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Clean Money!

"Cam Newton and The Million Dollar Smile!"

In the world of corporate of America there has always been a standard for appropriate attire and physical appearance. It’s simple, in order to work in that environment people have to conform to a professional appearance policy or find somewhere else to work. A clean cut and well groomed appearance is mandatory.

Well in the world of professional sports that policy of professionalism in terms of appearance has been relaxed over the years to say the least. Back in the day, guys couldn’t wear hair below their ear lobe’s etc. Now many athletes look like they’re in a rock band or look like they’re straight out of the penitentiary at the minimum.

Just recently the owner of the Carolina Panthers, Jerry Richardson, revealed that before he drafted Cam Newton with the No. 1 overall pick he told him that he didn’t care about his past. He just had some questions about his physical appearance.

In a recent interview on “The Charlie Rose Show” on PBS, the 75-year-old Richardson recounted a conversation he had with the 22-year-old Heisman Trophy winner on April 4 in which he asked Newton if he had any tattoos or piercings.

When Newton replied “No sir, I don’t have any,” Richardson told Rose he told the quarterback: “Good. We want to keep it that way.” Now there have been folks this week that have blown this way out of proportion insinuating that Mr. Richardson was being racist with his remarks. Which in my opinion, could be further from the truth.

I’ve heard people screaming, “they signed Jeremy Shockey just weeks before meeting with Cam and he has several tattoos! What’s up with that?”

Now I applaud people for trying to come to the defense of Cam and looking out for the young brother. We always need guard dogs out there on the front lines like an Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson etc. because they are many legitimate racial injustices that occur all over the country that need to be spotlighted.

For example, the Jena Six case in Louisiana where six African-American boys were imprisoned after getting into a fight with classmates because they hung a noose from a tree that the black kids traditionally set under at school. Now the white kids weren’t charged at all for the hate crime. If not for guys like Sharpton and his National Action Network the national media would never have picked up the story and the kids would have rotted in jail.

However, sometimes the paperboy gets bit! A guy means no harm and gets attacked. Cam Newton is the franchise player of that organization and it’s in his best interest to be clean cut and non-threatening. The quarterback always has the potential to be the most highly paid guy on the team. Not to mention all of the possibilities to make money in endorsements.

Let’s keep it real! Have you seen Cam Newton! The kid is a 6’5” stud with an unbelievably great smile that’s Madison Ave. ready. They’re looking for the next clean cut “Jordan” to endorse everything from underwear to sneakers and Cam is that guy. Tiger had it on lock until he lost his freaking mind and turned into a catfish. Picking up everything at the bottom of the ocean instead of going home to his wife.

I hear you saying, “well Jordan wore an earring?” That’s absolutely right but he didn’t start rocking an earring until he became “Jordan”. I hear the next guy saying, “Tom Brady wears his hair long!” Correct again my friend but he didn’t start wearing his hair long and loose until after he’d won three Super Bowls!

So stop trippin’ off of ole man Richardson. I applaud the old guy for advising the young brother on how to make that “Jordan type money” even if he didn’t realize it. After all, the kid did say that he wanted to be an icon at the NFL Combine didn’t he? Go head young brother and make that “Clean Money!”

The caption under the photo is REAL talk!