The Jay Graves Report

How boyz fell for LeBron’s oakey doke letter & completely missed the hustle!

"You goin' where?"

Thomas Huxley, the 19th century English biologist, once said, “The world is neither wise nor just, but it makes up for all its folly and injustice by being damnably sentimental.” F. Scott Fitzgerald, the famous author, turned the music down in his whip and said, “I’m a romantic; a sentimental person thinks things will last, a romantic person hopes against hope that they won’t.” Then Flannery O’Connor, the famous writer, poured out a little liquor for all the dead homies and said, “To expect too much is to have a sentimental view of life and this is a softness that ends in bitterness.”

Everybody is givin’ LeBron props for the sentimental letter that he wrote and published on the Sports Illustrated website yesterday to announce his decision to go back to Cleveland. It did exactly what it was supposed to do playboy! Distract all of the superficial thinkers out here from the fact that he screwed his boy D. Wade out of $42 million on his way out!

All the REAL G’s watchin’ this foolishness take place was countin’ money the whole time. Let’s talk turkey if we’re gonna talk at all pimpin’! So let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! No way does D. Wade walk into a meetin’ with LeBron and Chris Bosh and decide to opt out of the final 2 years of a deal worth $42 million knownin’ that his knees are shot. Especially when both LeBron and Bosh are still capable of gettin’ max deals if this situation goes left.

The only reason he put his bread on the table was to continue to win and somehow by doin’ that endorsement bread would make up for the guaranteed bread that they were givin’ up. Why? Because winnin’ always allows you to make more money off of the court.

So you can’t get me or any other real G out here to believe that he knowingly walked into a meetin’ that would put him in a situation where he could potentially be the only cat screwed. And that’s the edited version!

So everybody singin’ LeBron’s praises for the freakin’ letter this mornin’ completely fell for the Oakey Doke! If he was “True to the Game” he would have pulled his homeboy to the side before he put his bread on the table and said, “Look here dawg! Hold on to your bread because I’m goin’ back to the crib! Bosh is gone be aight because he can still get max money. You can’t cuz yo knees are shot!” That’s what a real cat would have done. Not play everybody along for two weeks and then bounce. That was a lady dog move! And that’s the edited version!

Here’s my diehard Cavs fan talkin’ like a fool in love, “Jay you sound crazy! LeBron is gone take care of D. Wade! He’s gone cut him into some of his bread. King James ain’t no sucka. He just wanted to come back home.”

King James goin’ back home ain’t the problem bruh and why would he even NEED to take care of D. Wade? If he had been real with him from jump the dun wouldn’t have walked away from $42 million! That’s takin’ care of him. Wade already had $42 million in his freakin’ pockets.

Wade County is the only dun this mornin’ tryin’ to figure out where his bread is bruh! Bosh picked up a 4 year $118 million deal within hours of ole boy bouncin’ and LeBron is back at that crib bout to sign a 4 year deal worth $88 million and an endless amount of additional endorsements. D. Wade is out on I-95 with no bread, relatively speakin’, with a sign this mornin’ that say’s “Have you seen the dun that talked me out of $42 million because I’m lookin’ for his butt! And that’s the edited version!

Also let me say this before I forget! For all of you cats on Facebook and Twitter out here hollerin’ and cursin’ about LeBron leavin’ Miami and goin’ to Cleveland. You need two things bruh; a woman and a job! I don’t care what order you get them in but you need both! If that dun leavin’ to go play somewhere else has you that messed up then you’ve got some serious problems playa!

And for all the suckas in Cleveland camped out in front of this man’s house singin’ his praises now and all the clowns climbin’ through the garbage lookin’ for his jersey that you destroyed and all the fools fillin’ out the NBA Bandwagon Transfer Form, get a life! How stupid do you look this mornin’ after callin’ him every name in the book and burnin’ his jersey four years ago to now sittin’ in front of his crip worshippin’ him like he can change your life or something?

I can respect the fact that ole boy wanted to go to the crib but the way he handled the move this time was worse than the “Decision!” Now on some real talk I had no problem with the “Decision” because he was a free agent and the media world created the vacuum that became the show anyway. ESPN were the suckas that put it together and did a two hour pre-show even before the “Decision.” When public perception went left on it only because he decided to go to Miami, ESPN left ole boy hangin’ and nobody has seen Jim Gray since!

The reason this move was worse is because he involved D. Wade and he didn’t have to! He could have bounced and D. Wade’s guaranteed $42 million could still be in play. The fact that he handled it that way makes him a “Mark” in every hood in America because Rule 1 Section 1 Article 1 of the Hood Code of Conduct says, “Never involve another man’s money in your foolishness! Do what you gotta do playboy but leave his bread out of it.”

The only way LeBron comes out of this without bein’ a complete Mark is if Pat Riley had already promised to put that option back on the table for Wade. Anything less than 2 years $42 million is unacceptable. They can’t step to him with 4 years $50M cuz that’s like sayin’ give me two and a favor at the barber shop.

Now on some real talk, if I’m Pat I wouldn’t offer him the same deal because his knees are shot bruh. He would be stupid to give that dun that type of bread knowin’ that he won’t be able to play but 30 games next year if that.

Here’s the Cleveland fan again, “Man LeBron is a good dude man! He didn’t screw his boy! You trippin’!” Naw playboy, you just sound like the broad that just got the brakes beat off of her by her dude, called 911 and now that the police are here you’re beggin’ them not to take this dun to jail. You’re so in love with him that you wanna overlook all of the bumps and the bruises.

And what kind of grown man allows a boy to write a plantation style letter about him destroyin’ his character, leaves it up for four years without a public apology only to go back to work for him? Do you realize how much money he’s about to make for a man that merely looks at him as a field hand? Stop me when I start lyin’!