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How Jordan fans will keep a lie goin’ to make him seem immortal! “The Brand vs The Man”

"As long as boyz keep watchin' the highlights I'm good bruh!"

As I was hangin’ out at Market Beach in the G, I overhear these three old timers arguin’ about boyz tellin’ the truth. Ismail Haniyeh, a senior political leader in Hamas, pulled up bumpin’ that classic LL, “Cars Drive By” and said, “Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away.” Buddha jumped out of the ride beatin’ that “Regulator” joint by Warren G and shouted, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Then the big homie, Galileo Galilei, turned the corner with the seat leaned all the way back playin’ the ultimate summer jam, “Summertime” and if I’ve gotta tell you by who just stop readin’ this joint right now. Ole boy got out and said, “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”

Well playas…arguin’ with duns about the great Michael Jeffery Jordan is like tellin’ a boy that is in love with his first and that she’s dirty. The truth is there but he doesn’t wanna see it. You can show them numbers, facts, text messages, video surveillance or whatever. In their minds, at no point in anyone’s career were they better than Jordan.

The only reason that I started writin’ these joints comparin’ the careers of Jordan and LeBron was to A) Stop Jordan fans or should I say lunatics from lyin’ to folks about what this dun actually did. And B) To educate the cats that never saw Jordan play. Now was Jordan one of the greatest players we’ve ever seen play this game? Sure, he was! But was he the greatest walkin’ in the door? Absolutely not! Was he the Greatest of All-Time? Not if he could only play two positions and I’m watchin’ a dun that can play and guard all 5!

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Ima give you duns the ultimate Jordan vs. LeBron comparison and stop me when I start lyin’! At 16 years old Jordan was cut from his high school team. At the same age LeBron was on the cover of Sports Illustrated labeled as the “Chosen One.” Who was better at 16? At 18 Mike was the 3rd option on his college team that won a national championship. At the same age LeBron was the Rookie of the year in the freakin’ NBA. Who was better at 18? At 22 durin’ Mike’s second season in the league, because he had to go to college for 3 years, he suffered a broken foot and his Bulls only won 30 games and got swept in the first round of the playoffs. So we’ll go to his next year at 23 and the Bulls got swept again by the Celtics in the 1st round. Therefore, they were no better with or without him bruh. At 22 LeBron took some bums to the Finals and got swept by the Spurs. So at 22 or 23 who was better? Both Mike and LeBron’s teams were horrible so stop givin’ Mike a pass for havin’ to go to college. I didn’t break it down by number of years in the league because Mike would always be 3 years older than LeBron. Therefore, he’d be gettin’ a pass for having to go to college and bein’ more mature at each step of the way. 

 And please don’t tell me that boyz weren’t going straight to the pros that were beasts in high school. Mike wasn’t the immortal that you thought he was because cut from the freakin’ team 2 years before. Duns like Reggie Harding went straight to league in 1962! Then went back into was re-drafted in ’63. Moses Malone made the jump in ’74 and both Darryl Dawkins and Bill Willoughby in ’75. So if Mike was the immortal you thought he was he wouldn’t stayed in college 3 years. Zeke only stayed 2 years!And no I’m not sayin’ that Zeke was better! I’m sayin’ that when Zeke was ready he left! Mike stayed for 3years therefore, he wasn’t as immortal has you thought he was. So stop it!

Let’s fast forward to age 28 for both of these duns. By age 28 Mike had only won one championship and been to one Finals. At the same age LeBron had gone to 3 NBA Finals and had won 2 championships. My Jordan fanatics will say, “Yeah but Mike never folded like a tent in the Finals! We saw LeBron fall apart in the Finals against Dallas!” Sure he did playa; however, he was in the Finals for the second time by age 26! Mike never sniffed the Finals until he was 28! So I’ll take a boy gettin’ overwhelmed by the moment because he was at least in the moment. Mike was 2 years older an more of a mature player by the time he got to the Finals for the first time.

By age 30 on May 31st they both had only won 2 championships on their way to the Finals. This would be Mike’s 3rd trip and LeBron’s 6th! By the way this is his 5th in a row by age 30. 

"Say it ain't so! How dare you question the greatness Jordan!"
“Say it ain’t so! How dare you question the greatness Jordan!”

Then my Jordan fan starts foamin’ at the mouth and pullin’ information that he heard some fool say on TV that sounded good at the time. “Well, Mike went 6-0 in the Finals! LeBron is 2-3 in the Finals!” First of all, take the Hanes Underwear off and turn off Space Jam! Mike was 36 years old before he ever went to 6 Finals or won 6 championships. LeBron is only 30 so you can’t compare what a dun has done by 36 to a cat that’s only 30! Why? Because he hasn’t lived long enough to see 36 years old yet. That’s like me tellin’ my son who is 18 with a job that I make more money than he does. I should be makin’ more money because I’m older have been on the job longer. Not just from a professional standpoint but from a personal growth standpoint. Keep in mind that Mike will always be 3 years older than LeBron in every comparison if you aren’t takin’ age into consideration you idiot!

Secondly, Mike should have gone 6-0 in the Finals when he got there because he had the best TEAM every time he showed up. I just did a Hot Joint entitled “The Edited Version” that broke down why! Mike had the best coach in the history of the league, the best 3- point shooter as far as shootin’ percentage is concerned in the history of the league, the best wing man and defender in the league and the best rebounder in the league at the time. He should have gone 6-0 bruh!

Again, Mike wasn’t out there runnin’ the 100 meters. It’s a team sport!! Then the Jordan maniacs will come back with, “LeBron is only gettin’ to the Finals because he’s takin’ advantage of a weak Eastern Conference!” The Eastern Conference is no weaker or stronger today than it’s ever been. There’s always been only two freakin’ teams in the conference and only 4 or 5 teams in the entire NBA at any moment in time. Are you kiddin’ me?

When the Bulls were runnin’ through the East the only team that had a legitimate shot was the Knicks! Don’t even bring up Orlando because Shaq was young and Penny couldn’t stay healthy. Reggie Miller was carryin’ Indiana like Beyonce, Charlie Wilson, Leonel Richie and Teddy Pendergrass were carryin’ their respective groups. The Celtics and Pistons had done their damage and their time had passed! Stop it! You sound crazy! 

The Celtics ruled the 1980’s in the East and battled the Lakers who were the only freakin’ team in the West at that time. That’s why Magic had gone to 9 Finals by the time he was 32! So if you’re gonna say that LeBron is benefitin’ from playin’ in weak Eastern Conference did Magic also benefit from playin’ in a weak Western Conference? I’m just askin’ playa? Otherwise, stop makin’ stuff up bruh! And that’s the edited version. And stop tellin’ duns that Mike finally made it over the hump in the East! It was just his time.

The Celtics got old and Bird’s back was shot by 1990 and the Pistons were not the same Pistons teams that instituted “The Jordan Rules” in the late ’80’s! Magic had to retire because he acquired the HIV virus  and was diagnosed the summer of 1991. What year did Mike win his first title playa? June of 1991! That means that Magic was playin’ in the Finals sick because he hadn’t been diagnosed yet! It was simply Jordan’s time. Don’t make it sound like Jordan was runnin’ through Magic and Bird to win those titles because they weren’t even playin’ by then! Let me take that back! He caught Magic as he was about to retire due to illness! Stop it! You sound crazy!

Boyz kill me actin’ like the league was so much better back then and LeBron is playin’ against the D-League. The Bulls in 1986 made the playoffs with a 30-52 record! Stop it! Then a boy will pull up the top teams that won 50 or more games to show how Jordan’s team beat so many 50 win teams when the worst team in the East, the darn Washington Bullets, won 22 games! So the best teams in the conference should have won 50 games. Duns like the Cleveland Cavs were winnin’ 50 plus games back then! That’s like a boy 20 years from now tryin’ to convince me that Atlanta winnin’ 60 games this year was the real deal! Everybody and their baby’s momma knew Atlanta was playin’ with smoke and mirrors goin’ into the playoffs! Stop it!

Stop discountin’ what LeBron is doin’ just to make Mike look like he was immortal. We’re not debatin’ the player that is Jordan we’re battlin’ the Brand that is Jordan! If you aren’t at least 45 years old you didn’t see Jordan’s entire career from college to pro and been old enough to understand what you saw relative to LeBron’s whole career. Most cats are watchin’ highlights and on those joints Mike is undefeated and shootin’ 100 percent. Stop it!

Mike had bad games and got his head peeled until he got the tools and weapons around him to make that 6-0 run. Here’s my Jordan fanatic again, “Well Mike never left to win a championship!” He sure didn’t playa because by year 3 in the league Scottie Pippen showed up. By year 5 Phil walked in and by year 7, Magic and Bird were gone and he won his 1st title. He didn’t have to leave!!

After seven years in Cleveland LeBron was still playin’ with the Cosby Kids, Mike Brown had just been fired and Danny Ferry, the GM, walked off of the job! What was he supposed to do? Jordan fan lying in bed with every pair of Jordan’s he owns shouts, “He had to link up with some superstars to win a title!” Mike already had help bruh! No player in the history of the NBA has ever won a title alone! Are you mad or do you like just foamin’ at the mouth?

Name me one player in the history of the game that won a title alone? I’ll wait pimpin’! Even the great Magic Johnson walked right into a situation with Kareem that had already won a title with the Big O in Milwaukee! Bird walked right into Boston just a year before McHale and Parrish arrived. I could go on for hours tellin’ you about all of the great players that won championships because they were in the right place at the right time. And I could tell you about all of the great players that didn’t win a championship because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time too.

LeBron sat in Cleveland for 7 years waitin’ for help and never got it. He left because he was the only player in NBA history that came into the league with the fan and media pressure for him to win multiple championships or he would be considered a bust. I wrote that joint too! It’s entitled “Diamonds: The Pressure of Bein’ LeBron.”

So when a dun starts makin’ stuff up about Jordan vs. LeBron pull this joint out bruh! Oh and by the way, here all the stats for LeBron relative to NBA history if you think I’m lyin’ when I say he’s the best all-around player we’ve ever seen! Pop the trunk on “Huh?”  if you think I’m makin’ stuff up! Ad that’s the edited version. Now stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus:

1) The G: noun – Gary, in.
2) LL: noun – LL Cool J
3) Dun: noun – the person in question, dud, guy, girl, etc.
4) Pimpin’: noun – the person that I’m passionately tryin’ to get my point across to.