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Did Dabo Swinney’s big mouth cost Clemson on Signin’ Day? “No.10 bruh?”

"See what had happened was..."

Everybody and their baby’s momma were payin’ close attention to where boyz decided to play ball next fall! So with Wednesday bein’ National Signin’ Day the college football world stopped for a few hours. When the smoke cleared the usual suspects were runnin’ out of the joint with the merchandise.

What cats don’t realize is that college football is just the opposite of the NFL. The better you are the better players you get to sign. In the NFL the best team gets the worse draft pick. In other words, they don’t get to pick the best available player. So what does that mean in college football? The rich get richer every year until some fool gets caught doin’ something stupid and destroys the program for a few years.

Like I tell boyz all of the time, college football is cyclical! However, when it’s your turn it’s good! Naw playa it’s great!!!

Here are the Top 10 schools comin’ out of Wednesday’s recruitin’ battle:

1) Alabama: Anybody surprised playa? I’m not! Nick Saban is the freakin’ man and he’s knows it.

2) Ohio State: Even though they got blasted in the College Football Playoff semifinal by Clemson they kept their dignity and still signed a bunch of studs! Why? Because it’s Ohio State!

3) Geogia: That’s a surprise but I guess ole Kirky Smart’s got that magic touch comin’ from Bama a couple of years ago.

4) Florida State: Jimbo Fisher ain’t no joke out here in these streets bruh! You better recognize.

5) USC: Clay Helton is puttin’ boyz on notice out here! The Trojans stumbled out of the gate losin’ 3 of their first 4 ball games last season and then rattled off 9 straight on a boy. They were one of the most dangerous teams in the country at the end of the season. So it isn’t a surprise that they are loadin’ up.

6) Michigan: What do you want me to say bruh! Jim Harbaugh is not playin’ with these boyz!! They’ll mess around and win the national title within the next two years. Listen to what I’m sayin’! Michigan is back!!

7) LSU: Boyz are in love with Ed Orgeron down in Louisiana do you hear me? He’s from the state and knows how to talk the talk! He’s a great coach and I think he’ll have success gettin’ boyz to buy into the program. Now all he needs to do is figure out how to talk a dun that can throw the football into showin’ up. They always have a monster defense but no offense.

8) Oklahoma: Bob Stoops always has the Sooners in the Top 10 in recruitin’. Oklahoma is still Oklahoma bruh! Crazy facilities down there with hardware to match. It’s easy to understand why kids from Texas keep crossin’ the Red River.

9) Auburn: For some strange reason duns keep runnin’ down to play for ole dull Gus Malzahn. He must have been an ole playa back in his day. Ole boy knows how to say the right things because I don’t get it bruh! Just keepin’ it real.

10) Clemson: These duns just won the national title and they are spendin’ a small fortune on a facility down there that will be the best in America once it’s done. You would think that they would at the very least be in the top 5 right? However, I wonder how much of an impact did Dabo Swinney’s condescendin’ words on Colin Kaepernick have on his recruitin’. Remember the dun said in a press conference back in September that “Some of these people need to just leave this country!” Tellin’ those that don’t like the injustice that black folks are experiencin’ in this country at the hands of the police and the fact that they aren’t bein’ indicted, fired or suspended without pay. You can act like it ain’t what it is but NO way is a dun supposed to win a NATIONAL TITLE and not be in the top 5 in recruitin’ on signin’ day! I’m just sayin’!  I obviously wasn’t the only cat payin’ attention to his foolishness! You better believe there were some momma’s and daddy’s tellin’ kids to stay away from Clemson for that reason alone. We’ll never know unless some dun admits it down the line but it’s obvious to me. Win a national title and the best you can do is No.10? Just think of where Clemson would have landed if they hadn’t won the championship bruh! I’m just sayin’!

Here are all of the “Hot Joints and Podcasts” I did last season about this dun talkin’ crazy and disrepectin’ African-Americans in this country! You can’t tell me that it didn’t effect that No.10 bruh!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

 The caption under the photo isn’t real but it’s REAL talk!