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Golden State Still Puttin’ that Thang on the Cavs to go up 2-0! “UNGUARDABLE”

"Bruh...they've got no answer for all of this!" (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

The Golden State Warriors may be the best team we’ve EVER seen bruh! I know that we’re in the moment right now but they’re 14-0 in the playoffs and it hasn’t even been close!! On Sunday night they sprinted through Cleveland again 132-113 to take a 2-0 series lead headed to Ohio for Game 3 on Wednesday!!

Let’s face it, they’re virtually unguardable!! They spread the floor and move the ball better than any team we’ve ever seen. Not to mention the three point shootin’ is NUTS!!

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! The Cavs are out there chasin’ their tails! KD is goin’ to work on them gettin’ buckets any kind of way he wants. The dun is 6’11” can handle the rock, run the floor, rebound, dribble, shoot, block and steal effortlessly!! It’s NUTS! He finished with 33 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists! If that ain’t enough Steph Curry jumps out of the whip with a triple double puttin’ up 32 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds!

The Cavs would have been okay if there were the only two of these duns gettin’ out of the ride shootin’ but there wasn’t! Klay Thompson finally came out of his shootin’ slump and got ‘um for 22. Day-Day pulls up with another 12. Then you have two cats dive out of the bushes on them for 10 apiece, Shawn Livingston and Ian Clark!! It’s impossible to keep up with all of those shooters when they move the ball so well.

Golden State finished the night with 34 assists, shootin’ the lights out of the gym at 51.7 percent from the field, 41.9 percent from behind the arc and 91.7 percent from the free throw line. That’s insane!!!

You gettin’ yours bruh but it ain’t enough! AP Photo

That Philistine was unstoppable puttin’ up a triple double with 29 points, 14 assists and 11 rebounds off of 12 of 18 shootin’ from the field in 39 minutes! Kevin Love got loose with 27 points and 7 rebounds while Kyrie/Uncle Drew finished with 19 points! However, three cats can’t beat the Golden State Warriors at this point bruh!

The Cavs moved the ball well with 27 assists and they only had 9 turnovers but they were playin’ against a seven headed dragon that is virtually impossible to defend.

The Warriors were reckless with the ball turnin’ it over 20 times and still won by darn near 20 points! Wheredeydodatat?

The Cavs shot 45 percent from the field but only 27.6 percent from three point land. Ain’t gonna get it done playa!! In order to keep up with Golden State you’ve got to be able to do EVERYTHING else right and unload the clip from three at the same rate they do and stop KD from goin’ NUTS! Ain’t gonna happen!

I’ve never seen anything like it. Sure, Cleveland was down 0-2 last year in the Finals and came back to win the series but they didn’t have the X-factor, Kevin Durant. Before they could contain Steph and Klay and go to work defensively on everybody else.

Now there’s no way of defendin’ the fire power they have which makes it almost impossible for even that Philistine to come out of this hole bruh. I say crown these duns the best team EVER and let’s all go fishin’ for the summer. Stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus:

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

2) Whip: noun – luxury vehicle

The G is excluded from the endings of all words because the G is near and dear to my heart because I’m from “The G” which is Gary, Indiana. So I only use the G when I’m talkin’ about “The G!”

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its real talk!