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How LeBron’s legacy just took another hit when boyz fired Blatt! “Teams & Coachin'”

Confucius once said, “He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.” Horace Mann broke it down like this, “Lost – yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered, for they are gone forever.” Then H. Jackson Brown Jr., the famous author, shut the buildin’ down when he spit, “People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.” 

Well playas…I don’t know what road the Cleveland Cavaliers are on but they’re lost even if they try to act like they aren’t! On Friday these duns fired David Blatt in his second year at the helm with a record of 30-11 at the midway point of the season. He’s comin’ off of a Finals appearance in his first year and he was 2 games from winnin’ a championship last year with a bunch of cats that were hurt. General manager David Griffin got up in front of the entire sports world and told boyz that LeBron had nothin’ to do with the dismissal of Blatt. He told a boy that it was completely on him and that he doesn’t consult players on decisions like that. So Blatt is out and Tyronn Lue is in without an interim tag! Accordin’ to my mans and nem he signed a three year deal to take over. 

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Are we gonna keep wastin’ time talkin’ about Blatt gettin’ fired and how Lue is gonna do such a great job because the players love him or are we gonna talk about what’s real? About the fact that LeBron’s chances of winnin’ more championships and chasin’ Jordan just got even slimmer. C’mon bruh! The reason Jordan was able to win 6 titles and go 6-0 in the Finals was because once he started winnin’ he always had great coachin’ and great teams around him. Why? Because of the consistency in LEADERSHIP!!! They changed some of the parts but the dun runnin’ the show NEVER changed! Phil!! Boyz can talk about how great Jordan was all but it was the teams and the coachin’ that allowed Jordan to become “Jordan” bruh!

They were able to get better every year because the program he played under and won under never changed! LeBron’s been in the league 12 years and he’s yet to have an outstandin’ coach! He’s probably the most talented basketball player I’ve EVER seen. He’s 6’8″ 250 plus pounds down from 270 where he was a monster on the floor. He runs like a gazelle and can do EVERY thing on the floor. He can play all five and guard all five! From a talent standpoint no one has ever been better. 

However, consistency in a program is what he lacks. Unfortunately, he’s been a victim of circumstance some of which he had nothin’ to do with and some he’s stepped into because he’s been forced to chase Jordan. No other player in the history of the game has come into the league with the expectation of havin’ to win 6 or more championships or bust but LeBron. I explained that to you boyz a couple of years ago in the Hot Joint entitled, “Diamonds” about the pressure of bein’ LeBron. The decisions that he’s made his entire career is based on the pressure of havin’ to win championships EVERY year. Even the great Michael Jeffery Jordan never played under that type of pressure. Boyz weren’t sayin’ that if he didn’t win 11 championships he wouldn’t be as great as Bill Russell. 

Here’s the foolishness that LeBron has had to deal with bruh. He played for Mike Brown and carried Cleveland to the Finals at 22 years of age but was beaten by a better TEAM and better COACHIN’ in the Spurs and Pop! He spent 7 years in Cleveland with a organization that did nothin’ to help him win. Terrible coachin’, no supportin’ cast and just before he became a free agent they fired his coach and the GM quit 2 weeks later. Those were circumstances beyond his control. 

So he had no choice but to leave. The dun goes to Miami to play with D. Wade and Bosh without, you got it playa, a great coach! He still wins two championships because he was on the better TEAM those years and his DNA alone willed those rings. Then he leaves after 4 years because he was tired of draggin’ boyz around. In his last year in Miami, D. Wade was a wreck health wise and Bosh was well…Bosh. The dun has a panic attack, gets sentimental and decides to go back to Cleveland (terribly run organization) without knowin’ much about David Blatt other than his record in Europe. Which made no sense at all. If you’re gonna jam Dan Gilbert up and make requests in order to come back home you should have been able to pick the coach you were gonna play for. That was a circumstance he had control over. That’s his fault! Not David Blatt’s playa. 

Blatt shows up when NOBODY includin’ LeBron had respect for him. However, LeBron is so good that not only does he drag an injured team to the Finals but he’s lightweight coachin’ too. But the same thing keeps happenin’ playboy! He gets beat by a better TEAM with better COACHIN’!!! 

What he has to understand playa, is that NOBODY in the history of the NBA has ever won a title alone! And they’ve always had great coachin’! As long as he’s playin’ without great coachin’ he’s never goin’ to win at the level that he aspires to. Why? Because better TEAMS with better coachin’ will ALWAYS beat him! Jordan couldn’t have won without those Bulls teams and Phil!! He wasn’t winnin’ 6 championships in freakin’ Milwaukee or Atlanta etc. Not happenin’ bruh! 

Sure, LeBron’s the best basketball player I’ve ever seen but basketball is a TEAM sport! And when boyz panic and push coaches out of the ride midway through the season that’s a problem. They can say that Lue is gonna do a great job all day long but he’s gotta figure this thing out first. He’s gotta implement his system now. He’s gotta turn the ship around and “make it do what it do” for him. He’s gotta get his bearings straight and get everybody on his page now and that’s gonna take time.  

Yeah, they’ll still make the Finals but they’ve gotta run into the MONSTER that’s clickin’ on all cylinders in Oakland that’s gettin’ better every night! Their system is already in place and it’s gettin’ that much better as the season goes along. Tyronn Lue ain’t beatin’ that because he ain’t the ole Great Wizard. He can’t give Kyrie and Kevin Love a heart! Neither one of those duns play with a chip on their shoulders. Kyrie plays like he’s scared to death of gettin’ hurt again. Against Golden State earlier in the week he was into the second half and he’d only been to the foul line twice. No way should a boy with his handles not be at the foul line at least 10 times a night. He’s a point guard for cryin’ out loud. And Kevin Love took only 5 shot attempts all night bruh! That’s heart or lack thereof! That ain’t coachin’! 

As good as Jordan was, Jordan had boyz with heart on the floor with him for all 6 Finals appearances and he always showed up with the best COACH! So I can holler until my nose bleeds that LeBron is a better all-around basketball player but if he can’t win in the Finals nobody will ever believe it. Why? Because unfortunately, TEAMS and COACHIN’ wins championships! Not the dun that can play all five and guard all five. 

And please don’t try to tell me that LeBron had nothin’ to do with Blatt hitchhikin’ out of Cleveland on Friday. Instead of tryin’ to build and improve the system because they’re in it already or demandin’ that they hire the right dun, like Mark Jackson, when he came to town in the first place. He panicked and told them to let ole boy go because of that very pressure that I just told you about. Not realizin’ that it’s gonna take more than a half of a season to get prepared to beat a locomotive shootin’ threes rollin’ down hill with no brakes. 

His legacy just took another hit whether you boyz wanna believe it or not. Because another “L” in the Finals is gonna be virtually impossible to overcome when boyz start talkin’ about greatest players of all-time. It ain’t fair but it is what it is. There’s an old colloquialism that says, “If a tree falls in the middle of the forest and makes a loud crashin’ noise and there’s nobody around to hear it. Did it real make a sound?”  See the world is filled with more idiots and followers than actual thinkers. Real intellectual sports fans understand that championships are a TEAM award. However,  the majority of duns will say, “If LeBron is truly the best player ever and he doesn’t have the hardware to prove it. Is he really the best player? Unfortunately, perception becomes reality when you’re dealin’ with people that don’t think. Stop me when I start lyin’!  

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Spit: verb – to say

2) My mans and nem: noun – credible sources, duns that want to remain anonymous but will tell a boy everything. 

3) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.