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D. Wade gives up a few million for a better situation in Cleveland! “Makes sense to me!”

"Let's get it in playas!" Photo: Cavs Nation

General George S. Patton once said, “Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.” Then the homie Howard Cosell broke it down like this, “The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.”

Well playas…Dwyane Wade can’t leave the game without knowin’ that he’s gotten the most out of what he has to give. On Wednesday ole boy cleared waivers at 5pm and walked into the Cavaliers evenin’ practice with the George Jefferson pimp walk to the elevators with Weezy.

Wade gave back $8 million of his $23.8 million 2017-18 salary to reach a buyout with the Bulls to sign a $2.3 million one year deal with Cleveland. So usin’ simple math the dun only lost $5.7 million to play on a better team because the Bulls are goin’ to be a dumpster fire this year without Jimmy Buckets.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! D. Wade ain’t crazy!!! What sense would it have made to stay with the Bulls if he could play wherever he wanted to play for a few million dollars less and be happy? Goin’ to the Cavs to play with LeBron insures that he’ll be back in the Finals to compete for yet another championship. Makes sense to me.

Now he pulls up in the whip with LeBron, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, JR Smith and Isaiah Thomas (won’t be ready to go until January). Then he’s got D. Rose as well that doesn’t have the pressure on him to lead, score and do everything. That’s a good look for Wade at this point in his career. Who wants to play on a trash team and have all of the pressure of havin’ to carry boyz every night?

Naw playa…bein’ on a veteran team with cats that have already won a championship is great for him at his age. Well at any age. If nothin’ else it should be fun to watch and stop me when I start lyin’!

Playas Thesaurus: 

1) Dun: noun – the person in question, dude, guy, etc. It’s whoever I’m talkin’ about and its non-gender specific.

2) Ole boy: noun – the person that I’m currently talkin’ about.

3) Whip: noun – luxury vehicle

The G is excluded from the endings of all words because the G is near and dear to my heart because I’m from “The G” which is Gary, Indiana. So I only use the G when I’m talkin’ about “The G!”

The caption under the photo isn’t real but its real talk!