The Jay Graves Report

Let Me Motivate Your Team!

Championships are not won on game day!
Your level of success is contingent upon your commitment to it!

Jay Graves was born with only one full arm and grew up in one of the toughest cities in America, Gary, Indiana, where he was constantly teased as a child. Not only did he have this physical challenge to overcome but he was a functional illiterate until after he graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Science from Indiana University! For more than 27 years he’s consistently been a leader both nationally and globally in the field of sales and marketing! He’s become one of the top pharmaceutical sales professionals in the world winning national sales championships and also finishing within the top 2% in the world.

More than six years ago Jay turned his passion for sports into a second career. He boldly became the publisher of one of the Hottest Sports Blogs on the internet,, where he writes a daily column. He covers the NFL, NBA,  college football, basketball, Indiana high school sports and records The Real Playa Podcast that always “Keeps it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st!” Jay is the CEO of Graves Media and Publishing Group, LLC. which distributes

His in your face and brutally honest columns has allowed him to contribute to several sports radio shows across the country. He’s a weekly contributor on the Kent Sterling Show every Wednesday on CBS Sports Radio 1430AM. You can also hear him three to four days a week on the newest Indianapolis morning sports radio show called Flagrant Foul on Fox Sports 97.5FM hosted by Stuck and Gunner. He brings even more energy to a morning show that is already off the hook. You can also hear him every Monday on The Gerry V Show on ESPN’s 730TheGame in Charlotte.

He appeared on the New Orleans Morning News with Gerry V on 99.5 WRNO which also aired on 1150AM in Baton Rouge and 104.9FM in Biloxi, MS. every Thursday morning for more than 2 years for his Weekly Sports Rant. He’s formally one of the hosts of the Colts Tailgate Show on WIBC 93.1FM with Tony Katz and Conrad Brunner. He was a contributor to the Tony Katz Morning Show with the Colts Update during the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

Jay has an unbelievable gift of being able to share his story to motivate people to think beyond their short comings and to succeed in spite of their circumstances. You’ll be completely engaged as he shares his story! He simply explains how he learned how to win even though the score board seemed to be fixed against him. He will captivate you with his personality and have you sitting on the edge of your seat with his stories of failure and triumph. He breaks down the art of being humble enough to learn, he explains the importance of using your resources, networking and being prepared when the opportunity presents itself. He further explains that work ethic is more important than talent alone.

Jay constantly reminds us that everyone has something wrong with them, some more visual than others. However, we all have short comings that we must overcome. Your life is the only one God gives you so what are you going to do with it? We understand that the starting line has been staggered but you have the ability to make up the stagger if you believe that God doesn’t make mistakes and that he only makes miracles! Jay would love to share his story with you and help your team, group or school to develop a winning attitude to become the best that YOU can be!

Holla At Ya Boy!