keep it 100 on this one bruh. Every black person that grew up in the city of Indianapolis should have been respresentin’ Attucks on Saturday night. Why? Because back in the day Attucks was the ONLY school that black folks could attend. It was the heartbeat of black Indianapolis. That was the ONLY place our kids could get an education. So even if you didn’t go there your momma or granny or great-uncle Leroy or somebody in your family lived and died Crispus Attucks.

It’s the same school that the Big O won state titles in 1955 and ’56 when they wouldn’t allow them to ride the fire trucks and have a full parade downtown Indianapolis to celebrate it. The school won another title in 1959.  I’m from Gary and I know that bruh!

The fact that an historic school that represents the resilience of Indianapolis’ black community was playin’  for their first state title since 1959 made it mandatory for boyz to be there and they weren’t. That’s a darn shame!! And that’s the edited version.

I’m from G.I. and you can say what you wanna say about The G. But one thing that I do know is that if Gary Roosevelt had been playin’ for a state title on Saturday the joint would have been sold out. Why? Because Roosevelt IS Attucks. It was one of two schools that black folks could go to in Gary durin’ the 1930’s until the early 1970’s. The other was Froebel high school and it closed years ago. Roosevelt and Attucks were huge rivals back in their day.

Understand this playboy, when a Gary school makes it to the start tournament EVERYBODY from “The G” shows up to support them. Why? Because of the brotherhood of bein’ from Gary!! Boyz want to look at us like they’re better than us everywhere we go and we have to keep provin’ them wrong. That’s why boyz from The G will show up because it’s family. And I’m blown away that duns in Indianapolis don’t feel the same way when our kids are representin’.

I can’t even give boyz a pass for not supportin’ Tindley like some soldiers. I understand that it’s a fairly new school so the alumni base isn’t as strong but it’s a predominantly black school in the hood and the hood is supposed to support it. Flat out real talk!! Bankers Life Fieldhouse should have been SOLD OUT and it wasn’t with three teams from the city playin’ in the tournament!! Shameful!!!

So don’t get an attitude when the media doesn’t prop our kids up if you aren’t supportin’ them with your presence. Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

2) The G: Gary, Indiana

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its real talk!